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24th Nov 2002, 16:37
"The wars are over!" The StarTopian Council officialy declared.

The Targ Warlords having been over thrown and executed in a rebelion lead by Davidg. He realised the cost the continuing wars were having on his people, and took decisive and well planned action. With him temporyary dictator, the Targs have returned to the curious, information gathering people they once were.

Normalcy has at last returned to the Galaxy after many long years of warfare.


Location: Sector 3, Deep Space

<The Grey Medical relief vessel, "Ra'Novek" has been travelling for the past two days on its way to a remote Grey Outpost in the Ganarensis system to deliever much needed medicinal supplied after an out-break of blotchy green syndrome. For some reason its engines stop, the crew franticly try to get the engines working again but the system registry states that the engines are opperating fine. After 5 hours sensors pick up an unusual energy build up 10000KM away. Though nothing is there, the worrying thing is what ever it is it's energy is increasing steadily. Eventualy the ship is being pulled ever so slightly towards this anomily. Quickly they send out a distress call on all sup-space bands>

Grey Distress Call: To any ships recieving this. We are the Grey Medical Relief Vessel Ra'Novek delivering urgent supplies to the grey outpost Ganarensis. We appear to be trapped in some form of unkown anomily. We need urgent assistance. Ra'Novek out.

24th Nov 2002, 16:46
All i can say is thank you for starting a RPG

Senor is sitting at his console when a distress cal on all frequencies pops up it says Grey Distress Call: To any ships recieving this. We are the Grey Medical Relief Vessel Ra'Novek delivering urgent supplies to the grey outpost Ganarensis. We appear to be trapped in some form of unkown anomily. We need urgent assistance. Ra'Novek out. Senor jumps out of his seat spilling his Spanishan coffeena hot drink all over the Cadet sitting next to him

Senor: Arctic Wolf sir we have just had a distress call from the Grey Medical Relief Vessel Ra'Novek do you want me to take the Valencia out and have a look

Arctic Wolf: Make it so

Senor fires up the Valencia and sets in the Co-ordinates

Arctic Wolf:Here we go again!

24th Nov 2002, 20:13
Aboard MR?´s sphere:

<MR? is sitting at his command chair when a silver colored robot comes walking into the bridge.>

Robot: We have picked up a distress call from a grey ship. Shall we drive to the ship?

MR?: Yes.


At thge same time at the evil MR!s ship:

Slave: We have recived a distress call from a grey ship.

MR!: drive to it now or you will be tortured to death. If i get the midicines aboard the ship i can sell them at GREAT prices. The price will be 1000. If they dont have that they could pay with their lives. I save them and as payment they will be my slaves for the rest of their lives.

Slave: That sounds good.

24th Nov 2002, 20:47
MR?, please note the Subject; "RPG: Peace Time" and also. You may only play one character.

24th Nov 2002, 20:49
Thank you very much, although lets try to keep things civil guys and contact Arctic or myself if there is any trouble.

--42nd Dimension, JSWY's Orbital Platform--

Nav: I don't wish to interrupt your game of "The Great War" but there is a distress call on a 3/4D Sub Space signal, it states a possible uncharted anamoly in Sector 3, I advise sending a probe to observe activity.

JSWY: Blast! I got to the bit when Ghyron takes the Galactic Core, can't you take care of it?

Nav: Of course I can, I just wanted to inform you...

<A small probe launched out of the fighter hangar and entered a dimensional rift>

--Sector 3, One Parsec from supposed anamoly--

<A indetectable rift opens and spews out an ordinary looking galactic scout class probe, with standard registration numbers, nothing out of the ordinary>

24th Nov 2002, 21:09
---Location: Sector 3, Deep Space ---

<The Scout Probe nears the supposed location of the anomaly. It begins its scans. For 3.2 seconds all is well, then the probe's thrusters shut down and it is being dragged toward the anomaly just like the grey ship. As the energy of the anomaly builds so to does the pull on the two trapped objects. The probe's fuse shorts out and it is pulled toward the anomaly with the force of a released catapult. Then it vanishes. The grey's, seeing all this divert more power to their engines to try to re-activate them, the energy build up increases, so to does the pull on the ship. The greys quickly revert to their originaly power level.>

24th Nov 2002, 21:25
Sunrise: Aha. My new ship has been built. At last.
<Climbs on board and walks down the left cooridor>
First officer: Um. Sir the bridge is that way.
Sunrise: Of course. I was just... Um... Er... Going to get some food.
First officer: Yes Sir. I'll see you later. Oh, and were blasting into hyperspace and taking the ship for a test drive.
Sunrise: OK

3 hours later in the berth

First officer: This is a staff announcement. Would the captian please report to the bridge

3 minutes later
< Sunrise rushes to the bridge>
Sunrise: What is it.
First officer: There is a distress signal coming from an unknown spacial anamoly 100,000 km off our port bow.
Sunrise:Take us to 50,000km. On-screen. Lauch a fully equipped probe.

24th Nov 2002, 22:24
Dreadnaught cruises through space, It's gleaming black hull reflects the light of the 4 Targ stars. After the revolution the Grekka System is now back to the thriving trade center it was of old. Grand Admiral Davidg is standing in his personal observation tower, on the top of the ship. It is toped with a large Synthglass dome, giving a panoramic view of space. He stands at the top of a platform in the center of the dome, looking at the stars. The chime rings.

Davidg: Enter.

A hatch swings open at the side of the room, and a yeomen walks in.

Yeomen: Grand Admrial, our satilites have intercepted a distress call from a Grey vessel near our border with Grey Space. They report that they are caught in some sort of anomaly.

Davidg: Intriuguiging. Dissmissed.

The yeomen bows and steps out. Davidg presses a button on the chair on the platform, and activates the intercomm.

Davidg: Bridge, plot a course to intercept the Grey vessel, take us to a safe distance from the phenomonon, go to yellow alert. Egage at flank speed.

Bridge Officer: Yes Grand Admiral.

Davidg: Computer, retract observation tower.

The tall observation tower sildes back into the bridge tower as the massive ship turns slowly, and jumps to hyperspace.

25th Nov 2002, 18:12
The T.C.S.V Valencia arrives in Sector 3 and comes to a halt

Senor: What in lord toleday's name are we doing

Lieutenant haare: Sir the anomaly has shut down our engines, but we are still moving

Senor:where to

Lieutenant haare: Towards the anomaly sir

Senor: Fire up all auxillary engines and get us out of here quickly

Ensign Yes sir!

The T.C.S.V Valencia powers up it's auxillary engines and starts to move away from the anomaly but about 4 seconds later the Valencia is pulled back even closer to the anomaly

Senor:This is an urgent distress call to the S.C.S.V Valient we need urgent help, we're being sucked into the anomaly at a very fast rate.

25th Nov 2002, 19:25
Yay everyone's playing nicely! :D


Location: SCSV Vallient, Comm Sphere, Main Office

Sub-Space distress Call: This is an urgent distress call to the S.C.S.V Valient we need urgent help, we're being sucked into the anomaly at a very fast rate.

Communications Officer: Roger that. Your tracking signal confirms you as the TCSV Valencia. I am forwarding you to the Bridge

Sub-Space distress Call: Thankyou!


Location: SCSV Vallient, Bridge

Comm: Sir, we have recieved a distress call. Playing it now. This is an urgent distress call to the S.C.S.V Valient we need urgent help, we're being sucked into the anomaly at a very fast rate.
Signal is confrimed as TCSV Valencia.

Arctic Wolf: Set Course, Full Speed.

Tech: Aye sir.

25th Nov 2002, 19:58
I'll make a vauge attempt to play / RPG / be interesting while I have excessive spare time. Starting off in a role that requires little effort by me in case I get busy. :)


Location - Middle of nowhere particular, PCRV Grey Area, Engine Command Deck

Lead Engineer - Sir! Excuse the mess, we're run off our feet at the moment.

Deltavortex - I'm sure. Tell me, exsactly what happened?

Lead Engineer - We think the stablizers blew on engine 2. This imbalanced the drive matrix configuration and increased the, well, friction as it were of going through hyperspace. Basically, we were sort of flying through hyperspace at an angle. The engines heated up under the strain of the extra work and, well, something gave out. Engine 2's plasma tank exploded, luckily outwards, and we fell out of hyperspace suddenly. Which then shreaded the intergration of the other three drives and brought them offline anyway.

Deltavortex - Oh well that's just wonderful. What happened to emergancy safetys!? It thought the system could run on just two engines anyway!? And how long until you get it all fixed!?

Lead Engineer - We don't know about the safetys to be sure, but the inital check shows the relay system was fried as well. Possibly when the stablizers blew. It's true the system can run on two engines, but it didn't notice that engine 2 had got a fault so didn't drop it offline. We'll have the other three engines up in about three hours. Engine two we can't patch up, the main berth and polarisation-hub where disintergrated in the explosion, it's why we got pulled out of hyperspace. It'll need a whole set of parts for it and lots of external work, it's at least a days worth of orbit-work I'm afriad.

Deltavortex - Damn. Well keep me informed. I need to check up on other departments to check everything else, the scanner grid, shields and comm system are all offline due to external hardware damaged thanks to this mess up. Get it patched quickly so we can get on with things!

Lead Engineer - Yes Sir!

25th Nov 2002, 21:03
First officer: Sir. We are recieving a distress call from the T.C.S.V Valencia. They are being sucked into the anomaly.
Sunrise : Put the grappling hooks online. fire at will.
< A Gun turret appears out of the bottem of the ship and fires five grappling hooks at the T.C.S.V Valencia>
First officer: 4 direct hits but one is on the engine.
Sunrise: Retract the grappling hookm that missed and the 1 on the engine and fire them again.
First officer:5 Direct hits.
Sunrise: full emergency power to the engines. Lets get them out of there.
First officer: the engines are having no effect.
Sunrise:Revert all power, except life support, to the engines
First officer: no effect
Sunrise: Retract the grappling hooks.
First officer: retracted.
Sunrise: Are all the engines operational.
First Officer: yes
Sunrise: Come in at a slow speed and then divert all power to the engines when we are touching the other ship. Lets see if we can knock them off course.
First officer: the ship has been pushed off course sir.
Sunrise: Good. What are the reading freom the probe we sent earlier?
First Officer: Nothing came back. As soon as it entered the anomaly it Lost contact with us.
Sunrise: Strange

25th Nov 2002, 22:56
Location - PCRV Grey Area, Bridge

Comm Officer - Sir. This . . could . . be important, but well. Okay. The comm system is still messed up. But we've recieved an idendical signal a few times in a row, it's just a random sound-wave on the readout but it matchs each time.

Deltavortex - Distress Call?

Comm Officer - Yes, Sir.

Deltavortex - Damn. We arn't in a condition to help at the moment. If the stupid comm system gets patched up and we get a clear signal do tell me.

Comm Officer - Well, Sir. The sensor grid is back up and working again although not quite aligned correctly. So I've traced it back to a ship, a moderate six hour jump away . . uhh . . if we had engines. It's a Gery Medical Relief Ship. Assumed destination is an outpost called Ganarensis a short way off. Also some very odd energy readings in that area, but it's probably the faulty sensors.

Deltavortex - We still can't help just yet. I'm not going anyway until we have the shields back online and a six hour jump is a very long time by thrusters don't forget!

Comm Officer - Sir! The signal just changed. It's complicated how but it's got at least two looping signals. There's another distress call coming from the same location.

Deltavortex - Okay! Keep me up to date! We'll investigate when all systems are back online.

26th Nov 2002, 08:58
--42nd Dimension, Orbital Platform--

Nav: I don't wish to interrupt but there is another subspace distress call being sent from the location where we lost our probe, we wern't able to determine an exact dimensional range but the boys in R&D hope its not going anywhere near the 25th...

JSWY: I hate that dimension, damn hyperspace mis-jump, took 3 days to get out and we were attacked on 10 seperate occasions, send a dimensional probe to the location of the anamoly, tell the guys in the probe bays to see if they can improve the engines

Nav: Yes Sir!

<5 Minutes later, a second probe launches from the landing bays and enters a dimensional rift to normal space>

26th Nov 2002, 17:53
Originally posted by Sunrise
Sunrise: Come in at a slow speed and then divert all power to the engines when we are touching the other ship. Lets see if we can knock them off course

How can you do that if your engines arn't working?


Location: Sector 3, Deep Space

<The SCSV Valient emerges from hyperspace 7400 KM away from the TCSV Valencia. It turns to face the Valencia and engages thrusters. Aproxximatly 1.23532 seconds later the engines cut out.>

Location: Sector 3, SCSV Valient, bridge

Tech: We appear to be caught just like the other ships, and are being pulled into the anomaly.

Arctic Wolf: Full reverse.

Tech: Aye!...we're moving...0.5 KM...And the engines have shut off again. While we were moving the pull of the anomaly increased.

Arctic Wolf: Time until we enter the anomaly?

Tech: Aproxximalty 39 hours.

*Blipity bleep blipity bleep*

Arctic Wolf: What's that?

Tech: It's another object entering from hyperspace. A probe, sir.

Comm: The registry identifies it as one of JSWY's

Tech: The anomaly has shut down the probes thrusters, and is being pulled in.

Arctic Wolf: Put it on the viewer.

<The viewer clicks on. The Picture shows two ships, moving exteamly slowy, and a probe moving pretty fast. The probe suddenly dissapears.>

Arctic Wolf: Scan the other two vessels and then the Anomaly. I want a full report in 1 hour.

26th Nov 2002, 19:00
First officer:Sr. It appears we have not knocked it off course and we are also falling in.

Sunrise:What! What about the engines?!

First officer:hey are offline.

Sunrise:How long until we enter he anomaly?

First officer:Aproxammetly 5 hours.

Sunrise:Oh dear.

26th Nov 2002, 19:53
Senor: Oh no! this is getting pretty serious, Senor to Engineering: whats going on down there have you found a way to break free of the anomaly

Engineer:sir, judging by the energy readings, i think if we fire a single shot into the centre of the anomaly we can lengthen our time ln the pull of the anomaly.

Lieutenant haare:Sir, we are being scanned

Senor:I will worry about that later, fire the shot now!

The Valencia fires a shot into the anomaly, five minutes later the Valencia picks up a huge energy reading from the centre of the anomaly

Senor:Why does it always happen to me!

26th Nov 2002, 21:31
Location: Sector 3, Deep Space

<The shot fired from the Valencia drives into the anomaly, energy levels go off the scale, and the pull on all ships increases 50fold. The Valencia and what ever Sunrise's ship is called, being the closest, are pulled in. Though miracuously engines kick in as they reach the event horizon, unfortunatly in the wrong direction. They drive themselves into horrors unkown.>


Location: Sector 3, SCSV Valient, Bridge

Arctic Wolf: :eek:

Tech: We now have 46.8 miniutes until we too, enter the anomaly.

Comm: I feel sick...

Arctic Wolf: Engage engines, full into the anomaly.

Tech: WHAT!

Comm: *Ejected his lunch*

<A scuzzer from the back of the bridge rushed in and cleaned up the mess before hiding in it's neat little alcove again.>

Arctic Wolf: You heard me!

Tech: Y-Yes sir.

