View Full Version : Just remake ALL the American versions of the FINAL FANTASYS from 1 through 9

9th Nov 2017, 20:50
Why is it so hard for you guys at Square Soft/Enix, Just to remake all the AWESOME Final Fantasy we have come to know and love over the years? But for Goodness sake, don't take 5 years to do this like you are taking with Final Fantasy 7...

Last but never least, Final Fantasy 15 is a BIG LET DOWN.... It Sucks so bad, it is nothing like all the older final fantasy that have much much more to offer. The Summons are life size, but you can't summon them when you want to, you guys made it to work the way you want it to work, not the way we the people that payed $60.00 dollars plus for it.

In closing, I loved when the Dad was inventing turn-based and was writing the early Final Fantasy Games, he knew how to make the games kick ass.... his son, who took over when daddy retired don't know anything about a good gripping story line and game play. He just understands how to take the money and live very comfortable, as the Final Fantasy era is slowly dieing. There will never be another final Fantasy 2 .. 3.. 7.. or 9 American versions 8 sacked so bad I didn't even included it. 10 and 12 were really good on the remake.