View Full Version : Weird bars on the screen (lighting bug?)

18th Nov 2017, 23:18
I'm getting weird bars on the screen that make the game unplayable in some scenes. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/K6lri

19th Nov 2017, 13:58
i had this with my nividia card and the game that was included. turned out it was a driver issue but that was after i have gotten my self a AMD card. installing the latest drivers should do the trick. otherwise get your self and AMD card.

19th Nov 2017, 14:29
Best option is contacting tech support. Updating your drivers would be first thing to try. Switching graphics card or brand seems a bit of a drastic move. I haven't played the game on the 10xx series of nvidia but it worked fine back on my old system with a gtx 760. Of course different factors could affect this so like I said best to contact support about this.