26th Nov 2002, 21:32
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Servant: Master, we are receiving a distress signal on one of the regular communication channels. It appears that two ships have been trapped in a strange sub space anomaly.

Ghyron: I have not the time to waste. Send them a cheerful message telling them, at length, of their stupidity for actually investigating a "strange subspace anomaly". They should learn not to go near those.

Servant: Sir, one of the ships was Arctic Wolf's.

Ghyron: Arctic Wolf? Trapped in a subspace anomaly? MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Plot a course for the anomaly, at last I shall have my revenge!

26th Nov 2002, 21:43
YEY! Ghyron's back!


Location: Unkown.

<All around are grey clouds swinging great blue forks of lightning into a swirling black mass, that contrasts greatly with the harsh, perfect white infinity of this place. 2 ships spew from the mass into this strang realm. Followed closely by a thrid. And a fourth. The first two ships were indentified as the TCSV Valencia and the ship that belonged to Sunrise. The third, the SCSV Valient. And the fourth being the The Grey Medical relief vessel, Ra'Novek. That was swept along with the Valient. Nearby are the smashed remains of 3 probes.>

26th Nov 2002, 23:55
--42nd Dimension, Orbital Platform--

Nav: Sir...We lost the second probe as soon as it entered the anamoly, last readings show that all ships trapped in the anamoly were on direct collision course. If I continue this scenario from this data, all ships have now entered the anamoly.

JSWY: Dammit Nav, Get the boys in Comm to mount a full interdimensional transmission scan between dimensions 2 to 50, is that new scount ship ready?

Nav: Sitting in docking bay 2, however, the dimensional jumpdrive is a little buggy and the engine is prone to overspeeding...

JSWY: Nothing to worry about...

--Sector 3, Near the Anamoly, 10 minutes later--

<A small scout ship comes hurtiling through space and is sucked into the anamoly within 2 minutes>


<The tangling mass of lightining spews out the scout craft>

Nav: Scanners report 4 ships and 3 non-functional probes, two of which are ours...

JSWY: Is our Location scanner operational?

Nav: Burnt out in the jump, must have gone through some sort of overload trigger. Beginning scan using minimal equipment...

27th Nov 2002, 00:11
---Ghyron's Ship of Doom---

Servant: Master, we have approached the edge of the anomaly's influence. There is no sign of Arctic Wolf or any other ship.

Ghyron: WHAT? You told me he was here! Here is the anomaly, but no ships, debris, or Arctic Wolf.

Servant: The computer's analysis is that the ships were pulled into the anomaly, to another universe.

Ghyron: Hah! They are trapped within. Send a message to the mobile Consortium headquarters telling them that here they will find their bounty...

Servant: Yes, master.

---Rotations Later---

*Several unmarked black pirate ships arrive out of hyperspace near Ghyron's ship*

Pirate: Arrrrrr, matey! Where be the foul planetlubbin' Arctic Wolf?

Ghyron: Trapped within that anomaly. I would not advise-

Pirate: Arrrrrrr, well be it then! Mates, bring us to starboard and head for that there hole!

Ghyron: No, you fools!

*As the pirate ships race towards the anomaly, their engines shut off and their ships begin to move slowly towards the anomaly*

Pirate: Avast ye, we be outfoxed!

27th Nov 2002, 08:59

<The lightning storm continues and the white infinity continues and odd black objects in the ratio 1:4:9 float around, in short, nothing out of the ordinary...in this universe/dimension>

JSWY: You getting anywhere Nav?

Nav: I' having trouble getting a point of reference, continuing scan...

27th Nov 2002, 11:29
Location - PCRV Grey Area, Bridge

Comm Officer - Sir. We have the sensor grid coming online now, they're re-adjusting the grid so we get a clear image back up, should be good as new in about five minutes.

Deltavortex - Good. That brings up back to normal status. *Into intercomm* How are the hyperdrives holding together?

Lead Engineer- Well Sir, they're holding fine. Engine two is now sealed up so we won't breach hull in flight, but from the outside it looks like someone just ripped that engine core straight from the mounting. We [i]look[i/] severly damaged to be honest. But we can easily sustain 70% engine power regardless.

Deltavortex - Heh, severly damaged. Anyway, we'll probably be using them soon, so keep your teams running safety checks we'll try to keep it below 50% for now. If it's fine we'll bump it up a bit. Good stuff. Over.

Comm Officer - Sir! Sensor grid is back online. And. Uh. Well, I'm scanning several unmarked ships - assumingly pirates, all engines disabled. No apparent reason why. No apparent combat. One capital ship, have not properly scanned yet. And a massive energy reading, possibly some sort of inter-spacial anomaly. It's attracting the unmarked ships.

Deltavortex - Okay. Have we been spotted?

Comm Officer - Possibly. If I scan that capital ship to identify it then we definatley willl be. But I have no readings to say we have been scanned by them.

Deltavortex - Keep it that way for a while. Helm, thrusters only - don't attract attention, slowly being to move around the other side of that anomoly to the capital ship, I want a look at that thing without the need to get some big-gun causing problems.

27th Nov 2002, 14:02

Nav: Three ships, although I do remember those markings...Scanning Database...It can't be...THEY have returned...


Note: They are the beings who ran amok on Waystation Zeta-Plural that eventually triggered the Great War :D

27th Nov 2002, 17:35
Sunrise:Where are we?

First officer:We entered the anomaly.

Sunrise:Scan the area. Are there any other ships in the vicinity?

First officer:Only the TCSV Valencia, SCSV Valient and Ra'Novek. Wait a second. 3 pirate ships have just come through.
They're charging weapons.

<One of the ships fire at New Dawn and the other two at fire at the SCSV Valient>

Sunrise: How many Fighters are fully operational.

First officer:89 out of 100 are fully operational. The other 11 don't have torpedos.

Sunrise:Launch all the fighters and aim our weapons at one of the ships shooting the SCSV valient.

27th Nov 2002, 18:58
What is the capitol ship you refer to? Ghyron's Evil of Doom is merely a Groulien freighter equipped with cloaking device and some other rather nasty surprises. It has no conventional weapons or massive amounts of fighters. It does, however, have one thing your ships will never have. A shapeshifter named Ghyron commanding it.

---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: Foolish pirates. At least we know the nature of that anomaly. Servant, inform the consortium that Arctic Wolf and three of their pirates are trapped within a sub spacial anomaly.

27th Nov 2002, 20:12
I was a bit unsure on what to call it given all I could remember of it was the title you give. So that just sorta was the closest thing I could think of that wouldn't be a wild guess. I'm gonna blame the fuzzy sensors for that one ;) and let it just flow away with the huge piles of other mix ups that opperate in this world. That should work, probably. :)


Comms Officer - Sir. Resolution on the scanner grid is failing again.

Deltavortex - Great. I thought they had it patched up?

Comms Officer - Apparently not Sir. Everythings just becoming vauge energy readings again and . . wait . . what I think were the readings for unmarked ships just disappeared. Possibly into the anomoly.

Deltavortex - Okay. Does that anomoly even exsist? Maybe the captial ship you didn't scan was the original distress caller. Maybe those ships hyperjumped away. How much of what you've scanned since the grid was apparently working is 100% correct.

Comms Officer - Erm. Possibly none of it Sir. You could be correct. Should I attempt a scan of the remaining ship?

Deltavortex - Why? So you can tell me something else imaginary?! I'm going to go shout at someone, hold the ship here keep comm channels avalible in case that ship is awake. I'll be down in primary engineering.


See! It pretty much worked. :D

27th Nov 2002, 21:11
<MR?s ship arrives to the anomoly. The engines stop working and the ship is being sucked towards the anomoly>

Unknownian: We have created a denergizer cannon that eliminates energy. Shall we fire it at the anomoly?

MR?: Nothing else works so we could try.

<A red beam is fired from MR?s ship. The beam turns around and flies back to MR?s ship. The ship is thrown towards the anomoly in EXTREMLY high speed.>

MR?: Where are we?

Unknownian: I don´t know. It looks like our own ruined dimension. This place may be another one.

27th Nov 2002, 21:16

Lieutenant haare:Sir i would recommend you calm down now

Senor:SHUT UP!, fire all weapons on those damn pirates, we had them in the civil war they were obsessed with fashi beans! but lets cut their beans down to size!

Four shots are seen coming from the Valencia, knocking out two of the pirate ships weapons systems.

Senor:HA!, know try and beat us!

The third pirate ship turns around and locks all weapons on the Valencia

Senor:Oh god no!

Suddenly one of the clouds spews out a strange being, that flys into the last ship and destroys it, then it propels off into the Valencia knocking out its engines, and disappears

Senor:Whatever that was i am glad it gave its life for us,opens commlinkArctic wolf would you mind taking us back because we seem to be in a bit of TROUBLE HERE!........thankyou.

The Valient activates its tractor beam and pulls the Valencia in, just as the Valencia is entering the docking bay, the beam is broken

Senor:OH NO!

27th Nov 2002, 21:32
Sunrise:Send a probe into the cloud we came out of.

<A small probe comes out of the side of the New Dawn and flys towards the cloud. Just before it reachs it, several lightning bolts fly out of the cloud and hit the prbe causing it to explode.>

First officer:The medical relief ship Ra'novek apears to be burnt most severly and they have their engines and comm systems down. It is therefore safe to assume that it also tryed to exit the way it came and since their ship is fully operational there is no need for us to attempt...

Sunrise:( Wishing he'd never appointed an android as first officer)Yes! Ok! I know!

First officer: The Valencia has colided inside the docking bay of the Valient but both ships appear to be alright.

27th Nov 2002, 21:32
Unknownian: The ship "Valencia" seems to be in trouble. Shall we try to help it?

MR?: Yes.

<A black cloud is launched from MR?s ship. The cloud covers Valencia. When the ship it covered the cloud beguns to move towards MR?s ship. Soon Valencia is inside MR?s docking bay.>

MR?: I saw that you were in trouble so i tried my new shadowcloaking-life saving-transporting-super-mega-hyper-etc. etc. etc. Cloud of black smoke. Looks like it worked.

<A great number of small robots comes walking towards Valencia. They begins to repair the ship using special repair lasers. A rotation later the ship is completely repaired.>

27th Nov 2002, 21:33
Senor:Thank's alot do you think there would be any way you could get me onto the Valient

27th Nov 2002, 21:36
First officer: MR?'s ship also appears to be with us and the Valencia is inside MR?'s docking bay.


27th Nov 2002, 21:38
It would take 25 rotations to create more shadow-crystals that i need to use the shadow transport thing. With it i could transport you. Else you could take borrow a small shadow crystal from me and throw it into your generator. It will make the ship completely invisible and non-corporal(not sure about how it is spelled). The only problem is that the weapons on your ship also will be that so your lasers will just pass throught the pirate ships.

27th Nov 2002, 21:45
<another strange being flys out of the cloud and hits the rear of the ship New Dawn causing it to spin wildly into the Valient>

Sunrise (hailing Valient):Sorry about that.

27th Nov 2002, 22:13
:mad: What on Base is going on? Shadow Cloak, strange beings flying around and attacking things, bumping into ships, MY SHIP, YOU SCRATCHED MY PAINTWORK :o please read Dracoraptor's rules and go back and edit your posts.


---Location: Unkown, SCSV Valient, Bridge---

Arctic Wolf: What is going on? I tried to sit down with a coffee to read a report and it attacked me!

Tech: I think it has something to do with the strange lightning fork thingies in this place. Whenever one comes near the computers go crazy.

Arctic Wolf: Is there anyway to shield the computer bank from it. I've only got 2 uniforms.

Tech: I'll try and compensate...

*bleep bleep blip bleep bleep blip*

Arctic Wolf: WHo doesn't that sound good?

<Due to the Technition's attempted dampning, which failed by the way, several of the wierd blue lightningy things were attracted toward the Valient. EPS Relays, Plasma Conduits and all manner of technicaly termed bits and bobs necessary to a star-ship over-load. Causing some to blow and other to simply just fry. The bridge is a mess of sparks. To make things worse, the scuzzer's power suply was one of the relays that blew. Sending the scuzzer through the artificial air, smacking the Technition as it went and landing in the view screen.>


Tech: Erm...sorry

27th Nov 2002, 22:33
Did i break dracos rules?

They say nothing of shadowcloaking systems that makes weapons uniseable on the ship that uses them.

27th Nov 2002, 23:29
Might I also point out that the three other ships are not pirate vessels the ships are THEY, Ghyrons Pirate ships arn't through the anamoly yet :D


Nav: Location established, we are in Dimension 35, its similar to our own, it runs in 4 dimensions above and time flows normally, unfortunatly, the laws of physics are slightly warped everyone around us is having severe trouble with their engine systems.

JSWY: It looks like the perfect pirate dimension, one that immobilizes ships as soon as they enter...

Nav: Speaking of They, they're opening a channel to all ships...

They: Which one of you is Arctic Wolf? We want revenge after he was found to have fired on us at Waystation Zeta-Plural 4 Years ago, we have come for Him...We know here is here, reveal yourself...

28th Nov 2002, 01:33

---Nearby the Strange Anomaly---

*Several black unmarked freighters sit outside of the anomaly's feild of influence. The freighters appear to be in a mild state of disrepair, and are unarmed. Smaller construction bots are moving rapidly nearby, supposedly creating some sort of sphere like construct around the anomaly's sphere of influence. If one were to tune into the radio communication frequencies in use by this strange ominous constructer fleet, one would hear an odd assortment of repeated clicks and beeps. It would appear that this constructor fleet is automated.*

---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Servant: Master, the Amjoran's have alerted us that they will be arriving shortly.

Ghyron: Excellent. Prepare for docking.

---Nearby the Strange Anomaly---

*Suddenly, something strange happens. A rather large area of space nearby the sub spacial anomaly begins to twist, distort. If space were two dimensional, one would say that it was folding in on itself and, odly shaping itself into a ball. Space, however, is not two dimensional, and so no words can describe the strage effects that were occuring at that space and time. Just as rapidly, and strangly, space uncurled, and where there was nothing, there was an Amjoran Flagship.*

Amjoran Flagship: This is the Amjoran Consular Flag Ship, prepare to be drawn into our primary docking bay.

*This however, was not a typical Amjoran Flagship. A typical Amjoran Flagship being a dull white hemisphere with no apparent engines or method of transportation. On this ship however, there was a very aparent method of locomotion. On the spherical sides of this ship were attached very dark and strange looking dimensional stabilizers. How does a dimensional stabilizer look? That depends on who you ask, or what dimension your in.*

---Onboard the Amjoran Flag Ship---

---A short fragment of the conversation between Ghyron and an Amjoran Council Member---

Amjoran Council Member: I am sorry, we cannot help you. Not at this time.

Ghyron: Surely the mighty Amjoran Empire has the time to spare for such an important and delicate matter?

Amjoran Council Member: I see you have not heard. We are at war.

Ghyron: Then I shall have no aid?

---Nearby the Anomaly---

*The Amjoran Flag Ship leaves in the same manner in which it left. The unmarked robotic constructor fleet continues to build a sphere around the anomaly. What is the nature of this sphere? Is it a device meant to trap within it the anomaly or those within it? No, for it is not made of matieral strong enough to withstand the weapons of ships as mighty as the Valient. Is is some sort of massive weapons platform meant to fire on whomever enters or leaves the anomaly? No, for there are no weapons onboard this silvery construct. What is it?*

28th Nov 2002, 19:27
--Dimension 35, Home of THEY--

Nav: ...if I reverse this, pull this out...put this in...disable the shields...There we go, the engines are working again, heading set for the lightning storm...

