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5th Dec 2017, 18:49
The conclusion of this mini-series is just around the corner now. We have a small teaser today.


Tomorrow, a full trailer, and soon, the finale. (Also, keep in mind that that there is one more bonus episode with young Max and Chloe for one last time.) Remember, while discussing the episode after playing it, please, NO SPOILERS :D :thumb: And remember to have fun. :wave:

6th Dec 2017, 18:42
Episode 3 full trailer

The conclusion premieres December 20th.

20th Dec 2017, 16:56
Finished with the finale. Boy, this one was a real tearjerker.

The way Chloe and Rachel looked through that view finder to watch how past James and Sera met and had Rachel was an interesting way to see their perspective. Also a nice easter egg for Ep. 1. Apparently, Sera became an addict instead of taking care of her daughter, so James took Rachel and left her. Now Sera's been wanting to see her again recently, but James didn't want her to. It was pretty how Chloe got to light up Rachel's room with stars using that nightlight.

It was cool to see Chloe dye her hair blue finally. It was only a streak for now, but it looked cool. She even found the boots she wears in the first game. And then David was actually decent this time. He talked about how he can relate with loss by sharing how he lost one of his war buddies, Phil Becker. It actually got a little emotional. When it came to decide whether to accept his offer or not, I asked myself if I was the kind of person to ruin a moment like this.

But then, things turn grim. After Chloe brought her truck to life, Damon came around after we tried to get Frank to help find Sera, and then the ******* stabbed Rachel. I think Chloe froze because she wasn't as fearless as she'd be as her 19-year-old self. If she was, she could've been able to stop Damon from grabbing the knife and get it first. That's what I would've done. But sadly, that's not how it went. Props to Frank fr at least trying to defend us from him. At least I got to see Mikey, Drew and Steph again while at the hospital.

Going through James' office to figure out where to find Sera was like the beginning of Chloe being a detective. Oh, if only Max was around. And then it turns out that James was working with Damon and I had to pretend to be James through texting to get him to reveal where Sera was, which turned out that he kidnapped her and took her to the burned down Mill. And suddenly Eliot appears and goes all crazy about Chloe spending more time with Rachel than him. Not even Warren crossed that line. That's when I used backtalk to inform the police about him while at the same time not actually saying anything, and now he's been busted. Sorry Eliot, but that's on you now.

Chloe also ended up with a conversation with dream William while she was awake. It was nice before I had to descend into the lion's den. That whole showdown with Damon did not go well. I tried to use the knife, but I only cut his face before he overpowered me. Just when it seemed like it was all over, Frank shows up wounded and attacked Damon. When Chloe came to, it turns out that Frank killed him and Sera was just sitting by the table waiting to talk. Sera showed me that she is far from what I assumed she would be. I believed that she would be the antagonist of the mini-series. But Damon filled that role quite well.

After our talk, I had to make a choice about what I'm going to tell Rachel. Either to protect her (Lie) or cause her more hurt (Truth). It was really hard for me to decide. But in the end, I chose to protect her. Was it the right thing to do? I don't know. But at least Rachel was still happy in the end. And then, the epilogue shows Chloe and Rachel continuing to live out their lives together in Arcadia Bay. Chloe fully dyes her hair blue, and she and Rachel get their tattoos, thus their transformations was complete. Oh, but then... ****. We catch a glimpse of Rachel's fate in the Dark Room. Damn you, Jeffer****.

All in all, I really did enjoy the prequel and it was good to see Chloe again, to finally get to know Rachel and go through another journey in Arcadia Bay.

I didn't tell Rachel the truth. In the end, I decided that I wanted to respect Sera's wish.

- I killed the plant with soda. Neglecting it would've been worse.
- I accepted David's offer. I decided that I didn't want to ruin the moment.
- I didn't have Drew's money at the start of the day. Too bad. I would've like to have donated some.
- I visited the Norths at the hospital. I even played a RPG game with them and Steph. It really made their day.
- I convinced Damon that Sheldon was the snitch. I know that bouncer guy Thunder (AKA Rodney) was the actual snitch, but this is Sheldon's karma for getting butt-hurt over spilled beer.
- Rachel didn't meet her mother. It's a shame. I was hoping that she would. Maybe if I had done things differently...

But even after all that, its not over yet. There's still one last bonus episode of young Max and Chloe to look forward to.