View Full Version : Just Cause 3 fps issues (Version 1.05)

2nd Nov 2017, 18:46
2 days ago I bought Just Cause 3 for my PS4 console, update the game to its latest version (1.05) but when I go to enemy bases and there are many explosions, the FPS go down a lot and it makes me uncomfortable to play that way.

I searched the Internet to see if I could find the solution and I read that by playing without updating the game (version 1.00) and deactivating my console's Internet connection, this would be fixed, but the FPS is still going down a lot.

What is this about?

Notoriious Bam
5th Nov 2017, 00:49
Yeah, the game struggles with frames on console when there is a lot going on. Even on the PS4 Pro it has its bad moments, but obviously not as bad as it can get on the PS4 and even on the Xbox One.

8th Nov 2017, 14:38
There will not be any kind of update with which this problem will be solved?

22nd Nov 2017, 23:48
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