<The scout craft tears away from the stranded group and accelerates towards the entrance to the dimension, the ship flies through, gets turned and warped thorugh a small curve and ends up right back where it was>

Nav: A scan shows that there is now an object blocking the entrance to the anamoly, we appear to be trapped, and our engines have given out again...

<Loads of alarms go off>

JSWY: Whats going on now?

Nav: Scanners indicate a large scale ion disturbance within 1 parsec, heading in our direction, it will pass through in 30 rotations

<At this point, the ships belonging to THEM acivated their engines and flew away from the ion storm>

JSWY: At least we have found something they don't like

28th Nov 2002, 19:53
JSWY, this is sup-space not the 35th Dimention. There are only 11 Dimentions you know. And MR?, no you didn't break the rules there was just something about your posts that seemed...childishly impossible.

Everyone please remember, 1 Super Weapon and 1 Super Device. These items can only be used by your capital ship and must be unique. MR? Shadowcrystals, seem to have the same power's as my Phase Drive.


---Location: Unkown(Probably Sub-Space)---

<The Valient having reset it self, rebooting the computer and replacing damged parts try's to steer away from the oncoming Ion-Storm. Steering is hard as the Ship is now negetively charged and is being attracted to every one of the strange grey swirling clouds. It decides to make for the Great ? and recover the TCSV Valencia.>


---Location: Unkown(Probably Sub-Space), SCSV Valient, Bridge

Arctic Wolf: Comm, please open a channel to the Great ?

Comm: Yes sir...channel open.

MR?'s Comm Officer: Hello?

Arctic Wolf: This is Arctic Wolf of the SCSV Valient, I wish to speak with your commander person.

MR?'s Comm Officer: Please Hold *Annoying Music.......*

MR?: Yes Arctic Wolf?

Arctic Wolf: I'd like my ship and Chief Engineerski back please.

28th Nov 2002, 20:07
I didn't say my scanners were working :D

--Still Unknown--

JSWY: Contact all ships in the vicinity, warning them of the approaching ion storm...

Nav: Ship messaging systems informed, although i'm getting an engaged tone from MR?, Resending in 5 minutes...

28th Nov 2002, 21:32
Sunrise:Which way is the ion storm coming from?

First officer: from behind the ship.

Sunrise:Full emergency power to rear hull integrity

< the ion storm hits New Dawn and sends it flying into the lightning storm, which sends the ship flying in the oppisite direction>

First officer:Hull integrity down to 5%, hull breachs on decks 5 through 8.

Sunrise:Seal them

First officer:Gravity is off on decks 4 & 11 and hyperdrive is down.

Sunrise::Get them fixed as soon as possible

29th Nov 2002, 18:05
The Shadowcrystals are a sort of intelligent crystalized life forms that can make things dark like a shadow. They are mostly used in my shadowcloaking system where they make the ship completely invisible but also disables the ships weapons(a dark ray of shadows can´t damage a ship). My own armor is covered with small crystals that make me invisible when i want it. The way i transported senor on was by using nano-robots carrying shadow crystals. They landed everywere on the ship and carried it to my ship. My special weapon is also powered by shadowcrystals but i´ll not tell about it yet.'

< The docking bay opens and Valencia fles out from the unknownian capitol ship(driven by a robot). Some minutes later it docks with The Valent >
-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-..-.-.-.-.-Aboard the ?-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.
Unknownian: We have detected a ion storm coming towards us.

MR?: Try to drive away from it.

<The shpere tries to start its engines but it was to late. The Ion storm moves very close to MR?s ship. The storm damages MR?s spherical ship vary much.>

MR?: Our shields are down. Activate shadow cloaking.

<When the storm moves right into the sphere it remains undamaged. Instead the crystals are getting more and more negatively loaded.>

MR?(to all nearby ships and to his crew): Escape the area. Hurry. The shadow crystals are going to blow. Then the shadow aliens living within will be free. The aliens are pure evil creatures that wants to kill everyone who´s not a shadow and then destroy all stars because they are the only thing that can damage them. I trapped all the aliens in crystals like these. I was going to sent them all into a sun but i didn´t do that when i realised their properties.

<MR? and the six other unknownians walked into a escape ship and taking all undamaged crystals with them. Some minutes later the unknownian ship exploded. All ships nearby were thrown away from the exploding sphere. Great dark and shady alien creatures moved out of the explosion.>


Description of shadow aliens:

Big dark creatures that doesn´t have any real shape. They change it all the time but they can´t chose what shape they will have like Ghyron. When near sunlight they are completely visible. They are still just black creatures but you can see their centre as a glowing ball. If their centre are hit they will transform into crystals and begin regenerating. The regeneration can be stopped by draining energy from them and storing it in special containers for later use. The only way to completely destoy a shadow alien is to launch it into a star.

29th Nov 2002, 18:16
---Near the Anomaly---

*The sphere around the anomaly is almost complete. Looking at it from the outside, the sphere is a mass of scaffolding, ventilation tubing, and complex wires. On the inside, look at it from the anomaly, the sphere is unbroken white paneling. Nearby the sphere construction is a small Groulien freighter equipped with long ranged communications and sensors.*

---Groulien Freighter---

---Construction Monitoring Unit---

Amjoran Technician: I'm detecting increased levels of graviton vibrations from the anomaly. It looks as if it's becoming unstable.

Project Administrator: Then we will need to push the automated construction unit even harder, if we are to seal the rift before it emerges.

29th Nov 2002, 22:46
<As the explosion hit New Dawn the whole rear of the ship exploded.>

Sunrise:Use the light emmitter on those shadowy things and suck any energy from them using the tacyeon emitter.

<Various sirens go of as sunrise shouts down the comm system>

Sunrise: Requesting help from any near.....s. I re....t reques....ng help from a..y nearby sh..............................static

<A large explosion cause the middle of the ship to explode. Shadow aliens are seen flying out of the smouldering wreckage

29th Nov 2002, 23:57
<MR? gets ready to beam Sunrise to his ship but he gets interrupted by one of his unknownian crewmen.>

Unknownian: The biggest shadow alien are coming towarsd our escape ship.

<suddently everything gets black. A dark voice is heard>


<A big mounth is opening at the shadow alien. The mounth closes around MR?s escape ship. The ship fires a strange bright laserbeam at the shadow.>


<The shadow transforms into a great crystal. Inside the crystal are MR? and his crewmen. They try to scream for help but noone can hear them.>

30th Nov 2002, 07:04
<using the remaining power of New Dawn sunrise pulls in the crystal using the tractor beam. Sunrise grabs it off the floor of the docking bay and escapes in a fighter. About 5 seconds after sunrise leaves the ship it exploads. Several more escape pods and fighter are seen flying out of the explosion.>

30th Nov 2002, 15:46
<The crystal begins to shine with a very bright light. A beam comes from the crystal and hits the computer on Sunrises fighter. MR?s face appears on the screen>

MR?: This happened to me once before but then i used a special machine that my scientists had built. The problem is that the machine and its blueprints was are destroyed at the same time as my own universe was taken by the greatest shadow ever. My enemy MR! destroyed my home planet and released a GREAT shadow from the core of my planet.

<One of the six other surviving unknownians appeared on the screen>

Unknownian: Put this crystal in your reactor so we can give the ship enought power to escape. If you then puts all the reactors power on your weapons you make the shadows afraid of you when you shoot at them. Hitting them in the centre with your laser will turn them into crystals.

30th Nov 2002, 17:30
<Sunrise grabs the crystal, kicks a panal off the back wall of the back wall of the fighter and shoves the crystal in the reactor.Sunrise's fighter spins round and shoot both of the shadow creatures chasing him, which both turn into crystals>

Sunrise: Cool!

<The fighter then streaks towards all the shadow creatures and continually fires at everything in sight.>

Meddling Grey
30th Nov 2002, 21:11
----- On the mining station P'Toog -----

Station broadcast: Attention all ship-captains. A series of distress signals have been detected exiting a relay probe, originating in nearby interstellar space. The signals were cut off, each lasting only one groulien-hour at most. A salvage expedition is being mounted to investigate, if you would like to participate please have your ship ready for a hyperspace jump in one rotation on the counter-sun side of the station. Our current fleet is limited and any help would be appreciated, most likely with exclusive salvage rights or standard freighter payment. Again, any ships that would like to assist in...

----- In a CD Bar, like a combination of a disco and rough bar -----

Meddling Grey: Ooh, salvage rights. I like the sound of that! Hmm, standard freighter wages are about 200e per person... fuel costs... yes, seems worth it. Ha'Naval, call all the peeps together to meet on the saucer in-

Ha'Naval the Captain's Assistant: Jwhz nberglf... snnknzzz...

MG speaking into his communicator wristband: This is captain MG speaking. All men, women and its return to the saucer within half a rotation, as we're going along on the mission just broadcast. Oh, and Grog? I need you up at the CD Bar in segment four. Ha'Naval has become incredibly drunk again.

<MG sits back in its chair and taps Ha'Naval on the head. Eliciting no response, it gives Ha'Naval's drink to a passing Gor>

MG: Here, you might as well have this. Nav certainly isn't going to drink it.

Ha'Naval: Nnnnnnnnn...

30th Nov 2002, 21:20
< after turning all but 11 shadow creatures (which escaped into the distance after realising they didn't stand a chance) into crystals the fighter hovered along side of the Valient wondering what to do>

Meddling Grey
1st Dec 2002, 00:22
----- On the counter-sun side of P'Toog -----

<A large saucer-ship, quite a bit larger than most of its kind, floats serenely at the edge of a small cloud of other ships. The crackling and buzzing of inter-ship messages can be heard on all comm frequencies, although on Frequency 19 for no apparent reason it manifests as the sound of an unknown type of fruit being eaten. The ships, trying to steer clear of other ships, are generally failing in their attempts to move into something resembling a formation.>

----- In the command room of the large saucer -----

Meddling Grey: That's fifteen ships. Six large groulien barges, one twelve-gun corvette outfitted with mining lasers, two passenger vessels for quick and cheap interstellar flight, one recycler-EC combination outfitted with a bubble dome and hyperspace drive, and four station-owned industrial-strength frigates. Yes?

Grog the Tactics Advisor: An' one medical ship wid a buncha pow booster onnit fer rechargin'.

MG: Right. And then there's our saucer.

<Meddling Grey watches the viewscreen as two freighters slowly collide, bounce off each other, and drift away in opposite directions>

MG: Perhaps we should inform the administrator that this may take a little longer than one rotation.

Grog: He prolly a'ready know.

MG: Very true... Meep, would you mind tapping into some of those transmissions? I want to hear what they're all about.

Meepzippizikkikitiz the Communications Officer: Yezzir.

The comm channels: Watch it! You're heading right for us! Pull starside before which side is starside you stupid why hasn't Vin responded yet he hah, lookit dat little eee-e-eee-e-e-e-eeee hey man, like, you're really painin' my groove you nearly took the side of my ship off! are we there yet I want to- ATTENTION ADMINISTRATOR WE ARE CURRENTLY MOVING INTO A RING FORMATION BUT-

<The voices stop abruptly and the sound of slightly juicy munching fills the command room>

MG: Er, thank you Meep. Now which ship is that chewing noise coming from?

Meep: None of them. The frequenzy iz completely unuzed. That iz juzt white noize, or ztatic.

MG: I... see. It sounds like someone eating an orange.

Grog: Soun' more like a Krans fruit.

MG: Yes, possibly. Keep the frequency on the comm, Meep. I want to figure out what it is.

<Meddling Grey taps his comm wristband>

MG: Hey Prunty! Get up here for a second, will you? I need your expertise on different foods.

Grog: He a good cook. Make Grookargh like back on home planet.

MG: That's why I'm calling him up. Switch the viewscreen to view the whole formation, will you Meep? I want to watch it while we figure out what that fruit is.

<The viewscreen is obligingly zoomed outward, and the whole group of ships come into view. They are trying to form a shape like a large pyramid, except that most of them keep trying to be on one of the outside points. It looks more accurately like lopsided sphere or possibly a blob of water in zero-g, except of course that it is made out of ships.>

1st Dec 2002, 01:55
--Aurora 2--

<A dormant system within the transmitter relay locates a group of ships around the last known position of JSWY and transmitts the location accross all standard galactic frequencies>


Nav: We're drifting, the navigational thrusters won't respond...

<A bolt of static hits the side of the ship and sends it back towards the main group of ships>

JSWY: At least we're going somewhere...

1st Dec 2002, 06:19
Fhew, I'm back! I recently changed emails, and when I hanged it in my profile, the old account was already deleted, so I couldn't get any confirmation letters. I made this temporary account to use for now. I had to mae it to find the email address of the admin. Any way..........

Dreadnaugt Warps through space, tearing twords the anomly.

Computer: Aproaching designated coordanites. WARNING: Gravimetric Distortions detected!

Me: Red Alert! All engines full reverse!

Klaxons Sound, as the ship slams out of hyperspace. Panels break away on the bow of the ship, revealing massive reverse thrusters. They push the ship a safe distance from the anomaly.

Me: Science, report!

Science Officer: Several freighters are constructing a massive containment sphere around the periphery of the anomaly.

Me: Helm, bring us into an equatorial orbit of the sphere, 100 kilometers out. Computer, activate cloak.

Computer: Cloak Engaged.

Me: We shall se how this plays out. Comm, get me Admiral NipBeep, on the Orion.

Comm: Channel Open.

Me: Admiral, bring your feet to my coordanites, and cloak upon exit from hyperspace. We may have a situation on our hands.

Admiral: At once, you excellency.

1st Dec 2002, 13:46
Originally posted by Sunrise
< after turning all but 11 shadow creatures (which escaped into the distance after realising they didn't stand a chance) into crystals the fighter hovered along side of the Valient wondering what to do>

It isn´t that easy to destroy those shadows. You got to hit in the exact centre of them. You also forgot one thing. They regenerate when inside crystals. If you dont throw them into a sun or puts them in a reactor they will leave the crystals.

<Suddently the crysals explode. From every crystal there comes two shadows instead of one. They swallows some of MR?s escape pods(with only robots in.) and grows larger for every ship they eat. Then they continue to fly throught space.>

MR?: If you load all of your ships power to my crystal i may leave it. Im more experienced in killing shadows than you are so i may be to more help when im driving a ship.

1st Dec 2002, 16:25
<Sunrise diverts all the power of his fighter into the crystal and MR? and 6 other unknownian crewman pop out of it. MR? jumps in the drivers seat and Sunrise runs down a set of steps into the lower gun turret>

1st Dec 2002, 16:41
<MR? picks up a small lasergun from his pocket and opens it. He takes a small white shining crystal that he had in his other pocket and puts it inside the gun. Then he takes another white shining crystal(he got plenty of them) and puts it into a small torpedo.>

MR?: Launch the torpedo towards the biggest shadow.

<The torpedo hits the shadow and turns it into a big crystal. Then MR? beams the crystal into his ship and fires with his laser pistol(that got a white laser in) at the crystal. The crystal gets brigther and brigther all the time until it is completely white. Then MR? touches the crystal and is immediatly zapped into it.>

MR?: Please beam this crystal out from the ship.

Unknownian: ok

<The crystal is beamed out from the ship. After a while it explodes and a great white shining creature comes out. The creature begins to attack the other shadows. All the shadows are destoyed within minutes.>

1st Dec 2002, 18:59
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Servant: Master, I have unfortuanate news. Our long range sensors have detected a rescue and salvage fleet preparing to advance on our position. This fleet, however, is unorganized and were to reach our position, we would have little trouble hiding ourselves within the refraction field. There is another problem though. We have reason to believe that a cloaked ship or fleet is nearby our position. We detected a subspace emission from an area of empty space. The only due explaination is that there was a cloaked ship attempting to communicate.

Ghyron: Argh, let us find this ship, and throw it into that anomaly.

Servant: Due to the nature of the cloak, we cannot determine where the ship is currently. The only place we know it might be, is at the source of the subspace communication.

Ghyron: Hrmmm, send out a probe to that exact location. If it is still there, we shall know.

Servant: Yes, master.

1st Dec 2002, 19:28
Computer: Warning, unauthorized scans deteced. Probe launch detected.

Me: All ships, decloak, and come about to 212, 233 mark 2!

Dreadnaught, 2 heavy crusiers, and a light crusier decloak and turn twords the Evil Ship of Doom.

Me: Bring the Tachyon Feild up!

A yellow feild projects between the ships, and from emitters on the sides of the ships, sweeping the area with the yellow feild, revealing any cloaked starships, that can't outrun the beam.

Science: Silicon Life Form detected.

Me: Ah, Ghyron. All stop. Target the nearest freighter, and destroy it.

Tactical: At once, sir.

Blue turbolaser blasts lance out from the ships, ripping apart one of the contruction ships, unlucky enough to be in the fleets way.

Computer (to Evil Ship of Doom): Identifed, species 02, shape shifter. Your actions are impeding the will of the collective. Your actions will stop immediatly, or You will be eliminated. You have Five glactic standard minutes to comply. Any delay, and you will be eliminated. Resistance is Futile.

Me: Helm, take us out of tractor, and transporter, range, but keep us in turbolaser range. I still want to be able to shoot at him, but I don't want any of his nasty suprises.

1st Dec 2002, 20:25
Would anybody mind if i said i was Senor's brother because he kind of has a spanish name too?


Commlink opens:Sir, it seems that my brother Senor is in some kind of a coma he cant move and looks like he is dead

Arctic Wolf: Who are you and what have you done with my engineer!

Guererro: I am Guererro, Senor's younger brother and i already told you he is lifeless

Arctic Wolf: Medical officer get him to sickbay at once, so Guererro do you have any training in engineering

Guererro: Yes sir, i have lived all my life with my brother, he has taught me well, why do you ask

Arctic Wolf: Because you are our new Chief engineer while Senor is out, i also am giving you command of the TCSV Valencia

Guererro: Thank you Sir!

Lieutenant Haare: But Captain surely i would be a better choi..


1st Dec 2002, 22:05

Nav: I've brought all systems online, I think something should happen if I pass a negative current through our dimension drive and our homing beacon, we should be able to cause a power surge in the engines...Applying Negative current...

<There is a faint humming sound before the dimension drivve begins to overheat>

Nav: Whoops, forgot to carry the on-

<The scout craft blasts out of existance>

--JSWY's Orbital Platform, 42nd Dimension--

<The scout craft starts existing again>

Nav: -e....Oh right, I accidently activated both the drive and the beacon, we've arrived back at the orbital platform...

JSWY: Are any of our ships ready at all?

Nav: One, the Carrier GM Sapphire, moving to docking bay 6...

JSWY: Have we got any records?

Nav: None, we were unable to determine our exact location, however, the Aurora 2 relay detected a transmission nearby the anamoly, this indicates that there are more ships near the anamoly.

JSWY: Don't forget that we were blocked when we tried to escape, something is going on down there and we need to find out what

--5 Rotations Later--

Nav: Sapphire launch procedure activated, engines at 65%

<The engines begin to glow blue and the ship begins to shudder>

JSWY: Activate Dimensional Drive, destination Sector 3, as close to the anamoly as possible...

Nav: Dimension Drive initita-

<The ship vanishes>

--Sector 3, the anamoly--

<The Sapphire emerges too close to DavidG's ship and rips its communications array clear off the top of the ship, which also succeeding in creating a huge tear on the underside of the Sapphire>

JSWY: What the hell was that?

Nav: We've hit something, hull breach on Deck 6 Section E...


GM Sapphire Ship Specifications

Class: Standard Grey Military Carrier, Modified Later by JSWY
Width: 500m
Length: 1km
Height: 750m
Capacity: 200 Agitator Fighters
Engines: W4 Class Engines, also incorporates the dimensional drive used to get to and from the 42nd Dimension
Crew Capicity: 500
Weapons: 25 Anti-Fighter Gun turrets placed throughout the length of the runway
Shields: 4 Galactic Standard Inertia Shield Generators

Agitator Fighters

Wing Span: 2m
Length: 5m
Crew: 2
Engines: Gor D-485 Interceptor Engines
Weapons: Two Anti-matter cannons
Shields: 1 Modified Gravity Shield

1st Dec 2002, 23:46
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Servant: Master, I have most urgent news. It appears that a massive Targ ship has just uncloaked, fired on one of the resupply freighters, and told us that we have to stop our actions or he blows us up.

Ghyron: WHAT? What does it think it is? We arn't doing anything. Message the targ telling him we will gladly comply. Then move the ship over a few meters to the left. Tell him we stoped doing what we were doing.

Servant: Sir, we can't communicate with Targ ship. A human ship just appeared out of nowhere and knocked the communications equipment off the Targ ship. It cannot communicate with any other ship.

2nd Dec 2002, 00:47
Computer: Warning, system failure detected: Primary Subspace tranceiver offline.

Me: Deploy armour!!!

Computer: Ablative generator engaged.

Generators pop up along the ship, and in several bright blue flashes, armour is replicated over the hull.

Me: Lock tractor beams, and pull them into the docking bay. Erect forcefeilds to keep their fighters in their bays.

The carrier is pulled into Dreadnaught's massive hanger, by tractor beams. Forcefields shimmer to life around the hanger bays on the Sapphire

Me: Security teas one through ten, report to primary hanger, berth 2. Computer, close space doors.

Massive doors slowly close over the docking bay, as the Sapphire is dragged into a berth. A large security force is assembled at the end of the gangway.

Me: Use the internal transmitters to hail the ship.

Comm: Channel open.

Me: This is Grand Admiral Davidg, commander of the Targ Fleet, and leader of the Targ Collective. You have damaged our vessel, and we demand explaination. We are on an information gathering mission, to ascertain the action neccesary to resolve the current crisis. You are impeding our investigation.

Meddling Grey
2nd Dec 2002, 05:56
----- In hyperspace, heading for the location of the distress signals -----

<Using a hyperspace tunnel as a highway, the small fleet of salvage and rescue craft zip along in a large and disorganized group. Unfortunately, the only conduit available was a small one, and that means that the wide formation of ships are crammed into the equivalent of a two-lane, one-way road.>

----- In the leading saucer's command room -----

Meddling Grey: I can't believe we agreed to be the head of this formation.

Grog: Hur hur hur, formation.

MG: Meep, how long until we get there?

Meep: Fifty more zecondz.

<MG taps a pad of buttons on the arm of the captain's chair, waits a moment, taps them again, and sighs.>

MG : Meep, open a commlink to the rest of the ships. My chair is on the roll again.

Grog: Dat's on der figs, not da roll.

MG: Oh, whatever. Meep?

Meep: Commlink ezzaztablizitted...itted. Um, yez.

MG: This is captain Meddling Grey of the... what was the name of this saucer again... oh yes, of the Name Here. We will be exiting hyperspace in six seconds brace for re-entry scatter on exit and try not to run into-

<The hyperspace tunnel entrance appears in the middle of some empty space like a blue, transparent, four-dimensional molehill. Entirely unlike a molehill, however, it promptly spits out a string of sixteen ships. Some make it out unscathed, others bang into each other and veer off in varying directions, and the last one out stops dead.>

On the different comm frequencies: Argh you hit my ship you <click> what are you trying to do <click> GRA'ANG HAS BROKEN LEG! CALL MEDIC TO BRIDGE RIGHT NOW <click> helphelphelp we've got a severe case of hyperspace freeze, all main systems are offline we are entirely immobile and- oh, looks like the comms are still online. Ah, there's the light switch <click> looks like a pretty clear re-entry for the Mudraker, that's us, better check on the others. Uh, over. <click>

MG: Chaotic, isn't it? Well, it seems that everyone is alright. As alright as they're going to be, anyway. Hmm. What's that big sphere over there? Top right corner of the viewscreen.

Meep: Zenzors zay it'z a big zvere.

Grog: A sphere? Well dat's interestin'. I never woulda guessed.

Meep, glaring at Grog: There are alzo zome odd energy emizzionz coming out of it, and there are a lot of freighterz around it. I don't know if they zpotted uz yet.

MG: Blast! It looks like there're already salvagers here. But they haven't yet deployed any territory marker beacons... Meep, quick, signal the others to head around the sphere to somewhere the freighters may not be able to see us! That thing may be able to hide us long enough to deploy some claim beacons.

<The ships, spinning in circles and trying to stabilize from their exit back into real space, promptly do inertia-defying movements and zoom off towards an unoccupied part of the sphere, the chance for profit evidently outweighing their confusion. The Name Here, barely able to keep up with the pack, picks up a transmission being broadcast on Frequency 52, aka Yellow.>

Garbled transmission: -static- Grand Admiral -static- Targ -static- Collective. You have -static- we demand explaination. We are on an -static- mission, -static- action neccesary to resolve the current crisis. You are -static-

MG: Sounds like someone is preparing to start a fight. Mmm, salvage. Advise all the ships to keep a close eye on anything resembling projectiles or energy weapons. I'll be in my room preparing a surrender speech in case they decide to come after us.

2nd Dec 2002, 19:39
Guererro: Why do we have to always stuck in the bad things Sir!

Arctic Wolf: Stop rambling and go to bed

Guererro: Yes sir!

Guererro turns around and walks back to his quarters, picks up a PADD about the ships techical stuff and s******s

2nd Dec 2002, 20:08
<Sunrise slaps Guererro silly>

WE (the Valient, the medical relief ship *insert name here* and my fighter) are stuck in anomaly and cannot communicate to outside the anomaly. Note that the title is called

Peace Time so not everyone is utterly nasty to everyone. WE don't even know whats going on outside the anomaly...*continues on for 5 rotations talking about various reasons as to why he*


so go and edit your post...A LOT.

2nd Dec 2002, 22:25
--The Anamoly Sphere--

JSWY: Is there any way we can communicate with that vessel? Oh wait a sec...

<A small probe fires from the primary fighter bay and latches itself to DavidG's front viewer>

Probe: Desist your actions, you are in violation of galactic law by apprehending this ship, desist, or the council will be summoned

JSWY: Nice writing

Nav: Thanks, We cannot determine who's onboard either ship though...

2nd Dec 2002, 22:32
Davidg presses a switch on his chair, launching a probe from inside the hanger bay, to JSWY's veiwer.

Probe: This ship was rammed by your vessel, you there by entered combat with the afore mentioned ship. to stop furthir damage, your ship was impounded, until reparations can be made. In approzimatly 12 galactic hours, the power of out tractor beam will have increased ensough to crush your vessel. You will relpace our communications array, or we will rip yours off. This probe will self detruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

The probe jets away, and explodes, charring the Sapphire's hull.

2nd Dec 2002, 22:40
Location - PCRV Grey Area, Somewhere near anomoly

Deltavortex - Thank Zedem! What happened?

Tech officer - The Hyperdrive is still messed up. The primary power core did something dodgy and basically we stuffed a long system restart.

Deltavortex - Is the core working again? Or are we on backup?

Tech officer - It's perfectly fine, all systems are powering up now, except the Hyperdrive.

Comms officer - Sir. Sensor grid is back up. And it is working correctly this time. There's something very strange going on.

Deltavortex - Oh wonderful. What now?

Comms officer - We have a big artifical sphere instead of an anomoly. A captial ship with backup just apprehended another ship. There is what has to be a salvage fleet given how much of a rable it is. And the odd frighter floating about.

Deltavortex - Any ships look like they are going to threaten us?

Comms officer - Not at the moment sir.

Deltavortex - Scan them all, if we've run into any of them before tell me, if we have to do anything attempt to be in the salvage fleet. More oppotunity to avoid combat.

2nd Dec 2002, 22:56
--The Anamoly Sphere--

<Another probe fires out from the Sapphire and attaches to DavidG's viewer>

Probe: The GM Sapphire has concluded after careful studying of law that did not consitute an attack on your ship, however, to keep amicable relations, the Sapphire has aggreed to replace the communications array on the condition that the held ship is released.

<One of the fighters, towing a small cube makes its way towards DavidG's ship and drops the object on the hull, where the original array had been, the object deploys into a small dish and the wires connect to the original socket>

JSWY: This is JSWY of the GM Sapphire, calling unidentified ship, release your captive ship, I repeat...

2nd Dec 2002, 23:17
Me: Computer, release tractors, and open space doors.

Computer: Egress sequence initated.

The giant doors retract into the sides of the ship, as the tractor shimmers off. The Sapphire eases its way out of the bay and moves off, pushed by a repulsor field in the bay.

Science: Sir! I found a way to scan through the sphere to get clean readings of the anomaly! We won't have to destroy or cause chaos at all!

Me: Aw, I had my heart set on blowing things up, but oh well... Helm, move us to scan range. Computer, stand down red alert, and retract armour.

Helm: Moving to scan range, sir.

Computer: Tactical Alert. Vessel Approahing bearing 231 Mark 2. Identified, PCRV Grey Area.

Me: Ignore them. I want those scans.

Science: We are in range now. Commencing Level 5 scans. Whoa! Gravimetric, and chronoton readings are off the scale!

Me: Chronotons... *gasp* Time travel?!

Science: This could be some sorft of temporal rift, possibly going back into the far past.

Me: Comm, have a science vessel reandeavous with us, we need a more in-depth study.

2nd Dec 2002, 23:25
---Communication Frequencies---

Marker Bouy: WARNING: This region beginning with the 04.24.89 declination line is under jurisdiction of the Galactic Association for the Advancement of People Named Ghyron. Please be aware that this is a no war zone and that the area marked by the bright red bouy's with the label "DANGEROUS" denote a serious sub spacial rift. Please be aware of the dangers of this rift and immediatly remove your vessel from the area. The Galactic Transportation Authority is working round the clock to make sure the rift is secured and removed. Due to the serious nature of this rift, any act of war occuring within the aforementioned zone will be regarded as a transgression of galactic law.

2nd Dec 2002, 23:45
---Sector 3, Dreadnaught, Bridge---

Comm Officer: zir, we are getting a tranzmizzion...from the Ztartopian Council. Davidg, there are currently no Science Vessels under control of the Targ Collective, and other races are unable to spare thier science vessels. However, the Arctanian Parliament, have order the NCSV Kringlekoff, one of their science vessels currently en-route to a biology study on Simalea 5, to rendevous with you. They will be in your position in aproximatly...3 GS Hours.

Science: Cool, an Arctanian zcience vezzel. I've alwayz wanted to zee one

Davidg: I hate working with Arctanians!

Science: Why zir?

Davidg: They are just so...they're always bloody right!

Comm Officer: Getting another transmisison zir.

Davidg: Play it.

Comm Officer: Yez zir! WARNING: This region beginning with the 04.24.89 declination line is under jurisdiction of the Galactic Association for the Advancement of People Named Ghyron. Please be aware that this is a no war zone and that the area marked by the bright red bouy's with the label "DANGEROUS" denote a serious sub spacial rift. Please be aware of the dangers of this rift and immediatly remove your vessel from the area. The Galactic Transportation Authority is working round the clock to make sure the rift is secured and removed. Due to the serious nature of this rift, any act of war occuring within the aforementioned zone will be regarded as a transgression of galactic law.

2nd Dec 2002, 23:47
--Anamoly Sphere--

JSWY: If the bouy is correct, there is one way we have to try and rescue the people trapped inside the anamoly, set co-ordinates for Dragonia Prime, Seat of the Galactic Council.

<The Sapphire vanishes through a spacial hyperspace rift>

3rd Dec 2002, 00:05
Comms Officer - Scans complete. All ships identified and probably also aware of our location.

Deltavortex - Anyone we should reconise?

Comms Officer - Actually . . . several. We have the head of the Targ in the capital ship. One JSWY you personal records say you've met, captured b- no wait, he just undocked. And hyperjumped away. Nevermind. Also we hav- Incoming.

<Transmission Begins | From - Marker Bouy (Unidentified) | To - All communication channels>
WARNING: This region beginning with the 04.24.89 declination line is under jurisdiction of the Galactic Association for the Advancement of People Named Ghyron. Please be aware that this is a no war zone and that the area marked by the bright red bouy's with the label "DANGEROUS" denote a serious sub spacial rift. Please be aware of the dangers of this rift and immediatly remove your vessel from the area. The Galactic Transportation Authority is working round the clock to make sure the rift is secured and removed. Due to the serious nature of this rift, any act of war occuring within the aforementioned zone will be regarded as a transgression of galactic law.
<Transmission Ends>

Comms Officer - Basically if we don't go near the sphere we'll be fine. If we do go near it they it's a weapons-free zone.

Deltavortex - Given the state of that second hyperdrive engine I'd like to stay away from the sphere, incase it flares or something stupid that could be considered weapon fire. I mean it looks like we've sustained some let alone fired any.

Tech Officer - Talking about that. The engines should be okay to re-initalise again.

Deltavortex - Hmm. Bring them to about 30% power so we can jump if we need to, I'm not bothered about speed. I don't want them crashing the primary systems core again.

3rd Dec 2002, 00:09
Dreadnaught Bridge

Science: Sir, the Sapphire has left the area, probable course, Dragonia Prime.

Me: Ah yes, the council. As leader of the Collective I should probably be there. Comm, have the Orion monitor the situation here, but have the other two vessels follow us to Dragonia. ready my landing ship. Engage.

The massive ship slowly turns, and with its escorts, jumps to hyperspace.

3rd Dec 2002, 00:25
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: Mwuhahahahahaha! Those credulous fools, they actually believed it! By the time they realize their error and return, the Sphere will be completed and I will be able to seal the rift. My plan is perfect, PERFECT! None shall stand in the way of my total domination. I still cannot believe that they actually thought that I didn't place the bouy. How can they be so stupid? No matter, I must finish what I started. To the Bad Cave!

Galactic Transportation Authority Official: Uh, now what are you babbling on about? We're off schedule by over a rotation and the spare sprocket installation unit hasn't arrived from headquarters. Now the chief engineer has gone off his rocker. Just wonderful. I'll probably get demoted. Then that will go on my permanent record. Then nobody will hire me. What will happen then? How will I feed my family? They'll probably reassign me to scrubbing waste freighters. Dear me no, this can't be happening. Mr. Ghyron, quick, we have to get this project back on track!

3rd Dec 2002, 18:12
Guererro: Sir, the GM Sapphire is heading for Dragonia Prime i suggest we follow!

Arctic Wolf: Set course Dragonia Prime!

Guererro: speaking to himself finally my grat plan will come to reality in a few working hours, IT! will be complete!

3rd Dec 2002, 19:41
If i am not seriously mistaken Arctic Wolf is in the Valient which is in THE ANOMALY! and it cannot get out of the anomaly. You are also in the anomaly so cannot fly HIS ship out of the anomaly! You cannot control other people (Artic Wolf)! HOW THICK IS YOUR SKULL AND HOW SMALL IS YOUR BRAIN!

<Sunrise takes a chill pill>
__ __

ahh. thats better.

3rd Dec 2002, 20:12
Oy, Sunrise, don't flame new people, just tell them politely

--Dragonia Prime, Seat of the Galactic Council--

Galactic Council: We have heard nothing about a marker bouy, we cartainly didn't place it. A shape shifter has been reported to be working with the Galactic Transportation Authority, we never identified him though. Still, a war in Sector 3 can, and might be regarded as a breach of Galactic Law and we advise caution regarding this.

--5 Rotations Later--

Nav: Do you think it might be Ghyron? I didn't get the whole transmission, it might be a good idea to return to continue to observe the situation...

JSWY: Nav, when you do this hyperspace jump, try not to scrape a communications relay off the top of a ship, that was our last spare.

Nav: Yes Sir...

<The Sapphire begins its Hyperspace sequence and begins the journey back to Sector 3>

3rd Dec 2002, 20:13
Hmm, yes well I don't think we needn't that much aggression but it certainly needed to be said. And so does this.

I, Arctic Wolf, under my Authority as acting Game Master hearby deny the current posts of one Guererro. Let's all hope that he can learn to play, and play as himself without stealing the roles of others.

---Unkown(Probably sub-space), SCSV Valient, Bridge---

Arctic Wolf: Tech, how are your simulations running?

Tech: 77.832% Success rate, sir.

Comm: I'd say those odds are acceptable.

Arctic Wolf: Very well, is the Phase Drive ready?

Tech: Fully charged sir.

Arctic Wolf: Okay, reverse universal sync and activate Phase Drive.

Tech: Aye sir!

<The ordinary white light in the bridge turns green and klaxons go off. 5 minutes later the whole crew feel strange, almost like nausa. The Ship is phased, between two real-space and sub-space.>

Arctic Wolf: Phew, we didn't blow up this time.

Comm: Setting course to were we first came in. All hands, brace for impact

Tech: I don't like this!

---Sector 3, the Anomaly area---

<From the anomaly huge bolts of energy bolt forth, smashing into the strange contruction and some ships, causing 2 freighters to explode and causing medium damge to the inside of the sphere. Then more surprising than that, the huge SCSV Vallient zooms out and great speed. Though it looks non-corporal and half transparent. A large explosion from toward the rear of the ship and it becomes solid, to early though as it collides with the construction, ripping a great hole in it.>

---Sector 3, the Anomaly Area, SCSV Valient, Bridge---

Arctic Wolf: :eek:

Tech: :eek:

Comm: :eek:

---Sector 3, the Anomaly Area, Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom, Bridge---

Ghyron: :eek:

3rd Dec 2002, 21:28
Location - PCRV Grey Area, Sector 3

Comms Officer - Sir. You have to see this.

*On the view screen is shown the large sphere orbiting the anomoly. There is a large hole in the sphere.*

Comms Officer - A ship, the SCSV Valient, came out of the anomoly at extreme speed and well, made that hole.

Deltavortex - Okay. That's not good. Things might turn messy soon, fall back a short way and go to amber alert. Keep weapons systems offline but I want them avalible ASAP if they are needed. Tech. Hows the hyperdrive?

Tech Officer - Uhh. They are still trying to fix the stablisation issues. It's safe if we keep power below about 40%.

Deltavortex - Warn engineering we made need to use them sometime in the very near future.

3rd Dec 2002, 21:33
---Sector 3---
---The Sphere---

*The immense sphere still maintains it's structural integrity. However, there is a gaping hole on the side nearer the automated construction vessel. While the gaping hole is extremely large, due to the size of the Valient, it appears small on the very large surface of the sphere. If you looked closer at the gaping hole you would notice that the damage was already starting to repair itself. Inch by inch the broken conduits and strained scaffolding was being recreated by small nanorobots controlled by the automated construction vessel. Although the sphere was repairing itself, it was at a slow rate.*

---Sector 3---
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: What in the Great Rift of Arcturus happened?

Servant: It would seem that the Valient found a way to exit the rift.

Ghyron: Oh no, this is terrible. If that primitive ship could exit the rift, the other, more advanced things could as well... Get that transportation official in here, now.

Servant: Yes, master.


*The Galactic Transportation Authority Official enters Ghyron's chamber, however it would appear that nobody is there.*

Galactic Transportation Authority Official: Argh, I should've knowm. You can never trust these contracted companies to do the job right. Always leaving something or another off, or just doing a plain shoddy job.

Ghyron: Ahem.

Galactic Transportation Authority Official: YIKES! Where did you come from?

Ghyron: I was sitting here the entire time. Perhaps you didn't see me. You look tired.

Galactic Transportation Authority Official: What? Nobody was in here when I came in. I saw with my own four eyes.

Ghyron: Very well, when can I have the replacement dimensional stabilizer flanges for the sphere? Without them, the project cannot be completed.

Galactic Transportation Official: Sorry, but we're already over budget by several billion E and the central office refuses to allocate any more funds. They tell me the projects going to have to be scrapped till the galactic council passes a new budget. I was just on my way to call in the Groulien waste removal ships. They're going to tear down the sphere and use the scrap to repair the pot-holes on Intergalactic Highway 66.

Ghyron: You were about to do what?

Official: Erm, call in the waste removal ships so-

Ghyron: Oh, well, I'm very sorry but the, uh, tri-bionic quadro-bob inter ship communicator was, uh, disolved, when that ship blew through the sphere.

Official: The what? I've never heard of a tri-bionic quadro-bob inter ship communicator. Are you pulling my apendages?

Ghyron: Oh no, It's something in advanced communication, you wouldn't understand. Very complicated. Now, I'm sorry but I'm out of time. As soon as we can get that communicator back online I'll be sure to let you call the grouliens. Now get back to your work.

---Whispered to Lackie---

Ghyron: Find a nice ventilated box for that official. Make out the address to "Groulien Waste Processing Plant #723". Also, make sure all the documentation and paperwork on this project gets accidentally thrown out into the vacuum. Write up some fake requests for seven dimensional stabilizer flanges, make sure the signature looks authentic.

3rd Dec 2002, 22:24
---Sector 3, The Anomaly Area, SCSV Valient, Bridge---

Arctic Wolf: Damage Report!

Comm: Erm...multiple hull breaches, the Phase Brive has been destroyed a

Arctic Wolf: WHAT!

Comm: The Phase Drive has been destroyed...

Arctic Wolf: Now how are we going to rescue the Great ? the grey medical ship thing and that vessel belonging to that Sunrise fellow!?

Tech: I suggest we get a new Phase Drive sir!

Arctic Wolf: :mad:

Comm: I guess they're on their own now, sir.

3rd Dec 2002, 22:36
--The Anamoly--

<The Sapphire emerges from hyperspace far too fast and scrapes another huge dent in the hull by scraping across the Vallient then smashing into the Sphere leaving a small dent on it and the front runway broken off>

JSWY: I thought I told you NOT to do that, damage report?

Nav: We've lost 250m of the runway and have a hull breach on Deck 6. Scanners indicate a hole in the sphere that is rapidly reparing itself, I cannot seem to trace the origin if the nanobots reapring it though...On a lighter note, the Vallient is here, though I think we scratched their paintwork...

3rd Dec 2002, 22:54
---Sector 3---
---Nearby the Anomaly---

*As several thousand documents related to imbezzlement and fraud in the galactic transportation authority, and a frozen four eyed official with the words "Groulien Waste Processing Plant #723" stamped on its back float lazily by both the Valient, and the Saphire, a small cargo ship leaves hyper space and docks with pitch black dilapidated groulien freighter with the label "Para-Multiversal Fixit Contractors" stamped on it. However, were you to look closely at the label, you would notice that underneath were the scratched out letters G h y n E v l S h p D and m.*

3rd Dec 2002, 23:37
Dreadnaught, in hyperspace

Comm: The Orion is hailing.

Me: Open Channel

Orion Captian: Sir! A vessel has emerged from the rift, and the Sapphire is back!

Me:I'll be there right away. Comm, launch a class 2 probe with our scans of the anomaly, helm adjust course to go back to the anomaly.

The ship swings around, andcomes back to the anomaly in hyperspace.

Me: Science, I want a full report.

Science: Sir, we are reading a salvage fleet, the Sapphire, the Valiant, and several other ships. The sphere has a hole in it, caused by a ship escape.

Me: Move us into standard orbit of the sphere, continous scans.

3rd Dec 2002, 23:58
--GM Sapphire, Bridge, Stationary outside the Anamoly Sphere--

JSWY: Hey Nav, does this thing some with one of those Superweapon thingies?

Nav: As a matter of fact, it does, the Sapphire Cannon, we had one of those Sapphire Crystals engraved onto the front of one of our beam cannons iin the stores, also, you accidently flipped the switch with your elbow 30 seconds ago...

JSWY: Oh ****

<A large crystal pulls itself out of a compartment to the left of the bridge and aligns itself with the sphere and begins to glow as a single beam is reflected millions on times inside>

Nav: Firing Sequence Initiated...Energy Buildup at 55%...70%
Sapphire Cannon Sequence Fully Loaded...Clearance Codes Accessed and entered into fire control...Fire Sequence Initiated, Reflection level at 2 Billion...Firing Sapphire Cannon

<The Cannon fires a tight blue beam towards the sphere that creates a huge crater in the surface but not quite breaking through>

Nav: Firing Sequence Complete, Recharging Cannon...

4th Dec 2002, 00:43
Dreadnaught Bridge

Science: Sir! The Sapphire has opened fire on the sphere!

Me: Red Alert. All hands to battle stations, deploy armour, raise shields! Copmuter, activate the Photonic Cannon. Tactical, fire conventional weapons at will!

Turbolasers lance at the sphere, as a large hatch opens on the front of the ship. Giant focusing crystals slide out, energy crackling between them

Me: Computer, deploy manual command console.

A console slides up from the floor in front of the command chair. Davidg steps up to it.

Computer: The photonic cannon is on-line.

Me: Fire.

Computer: Firing Sequence Initated.

A massive beam of energy is fired at the sphere ripping a hole through it.

Me: Launch all fighters. Comm, have the 1st, and 2nd, fleets reandeavous with us here.

Comm: Aye

Hundreds of fighters rush out of the docking bay, weapons blazing.

4th Dec 2002, 02:26
Uh, so suddenly everyone is attacking the sphere for no reason?

---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Servant: Master, two ships have opened fire on the sphere. Due to the size of the sphere, it is suffering minimal damage. However, we have no defenses with which to return fire.

Ghyron: Aha! They have fallen into my trap. Lackie, call up the Galactic Police!

---A few minutes later---

*As the Targ vessel lashes out upon the utterly massive sphere (the size of a small moon. This was a powerful anomaly, and as such needed a large device to nuetralize it) three small tugboat sized racing ships with red and blue flashing lights drop out of hyperspace. On the side of the ship is the seal of the Galactic Police Force. One of the ships speeds toward the Targ vessel. The massive Targ ship dwarfs the small police ship. It would be like comparing a pea to a aircraft carrier.*

Police Vehicle: This is the police. You are firing on a government device in a no war zone. Please lower your sheilds and prepare to be boarded.

Meddling Grey
4th Dec 2002, 02:43
----- In the control room of the Name Here -----

Meddling Grey: Looks like there's weapons fire coming from the other side of the sphere. Send an advisory message to the Flagship Groken and say we should leave the sphere alone for now. It looks new, and big, so the builder is probably going to try and defend it.

Meep: But zir, if the ownerz are on that zide defending it then we-

MG: -Will be their next target if we start ripping up the ball! I've been in enough wars to know that people of all species have a nasty tendency to get even when they don't like something you've done. Now back the saucer away from the sphere and relay the warning.

Meep: Yezzir.

MG: Besides, if someone built a big sphere in the middle of nowhere then they put it there for a reason. I certainly don't want to go putting holes in it. What if there's a transphasic inverted micro-quasar in there? That's not something I'd want to let out, either!

Grog: An' if dere i'n't a tranvestite inner quarter in dere?

MG: They still built it for a reason. Besides...

<Meddling Grey grins evilly, not an easy thing for a Grey.>

MG: If we back off now, we'll still be around later to pick up any pieces. And what pieces they could be, oh yes.

<Meep glances questioningly at Meddling Grey.>

Meep: And egzactly which piezez would thoze be?

MG: You see that tiny blue light on the sphere? Bottom of the viewscreen? That, Meep, is a nano-robot control centre. Not necessary for them to operate of course, since most come with premade programs, but they definitely streamline the operations. It's like the difference between a fleet of Gor warships commanded by someone like Grog here, and a cloud of sixteen salvage and rescue ships with no leader at all. That one control centre alone could go for six thousand credits, unless it were damaged in some way. Now, how many of those lights can you see on the whole viewscreen?

Grog: Nineteen.

<Meddling Grey glances at Grog, still sometimes surprised at the seemingly dense Gor's ability with numbers.>

MG: I only counted fourteen. Well, that makes over one-hundred thousand E. And that's only in the range of our viewscreen. Nobody simply throws that kind of money out an airlock and forgets about it, not even the most generous administrator in the galaxy.

Meep: I zee you point. Moving back to a zafe diztanze. Zhall I canzel the deploying of the zalvage beaconz?

MG: Yes, definitely. And once we're far enough away, divert all power to the sensors. I want to know everything going on on the other side of that sphere. Without actually being close enough to get in trouble, of course. And why is that annoying chewing noise back on?!

Meep: Zorry. It haz been on for a while, but I didn't think you notize. I'll try fickzing it right now.

MG: First, the sensors. I'll try to figure out where the sound is coming from. Meet me in the comm control room when you're done if I haven't already fixed it.

Meep: Er, you mean the cargo-hold?

<Meddling Grey shakes its head and sighs loudly>

MG: Yes, the cargo-hold. It is the only other room in the entire ship.


In case anyone is wondering, the Name Here is basically one huge cargo-hold. It has a control room on the side, which basically fulfills the usual requirements for a ship's bridge, but the rest is just one big empty storage space. Or it would be empty if I didn't always pick up so many interesting things, and if I hadn't set up hardplan crates on the floor. Currently I have a lavotron, berth, dine-o-mat, comsensor and a small sickbay. The rest of the space is usually covered in tables or desks with all sorts of gadgets and bits of machinery on and around them. I would call myself a tinkerer, except that Sirens seem to find that funny for some reason.

4th Dec 2002, 03:26
Dreadnaught, Bridge

Computer: Tactical Alert. Vessel Aproaching. Identified GPF-2432. Transmission detected:

Police Vehicle: This is the police. You are firing on a government device in a no war zone. Please lower your sheilds and prepare to be boarded.

Me: Comm open channel.

Comm: Open.

Computer: We are the Targ. Your vessels have been deemed unworthy of analysis. Prepare to be anilated.

Me: Tactical, destroy them.

The massive ship lashes out with its many weapons banks, vaprozing the tiny GPF ships.

Me: Comm, have the 3rd and 4th fleets come here as well.

Comm: Aye, sir.

Science: Sir, the 1st and 2nd fleets have arrived. 8 heavy crusiers, 42 light crusiers, and more than a hundred smaller vessels.

Me: Commence the attack.

4th Dec 2002, 07:52
---Unkown(Probably sub-space),Heavy Fighter,registratation plate 21344---

<sunrise gets incrdibly bored and opens fires with his torpeodos and hold down the firing button for the lasers for 2 rotations.>

---sector 3, outside the anomaly---

<lightning flys out of the anomaly and the pull of the anomaly increases. Major cracks sre seen running all over the sphere.>

---Unkown(Probably sub-space),Heavy Fighter,registratation plate 21344---

<Sunrise does nothing>

4th Dec 2002, 08:15
I did NOT intentoinally fire at the sphere, I just hit the fire switch with my elbow

JSWY: Wow, DavidG is really going to get it once the GPF get wind of this, I see Enforcers...

<A hyperspace rift opens and drops three GPF Battleships which fly towards DavidG with all weapons armed>

GPF: DavidG, you have destroyed some of our ships and intentionally fired upon galactic government property, we repeat the original request, lower your sheilds, or we will lower them for you...JSWY...please send us your cabin recordings, we shall decide if you did or did not fire intentionally...

Yay! Looks like we might still get some fighting out of this ;)

4th Dec 2002, 16:08
Location - PCRV Grey Area, Sector 3

*Klaxon suddenly sounds*

Comms Officer - Powerful weapon fire! 100Km!

Deltavortex - Shields! Point-Defense onto full alert! Main weapon systems onto standby!

*Across the surface of the large destroyer small rapid-fire cannons appear out of their mountings, there sole use the destruction of incoming fire. The less-numerous Disrupter and Antimatter cannons accross the hull appear and charge.*

Deltavortex - Fall back, drop to at twice weapons range.

Comms Officer - Sir. GPF ships have arrived and are attempting to . . . the Targ blew them up.

Deltavortex - Uh oh. Disengage main weapons, full stop, keep shields and PD active.

*Klaxon sounds again, repeating this time.*

Comms Officer - Three Battleships, all GPF, all fully armed and charged. And 8 heavy crusiers, 42 light crusiers, and more than a hundred smaller vessels from the Targ.

Deltavortex - This is gonna get messy. Helm! Get us out of here, hyperjump at 25%

Helm Officer - Yes Sir.

*The Grey Area points directly from the sphere and powers hyperdrive. It jumps but the system fail again the ship drops out of hyperspace about 5000Km away with an horribly un-clean hyperspacial rip that takes a few seconds to close.*

Deltavortex - Report.

Tech Officer - Three hull breachs, no casualties, all engines and thusters offline. Core power is down at 67% and charging. Main weapons offline - but the point defenses are fine. Everything else operating.

Comm Officer - We're about 5000Km away now sir, but the hyperspacial rip has blinded sensors, everything is just a blurr at the moment, it'll be fine in about a minute.

Deltavortex - Keep PD and shields up, at least we are further away.

4th Dec 2002, 16:17
---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: Mwuhahahahahaha! Thats the second trap that silly Targ has fallen into!

*Ghyron looks out the nearby view port and sees thousands of Galactic Police Force ships entering the sector from hyperspace. All the flashing blue and red lights reflecting off the sphere make it look like some sort of dilapidated disco ball of utter doom.*

Servant: Master, the control tower is attempting to communicate with us.

---Universe "0 - 0 - 0"---
---Earlier: According to the universe in which we reside---
---The Control Tower on 'top' of the Sphere---

*Explosions rock the tiny control tower. Inside, several Amjoran technicians run franticly, trying to put out electrical fires and stabilize the sphere. The massive dimensional shear is beginning to take effect.*

Technician: We're losing sixth dimensional integrity. Dimensional shear over four thousand degrees.

Sensors: I've just detected four more ships entering the system!

Administrator: Which universe?

Sensors: Parallel 33 - 11 - 3.

Technician: The stress of holding this thing together in so many universes is pulling us apart. We're going to have to let go of some.

Sensors: I don't think we have much choice. Thirteen enemy vessels just began attacking, parallel 48 - 6 - 8. We're going to have to disengage dimensional stabilizers in that universe.

Technician: We are no longer residing in parallel 48 - 6 - 8, through parallel 48 - 6 - 2.

*On the large status screen on the wall in the control tower, twenty three ships wink out of existence.*

Administrator: I'm going to call up Ghyron, he should have those extra stabilizer flanges by now. Whats his universal constant index?

Sensors: Four parameters: 12 - 4 - 6 - 2.

--- Multiversal Communication Frequency 12 - 4 - 6 - 2 | 0 - 0 - 0 ---

Administrator: What is the situation on your side? We read a large Targ vessel and a smaller Human one. Both attacking. Are those police vehicles I'm seeing?

Ghyron: Both the Targ vessel and the Human one appear to be hostile. The police are entering the sector.

Administrator: How much damage have we sustained in your universe? We arn't fairing so well in the other ones. We had to leave parallel 48 - 6 - 8, through parallel 48 - 6 - 2.

Ghyron: The sphere appears to be holding the strain. If both ships stop firing within the next rotation, the nanorobots will have enough time to repair enough damage by the alignment protocall deadline.

Administrator: Try and get those dimensional stabilizer flanges to us within the next -SIGNAL LOST-

Due to the nature of the anomaly, the Sphere must exist in several different universes at the same time. There is a Sphere for each universe, but only one control tower (it exists in a different universe).

4th Dec 2002, 18:14
Dreadnaught, Bridge

Me: Increase fire power, arm tectonic torpedos, maximum yeild, full spread!

Tactical: Ready.

Me: Fire.

Dreadnaught unleashes a barage of torpedos into the sphere. These are no ordinary torpedos, these were designed to move tectonic plates in planets. The torpedos send massive vibrations through out the sphere.

Comm: Sir, the other ships are requsting orders, they are confused by the GPF.

Me: This is Grand Admiral Davidg to all ships, the Sphere is your main priority. If the PGF stands in your way, destroy them. Gold Group, Yellow Group, target the command tower. Red Group, Green Group, enlarge the breaches Bleu group makes.

Ships rush off to carry orders, striking out with amazing firepower.

4th Dec 2002, 18:30
Why are you attacking the sphere in the first place? It isnt doing anything, except trying to plug a subspacial tear. It has no weapons, no strategic value.

---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Ghyron: By the Great Rift of Arcturus, the sphere will not last much longer in this universe. Tell the control tower to retract the dimensional stabilizers from universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2. Then get us as far away as possible from sector 3.

Servant: Yes, master.

---Sector 3---
---The Sphere---

*As the massive defenseless sphere is being bombarded by the merciless Targ, Ghyron's pitch black groulien freighter cloaks, then jumps into hyperspace. Suddenly, the massive sphere, with a reverberating wnik, disapears out of this universe. The deadly Targ weapons, continue through where the Sphere was, and impact themselves on the salvage fleet that was on the other side. Because the stabilization provided by the Sphere is now gone, massive dimensional shearing forces wreak their havok on the near by ships. Some are stuck in place, others are thrown thousands of kilometers in random directions.*

4th Dec 2002, 18:51
Comms Officer - We have sensor resolution back, and I think there's something odd going on. The Targ are firing at the sphere and are resisting the GPA.

Deltavortex - Okay. Tech, how are the damage systems?

Tech Officer - Hyperdrive is gone, another days work minimum. Thrusters are still offline. Weapons are okay again.

Comms Officer - Sir. The sphere just disappeared along with one of the frieghters. Accidental fire just hit the salvage fleet from the Targ.

Deltavortex - Oh it just gets better and better doesn't it. All weapons and point defense online, shields up, all crew members ready. Return fire only. Repeat, return fire only.

4th Dec 2002, 19:13
Dreadnaught, Bridge.

Me: All ships, cease fire, and activate cloak. Move your vessels to a safe distance.

The Targ fleet shimmers out of visibility, and moves off.

4th Dec 2002, 19:25
Look i am truly sorry for whatever i have done wrong. Sunrise please do not become a newbie basher, i have enjoyed reading your posts before i registered so please forgive me


Guererro: Sir, i am asking permission to kill myself

Arctic Wolf: What are you saying something about a landfill i expect its about the Hull Breaches so Granted!

Guererro dives out of hull breach and the vacuum of space sucks his body of air and he slowly drifts away.

4th Dec 2002, 19:34
I'm very sorry for shouting at you and i'm actually a newbie myself. I go to my local grammer school and get way to much homework. I was just stressed on the days of the offending posts.

<Sunrise's fighter flys over to Guererro's body beams him aboard and attempt's ressusitate him>

Sunrise:It's really getting crowded in hear!

4th Dec 2002, 19:48
Thank you!


Guererro: Cough! splutter! Ack! what are you doing! where am I! please help me i have to die

Sunrise: Why?

Guererro: Because i asked to die and Arctic Wolf gave me permission to do it!

Sunrise: OH!

4th Dec 2002, 20:21
--Sector 3--

<The dimensional shearing forces react with the dimension drive on the Sapphire forcing it to jump through sevear dimensions before coming to rest in Dimension 42, again>

Nav: Looks like the beacon brougt us here again, we couldn't find any trace of the sphere or DavidG, also, the ship needs repairs but the techs back at base have managed to prepare another vessel, the GM Hypernova is ready to fly again...

--20 Rotations Later, GM Hypernova, Bridge--

JSWY: Yay! They put my favorite seat back in, I love that chair!

Nav: Primary Engines engaged, jumping back to normal space...

<The Hypernova dimension jumps to sector 3>

--Where the sphere was, Sector 3--

<The Hypernova reappears near to the salavge fleet, urgent distress calls came from the ships that had been fired on>

JSWY: Deploy all our rescue ships...
So, the Hypernova returns to active service, DavidG is missing ,where has Ghyron gone? and what about the people stuck through the anamoly? Find out in: THE NEXT FEW POSTS :D

4th Dec 2002, 20:46
Originally posted by Sunrise
---Unkown(Probably sub-space),Heavy Fighter,registratation plate 21344---

<Sunrise shoots the white creature in the centre and it turns into a crystal, he then beams the crystal inside the fighter and about a rotation later MR? pops out>

You dont seem to have read my posts carfully.
1.You use a light laser. It only damages shdows. I only get healed by the laser.
2.I took the crystal from the laser and used it to make mt to a light being.
3.You can´t controll other peoples actions.

I´ll ignore your posts. Im still a light being flying around in space.

<MR?(as a light being) flies into the anomaly and appears in the normal universe>

4th Dec 2002, 22:11
OK, whatever. I have a headache now so I'm not going to argue.

4th Dec 2002, 22:40
--Sector 3--

Nav: Most of the ships have managed to regain some control, they should be alright...

JSWY: Set a course for BeBeCe on Galactic Sector (0,76), we might be able to get some scans done...

<The Hypernova arches away from Sector 3 and enters Hyperspace>

--BeBeCe, Sector (0,76)--

<The Gor Military Hyperspace Inhibitors violently pull the Hypernova out of hyperspace and shut down the hyperspace core>

JSWY: Whoops, forgot about them...

Comsat: You have tresspassed on Military Property, state your Clearance Code, you have 30 seconds to comply

Nav: GM Hypernova Clearance Code Beta-5674

Comsat: Code Accepted, you have permission to land on BeBeCe Prime...

Nav: Entering standard Orbit, landing procedures initiated...

4th Dec 2002, 23:50
---Universe 0 - 0 - 0---
---Control Tower---

*As the battles calm in most of the universes in which the Sphere resided, the Galactic Transportation Officials who man the the sphere control tower begin to repair the damage and return the Sphere to the universes in which they origionally resided.*

---Abbreiviated Report to the Galactic Transportation Authority---

After the strange anomaly was located, and identified as dangerous to the surrounding area, it was deemed necessary to "plug the hole". The Authority handled this by contracting the services of a local shapeshifter with whom we have had previous dealings. The shapeshifter built for us the massive Sphere like construct which was to initially stabilize the dimensional shearing effects of the anomaly and then close what appeared to be a tear in the fabric of space time. Although we met with initial sucess in stabilizing the unidentified anomaly, we soon realized that to maintain the integrity in this universe, we must create a mirror image of the stabilization device in other universes. After duplicating the Sphere in nearby universes we met unexpected resistance. Several ships which had been drawn to the anomaly were apparently startled suddenly see a massive construct appear out of nowhere. After resolving the conflict, we have managed to reinstate the Spheres in several of the previously occupied universes. All estimates predict over seven standard rotations before we can seal the rift.

---Sector 3---
---Near the Anomaly---

*As the police vessels begin to search for the cloaked Targ capitol ship, the Sphere suddenly, and without warning, reappears. There are several holes in the sphere the damage is extensive. Even though the holes could fit a ship as large as the Dreadnaught, they are small compared to the massive size of the Sphere.*

5th Dec 2002, 01:37
Dreadnaught, Bridge

Computer: Tactical Alert, object detected bearing one-two-oh one mark two.

Me: Evasive Manuvers!

Dreadnaught swings its bow upward, barely clearing the surface of the sphere. It contiunes to pull up, and zooms above the sphere.

Me: Comm, incode a low power, tightband signal to Destroyer Wing 2, tell them to initate attack protocol Stealth 012.

A signal, undetectable execpt to the recpiant, beams out to three small destroyers under cloak. The ships rush off behind a GPF ship, declaok and open fire. They then declaok and move to a nw positon, fire, cloak, and move again. They continue this untill the ship is destroyed. They then move to another vessel.

Me: Excellent. Comm, have wings 5 through 10 do the same.

Soon many ships are rampaging through they GPF fleet.

Meddling Grey
5th Dec 2002, 06:58
----- A good, safe distance from the sphere -----

<The Name Here and a twelve-gun gorvette outfitted with mining lasers, the only survivors of the Targ fleet's misplaced weapons fire, float serenely in tight little circles, caught in an extraspace eddy. Due to their unstable existence at the moment both ships are reflecting an eerie KrnaqZnn light, something like a cross between green and red.>

----- In the control room of the Name Here -----

<Captain Meddling Grey, alone in the room at the moment, is sitting in a chair in front of the main viewscreen examining the sensor readings. It also has a commlink active, and is speaking calmly into its comm wristband. Replying over the commlink from the gorvette's bridge is the voice of Captain Frunny of the Mudraker, squeaky to the point of being almost absurd.>

Meddling Grey: Looks like the rest of the salvage fleet has been destroyed by those Targs. Yeesh. Good thing we backed away in time, or else that could have been us too.

Captain Frunny: Bralkin' right! I'm gonna have to listen to you more often. Actually I'll start right now, 'coz this swirly thing is throwin' our sensors right back at us! If I stood on the hull an' looked through a sniper scope I could prob'ly look up my own-

Meddling Grey: I can work the sensors for now, but I can't send over anyone to help with any repairs you might need. They're all in the cargo-hold re-attaching the rooms.

Captain Frunny: Agh, that's fine. S'not any damage, just a lot of confu- their doin' what?

Meddling Grey: Re-attaching all the rooms. The gravity floor has gone entirely offline, so the rooms just sort of floated up into the air. Everyone is trying to secure my gadgets and things at the moment, so they don't float around and hurt someone.

Captain Frunny: Good thing ours is all welded down nice and tight. Only it don't make a difference anyway, 'coz our gravity is still pumpin' along fine.

Meddling Grey: You know, I don't think I've ever heard anyone describe gravity as "pumping along".

Captain Frunny: Get used to it.

Meddling Grey: Alrighty. Hmm... according to my multiversal monitoring device, three lesser known realities have ceased to exist, and that sphere keeps existing in and out of one parallel universe after another. It's probably what's causing these existential whirls. Lets see now... an entire fleet of GPF ships have pulled out of hyperspace and are opening fire on the Targ fleet. Ah, yes, that would be the ships coming to protect the sphere. I'd say that sphere is owned by the Galactic Transportation Authority, if I'm any judge.

Captain Frunny: GTA? What makes yer say that?

Meddling Grey: The marker buoy I picked up while we were retreating from the sphere.

Captain Frunny: An' you forgot to tell me 'bout it why?

Meddling Grey: Dismantled it. It's not often you find parts like that in a warzone. Broad-range frequency transmitters with GTA identification imprinted on them are definitely something I could use, although that would be illegal so I doubt I ever will. Every ship for lightyears around would know exactly who was broadcasting, so for now I'll stick it in my storage of potentially useful things.

Captain Frunny: Ye're a tivvin' ranly bugger, you know that?

Meddling Grey: Er, no. I don't even know what tivvin' ranly means.

Captain Frunny: Not real words. Certainly soun's insultin' though, don't it?

Meddling Grey: Yes. Very. Now, about how we're going to get out of this unreal little whirlpool...

6th Dec 2002, 00:36
Originaly Posted by Davidg

Science: Sir, the 1st and 2nd fleets have arrived. 8 heavy cruisers, 42 light cruisers, and more than a hundred smaller vessels

Ehem, fleet regulations state that you may only have one fleet per Player Character. And there are no Heavy or Light Cruisers, you defiantly can't have 50 Cruisers or 100 Light vessels. Guerro is again ignoring the universe and is not reading properly, and is posting completely contradictory to everyone else but Sunshine. WHY DO I HAVE TO POINT THESE THINGS OUT :mad:

---Sector 5, Dragonia System, Dragonia Prime, StarTopian Council building---

Grey Senator: So, are we all in agreement?

Polvakian Gem-Slug Senator: The Gem-Slug Aristocracy are extremely disappointed in the recent actions of the Targ and their new Chancellor Davidg. We agree with the Dragonian Proposition to once again declare the Targ Collective a rouge state, and ban them from the Council.

Kasvargorian Senator: We is too wanting of the ban of the Tirgs, er, Targs from da consil.

Grey Senator: We'll take that as an agreement

Groulian Salt-Hog Senator: Aye, we agree too gov’

Grey Senator: Hmm, This will take to long so we’ll put it to a vote. All opposed…

Targ Senator: nay…

Grey Senator: All for…

All Senators: AYE!

Grey Senator: So be it. The arg are henceforth banned from the council, have their senator removed.

<Two gor security guards take hold of the struggling targ senator and throw it out of the builidng>

6th Dec 2002, 08:53

<The GM Rules Enforcer frops out of Dimension 42 next to Davidg and reduces his extra fleets to stardust>

GM Rules Enforcer: By the way, you got kicked out of the council.

<The GM Rules Enforcer enters Dimension 42 again>

6th Dec 2002, 22:56
I use fleet as the groupingsin my fleet, such as wing, squad, or battalion, not as diifern't fleets. Each "fleet" has its own heierarchy, within its self, dividing the fleet furthur. Light and Heavy crusiers are simply a name givven to the crusier variants IE a patrol cusier would be light, while an attack cusier would be heavy.


Dreadnaught, Bridge

Me: All ships, make your course to sector 231, maximum speed.

The fleet jumps to hyperspace, several hours later, it comes out in a small star system on the edge of Targ space, near Salthog territory.

Me: Helm, move us to orbit the second planet. Executive Officers, please report to the ventral docking bay.

Dreadnaught, and the other vessels, move into orbit of a water planet known as Aquas. Famous for its spetacular coral reefs, ans colorfull marine life, it is a major tourist attraction, but in these beutifull seas there lies a secret. At the bottem of the ocean near the south pole, lies a secret, cloaked millitary weapons development center. This center has, for years, been working on a devestating new weapon, the trilithium torpedo. This torpedo is capable of stoping the nuclear fusion inside a star. The facility has only made one.

The staff arive in the upper docking bay, and board Hermes.

Me (on Hermes): Helm, take us to the base, maximum speed.[/i]

The ship dives through the atmosphere, and strait through the ice. Vents open on the bow, and stern, activating a water jet system. The ship dives down, and docks in the base.

6th Dec 2002, 23:23
We don't care how many division of fleet you have, you can still only have one. And that one went over the maxium. You can either play by the rules or not at all.

Also, what did we say last time about too much Star Trek?

7th Dec 2002, 04:39
I don't see any problem with him blatantly copying from the Star Trek universe. Davidg, if you want to be a good supervillain, try being more weak. It sounds rather illogical but its part of the nature of being a villain, you can never ever win.

---Sector 3---
---Near the Anomaly---

*The sphere has been restored to its previous condition. Its massive convoluted surface surrounds the anomaly like the scaly skin of the fearsome reptiles of Komdo IV. Around fourteen of the blinking nanorobot controllers are nearby, rapidly transmitting instructions to the trillions of small nanorobots that are constantly building, building, building from matierials brought in regularly from freighters with the Galactic Transportation Authority insignia. Strange looking new platforms are taking shape around the Sphere. The purpose of these ominous looking constructs is unknown to all but whomever ordered their construction. Meanwhile, events are taking place in another universe.*

---Universe "0 - 0 - 0"---
---Sphere Control Tower---

*The tiny vessel that is controlling the operations of a few dozen Spheres in many universes is surrounded by nothing. No stars, no interstellar gasses, not anything. Most of the hull is covered with various communication devices.*


Administrator: Attention. We're expecting a visit from the new head of operations in under half a standard galactic rotation. Prepare the multiversal receiver array for transportation.


*On the small matter transferance pad something begins to take shape. As the matter becomes more distinct and trillions of atoms slowly take their origional place the figure of a short stocky humanoid figure in a concealing hood and cloak takes form. The small hooded figure steps off the pad.*

Administrator: Ah, we have been awaiting your arrival. I believe-

Hooded Figure: I am the new head of this operations for this project. You are all under arrest.

Administrator: What?

Hooded Figure: This facility will be scrapped. You will be transferred to a maximum security center for your own protection. You will speak to no-one of the events of the previous fifty two rotations.

---Seven Rotations Later---

*The administrator and the technicians who worked in the small control station are no longer there. The large control room has the look of a place rececntly searched. Several robotic minions are places small packages in dispersed locations throughout the station.*

Robot: Charges have been placed. Ready for detonation.

Hooded Figure: Good. Remain here. I will leave the station. Once I have left, detonate.

Robot: Once you have left, detonate.

*Four minutes after the hooded figure had left, the small control station imploded silently. Who is this hooded figure? Where is Ghyron? What was on the control station that was so importation it had to be destroyed? Find out next episode.*

7th Dec 2002, 04:51
I would like to point out that the "ship trapped in the anomaly" story has been done many, many times on Star Trek.

Meddling Grey
7th Dec 2002, 08:48
----- On the Name Here, still stuck in the extraspace eddy -----

<Similar to the last scene, Meddling Grey is sitting in front of the viewscreen, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it is sitting in mid air. It is still talking over the commlink to Captain Frunny, but seems more annoyed than before. Meep the comm officer, meanwhile, is industriously welding the chairs to the floor, and having a terrible time too as the chairs keep trying to float away.>

Meddling Grey: Yes, well, it's all nice and good that you managed to get out, but we're still stuck in this stupid little swirl! And you can't even tow us out because you'll get stuck in here again!

Captain Frunny: Y'seem angry. Somethin' the matter?

<Meddling Grey sighs and tries to sit back in its chair, except that this results in several mid-air somersaults. It finally manages to grab onto the control panel after becoming horribly dizzy and disoriented.>

Meddling Grey: N-n-n-n-n-n-n-uh.

Captain Frunny: Wuzzat?

Meddling Grey: I... ahem... yes, something is wrong. The temperature has been rising steadily for the last half-rotation, and I'm starting to feel sick!

Meep, muttering quietly: And irritable.

Meddling Grey: This eddy is causing the reactor to malfunction. Having to orbit around something else is disorienting for it, and the whole ship is starting to overheat! The worst part is that we aren't orbiting anything! We're going in a straight line without ever turning at all!

Captain Frunny: Looks mighty curvy to me.

Meddling Grey: Well it isn't. Space is curved. This part isn't. Therefore we move in circles. It's more complex than that, but don't try making me explain it, as I already feel slightly nauseous.

Meep: Not in here zir! In zero gravity we don't know where it could go!

Meddling Grey: Thank you for your delightful advice, Meep.

Captain Frunny: An' what was that bit about your reactor?

Meddling Grey: Our propulsion and energy generation systems work on the idea that everything revolves around this ship, usually making some very interesting shapes along the way. The eddy is getting past the usual safeguards and is confusing the polaron rods into generating far too much energy. I've shut down the reactor, but they still keep getting hotter.

Captain Frunny: Seems to me...

Meddling Grey: Yes?

Captain Frunny: Seems to me that this ain't much of a problem at all. The rods're overheatin' 'cause you turned the reactor off, so you turn it on again and they cool right down. Not right away, 'course. Gotta put the reactor up to full power first. That makes it straighten- I mean curve out the space, and t' swirly's completely gone! Then just turn it off and yer rods cool down. Jes' like ironin' pants.

<There is a long silence as Meddling Grey considers this, apparently giving it a great deal of thought.>

Meddling Grey: And are you aware that this could quite easily cause a radius of up to of eight lightyears around us to simply cease to exist before finally petering out to a relatively harmless wrinkle in the space/time rubber board?

Captain Frunny: Rubber board?

Meddling Grey: More accurate than continuum.

Captain Frunny: Ah, right. Weel sure I'm aware o' all that stuff! But yer never gets anywhere being pessimistic. 'Sides, is it better 'n cooking in a saucer?

Meddling Grey: When you put it that way, it's much better! Besides, if I destroy everyone, no one will know it was me!

<Meep, having listened to the last bit of the conversation, takes a deep breath and prepares to say something most likely verging on mutiny. She is far too slow, however, and Captain MG presses a couple buttons on the control panels long before she can do anything even remotely opposed to such action. The reactor can be heard coming online under the floor, but doesn't do anything more threatening than a mild humming.>

Meddling Grey: Hey, it didn't expl-

<Silence descends upon the room as a sound like someone munching on an unknown type of fruit begins to reverberate up through the floor.>

Meddling Grey: Oh. No.

<An explosion of unreality, much like normal reality but stretched across far more dimensions, causes everything in the saucer to shift through several dimensions before finally coming back to rest in its normal existence. Various warning sirens suddenly go off, although they are a bit too late to be of any use, and the explosion spreads outward from the saucer like a gigantic spherical ripple in the rubber board of reality, which is exactly what it is. Captain Frunny's cursing can be heard coming from all comm frequencies as the wave passes through the Mudraker, ignoring matter as if it weren't there at all, but the ripple soon passes and the commlinks go completely dead. The wave, explosion, ripple, or whatever you want to call it continues outward, disrupting everything but leaving no noticeable damage after it passes. The only exception is a marker buoy near the GTA sphere that appears to be simultaneously shrinking and traveling away at record speeds while not moving of changing size at all, signifying that it has achieved a six-dimensional existence.>

<The explosion, having exhausted most of itself during the first part of its expansion, is a harmless and barely detectable wrinkle in reality as it reaches the GTA sphere. Nevertheless, Meddling Grey watches on the viewscreen as the sphere, no larger than a tennis ball on the actual screen, begins to very slowly cease to exist. Tiny but no doubt actually immense pieces of it turn transparent and very quietly fade away into nothing.>

Meddling Grey: ...I really, really hope it wasn't me that did that...

7th Dec 2002, 10:41
--Meanwhile, BeBeCe Prime--

JSWY: No no, let me repeat slowly...I w-a-n-t a s-c-a-n d-o-n-e t-o f-i-n-d a l-a-r-g-e s-p-h-e-r-e, d-o y-o-u u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d?

Gor: Duh, ok, we'll get those urrr....

JSWY: Scans?

Gor: We'll get back to you if umm, we find anything

<The Gor walks off>

<Outside, tracking arrays on all the planets begin scanning for any trace of the GTA sphere and Ghyron>

Nav: We don't need to be here anymore, I suggest we also try and look for it ourselves

JSWY: Set course for Sector 3

<The Hypernova takes off and pulls out of the BeBeCe system and jumps into Hyperspace>

7th Dec 2002, 13:37
Originally posted by Davidg
I would like to point out that the "ship trapped in the anomaly" story has been done many, many times on Star Trek.

I would also like to point out that it has been done in so many other Sci-Fi's that it is impossible to pin it to any. But enough, we're starting to argue. Play RPG!...now.

7th Dec 2002, 23:08

<The Hypernova hits a bit of space/time floatsam and is knocked slightly off course, which of course in hyperspace can be pretty lethal>

--Hypernova Bridge--

Nav: Alert, Hyperspace Mis-jump in progress, attempting correction...

<The HyperNova attepts to resist the effects of hyperspacial gravity but the HyperNova is dragged off course down an alternate hyperspace route>

Nav: Unable to compensate, attempting to return to normal space, all crew to emergency positions and prepare for emergency re-entry...

--Normal Space, Location Unknown--

<A large hyperspacial tear appears out of nowhere and spits out the HyperNova, now spinning rapidly out of control>

JSWY: Activate those stabilizers, uhh Nav? Nav? Looks like we lost the Nav Computer, Emergency Procedure B-1, Divert control from primary computer systems to main bridge, deploy the bridge...

<Two sections either side of the bridge rise up and connect to the main bridge, the airlocks between them are opened>

JSWY: All required crew to bridge, repair crews to main computer core...

Meddling Grey
7th Dec 2002, 23:14
<Meddling Grey brandishes a whip and cracks it at the crowd of RPGers.>

Yes! Play this RPG you snivelling little wretches! Now! Play or I swear you'll feel the fiery lash of my memau o' nine-tails!... Sorry, I'm disrupting the flow aren't I? Right, just go back to your playing you pathetic- er, your playing, right, and I'll be back later when the scene has changed. :)

8th Dec 2002, 00:13
--Normal Space, Location Unknown, GM HyperNova, Bridge--

JSWY: Have we got any idea where we are yet?

Tac: Our scans show a huge EM wave distrubance about 30 parsecs from here, it seems to be an object producing it, further analysis shows that we have stumbled across a wormhole that is disrupting our primary computer system. We need more time to repair any other damage but I advise moving closer to take a look...

JSWY: Navigator, can you take us within short scanner range?

Navigator: Yessir!

<The HyperNova engines begin to move the ship ever closer to the wormhole, occasionally firing manouvreing jets when the Navigator's hand twiches>

JSWY: Open 2D Spacial Distortion Map

<A small panel rises next to the chair and projects a flat sheet>

JSWY: Scroll, 25 Parsecs Bearing 108-079

<The sheet displays a grid that then scrolls towards the wormhole, which is displayed a a huge tear in the spacial sheet>

JSWY: Standard wormhole stuff...

Tac: Sir! Scans show an object emerging from the wormhole, its organic!

JSWY: Full Halt

<The HyperNova stops as a large Worm-like creature emerges from the wormhole>

Tac: My God! Its a Hole Worm! No eyes, a psychic brain on one bloddy large mouth...

JSWY: Shields to maximum! Arm all weapons! Scan all frequences, we need to know if it can communicate...

<The Hole Worm turns to face the HyperNova and moves slowly towards it>

8th Dec 2002, 01:07
---Sector 3---
---Location of the G.T.A. Monitoring Vessel Rei'piar---

*Most Galactic Transportation ships are derelicts from various confiscated junkyards that have been painstakingly resuscitated. This is done to save costs for the GTA, an organization that has recently fallen into budget problems. The vessel was sent by the GTA to make sure the problematic anomaly, a thorn in the side of the GTA since the rotation it was created, was permanently and cost effectively closed. It's origin unknown, the only documentation on it tells us that it was acquired in a "deal" with the gang formerly known as "Targatelli". The ship is a cylinder that creates its artificial gravity by constantly spinning, saving on the cost of expensive artificial gravity generators. The "top" and "bottom" of the sphere are the only expensive parts of the ship. Advanced transmission and receiver arrays able to transmit multiversal and multidimensional signals hundreds of light-years.*

---Bridge of the GTA Rei'piar---

*The bridge is cluttered, dirty, grimy, and dilapidated. The most prominent feature of it is the strange looking bulky periscope like device at the center of the bridge. There is no other method of seeing outside the ship, except of course the sensor display readouts at the various ship stations. There is no massive energy gulping view screen to prettily display what’s outside the ship. It might be observed that the interior of the ship looked rather like a primitive human submarine.*

Sensors: Sir, I've just lost contact with the Sphere. From what I can tell it looks like it was an "eaten" in a rapidly expanding sphere of... something. Rather rapidly, whole thing gone in under five minutes. At our current location and velocity, we have approximately 23 minutes, one second.

Capitan De Le Court: By the Great Rift of Arcturus, nothing could destroy a construct so big, in such little time. Emergency reverse course!

*Thousands of jet boosters fire along the ship, the spinning of the ship stops and the ship flips over, begins to slow down and then starts heading in the opposite direction. Once the ship is underway, more boosters slowly reinstate the spinning motion.*

Capitan De Le Court: Can we match the estimated speed of the... thing?

Sensors: No, not unless we engage the hyper drive, which at this time is offline.

Capitan: Curse the mongrel budget. How much time have we bought with our course corrections?

Sensors: A little over five seconds.

Capitan: So, we're going to die. Alert the GTA headquarters. We might as well use the last few minutes we have studying what’s going to kill us. What do we know so far?

Sensors: If you look at the gravitational analysis... it looks like a... tidal wave. But at the first depression there appears to be a tear in the fabric of space-time. It's continuous across dimensions one and two... but not three. It appears to be tearing apart space from bottom, like taking all string going one direction in a scarf. Rather interesting you might-

*And suddenly the ship and everything in it and near it ceased to exist in this universe.*

---Another Universe---

*And suddenly the ship and everything in it an near it did not cease to exist in this universe.*

Capitan: By the Great Rift of Arcturus, what happened?

Sensors: Apparently we appear to be someplace else. The Sphere is here, much closer. There is the same ratio of interstellar gasses, but much denser. And...

Capitan: Yes?

Sensors: The universe is... doughnut shaped.

12th Dec 2002, 04:23
A transparent tube slides from the research base onto Hermes, and I, with a guard, walk to the base, where commander is standing, waiting.

Commander: Sir! What an unexpected pleasure! We are deeply honored by your presence!

Me: Skip the pleasantries, Commander. You are to transfer all materials regaurding Project: Apocolypse to Dreadnaught, andfit the prototype to Dreadnaught. I have a target in mind.

Commander: I anticpated this, and we have already packed. I'll have the torpedo loaded on board.

Several crewmen bring a long, black torpedo on a hover sled through the tube, and into Hermes's cargo hold, as the staff of the base evacuates. I walk back over.

Me: Helm, take us back up.

Meddling Grey
12th Dec 2002, 06:06
----- Near the slowly disappearing sphere -----

<A short distance from the sphere, a saucer and a mining gorvette are apparently having a heated argument. The signals are accidentally being bounced off a nearby marker buoy, causing them to be transmitted to every ship within half a lightyear.>

Unknown comm signal: ME?! I didn't do it! An unreality explosion doesn't cause any permanent damage to anything anchored firmly in existence! Even something that comes from another-

Unknown comm signal: Ye soggy pandrinner! I saw yer ship practi'lly turn inside out! Don't tell me it-

Unknown comm signal: Yes but am I inside out now? No! That's because I exist, and so do things that come from other realities! That's the whole point, realities are real, unrealspace isn't! An unrealspace wave can't permanently affect anything that exists! The only things it changes are the things that don't exist, excluding past and present because those still exist in potentia!

Unknown comm signal: So the only things it changed are the things that din't never exist?

Unknown comm signal: That's a double negative, but yes, I think you get it now.

Unknown comm signal: Fine. Still don't explain why the sphere is fadin' out, an why there's a big snobbly light in the middle o' there.

Unknown comm signal: Light? What li- oh, I see it now. At least it doesn't look like a transphasic inverted micro-quasar. That's certainly a relief.

Unknown comm signal: Could be worse than that, y'know.

Unknown comm signal: Oh yes? And what's worse than a transphasic inverted micro-quasar being released from a giant sphere?

Unknown comm signal: Dunno. But there's always somethin' worse. S'one o' them packy things. The thingies. Laws and such.

Unknown comm signal: I can see you've made a thorough study of the rules of the universe. But at least the sphere disappearing was just a coincidence, because as I said there's no way unreality could have caused something like that to disappear.

Unknown comm signal: You think it's coincidence, do ya? Even though yer wavy explosion hit it an' it started to disappear, it couldn't possibly be your fault.

Unknown comm signal: Oh, well sure it could be my fault. Maybe I did something years ago that led to someone making the sphere fade away. But the unrealspace explosion couldn't possibly have caused that, so at least it isn't to blame.

Unknown comm signal: Ye're a tivvin' ranly bugger, y'know that?

Unknown comm signal: I wish you'd stop saying that.

Unknown comm signal: Not a chance.

<The signals end, and the ships fly a little closer to the disappearing sphere to see if it has anything salvageable on it.>

12th Dec 2002, 20:58
---Location: Unkown, SCSV Valient, Bridge---

<You all know by now what a bridge looks like when its been thorugh something horrific like a close battle or crash. With the hanging wires and sparks and steam and gass. You get the picture.>

Arctic Wolf: What happened?

Comm: As far as I can tell we left the anomaly. Destroyed our phase drive then, while in a state of phase flux hit by an unreality explosion and catapulted across the galaxy.

Tech: Yes but were are we?

Comm: How should I know, you have the scanners.

Computer: Would you like a cup of tea?

Arctic Wolf: I haven't heard that in a while.

Comm: Sorry, leaned on the button. I'll just turn it off again.

Computer: No wait...

Tech: Isn't that a bit cruel?

Comm: Not acording to the big book of ethics, or the artificial life forms convention.

Arctic Wolf: If we ever get back we'll have a self awarenes check done. Meanwhile I want a full damage report.

---Location: Hermes, Cargo Hold---

<The Sleek Black Torpedo has been loaded safely in its holdings and the cargo bay is depressuriesed to prevent contamination. A little after the doors had once again slid down, the torpedo began to change. First it began lossing cohension and was like a liquid, but then the atoms further seperated to become a gass. It's colour had changed to, it had gone from black to a faint green. It was Ghyron. And little did the targs know that their star killing super weapon was still tucked safely away safely and secretly on Aquas. And would stay there unbeknowse to the base until the next cargo check. Which wasn't scheduled for another 50 Solar Rotations. And unbekownse to the Targ shiop until they tried to load it.>

Ghyron: (to Himself) Now then, to see what nefarious things this targ is up to again.

12th Dec 2002, 21:33
What exactly is going on? Everyone's post is in contradiction to the others, this mainly seems to be Meddling's fault.

---That Targ Ship Thing---

Ghyron: Hrmmm, rather lucky I was to have escaped from those who hunted me. Now the time is to get out of here before those tivvin' ranly buggers find me.

*Ghyron turns into a cloud of semitransparent silverish dust and floats rapidly into the ventilation shafts.*

12th Dec 2002, 22:50
Hermes, Bridge

Helm: Approaching Dreadnaught, sir.

Security: Sir! The torpedo is gone!

Me: Explain!

Security: I was watching the hold through the cameras, and it just evaporated!

Me: Seal the bridge! All hands Red Alert, security level 5!

Blastdoors slide over the bridge entrace, and the vents are sealed, dedicated bridge life support kicks in.

Me: Helm, once we are docked, have the hanger seaed with forcefeilds. I will beam back to Dreadnaught.

I press a switch on my chair, and a panel slides open in the floor, revealing a transporter pad.

Me: Computer restrict transporter access to level 12 and above. Energize.

I dissapear in a column of light. Hermes pulls into the dorsal docking bay. As soon as it is in, forcefields flas up over the doors, vents, and hatches. The Hermes crew remains on board

Meddling Grey
13th Dec 2002, 01:34
It is my fault? Oh dear. And I have no idea what I did to cause it. Well Ok, maybe I do. I'll fix it right now, unless of course it's something other than what I imagine it is.

(By the way, what exactly does happen when you blow up the control tower for a multi-dimensional construct? I had no idea, so I assumed it would slowly fade away. Popping out of existence just seemed so... final. And exploding would have killed me and everyone else, so I guessed it wouldn't do that. Sorry if you were planning something else. Collapsing would have been fine by me too, but it would still take a long time due to the sphere's size. But if the sphere were anchored to the control tower...)


----- Just a short distance from the fading/exploding/non-existent sphere -----

<The commlink, having only been shut down a short time ago, clicks back on. The Mudraker, apparently, is saying something to the Name Here, this time without bouncing the signal off a marker buoy.>

Captain Frunny: There's somethin' I been thinkin' about... MG? You still there?

Meddling Grey: Yes, I'm here. But I'm busy examining scans of the sphere, so hurry it up, will you?

Captain Frunny: 'Kay. So why can I 'member the wavy unreality thing?

Meddling Grey: What?

Captain Frunny: The unreal wave 'splosion. I can remember it, but y'said it dun't affect anythin' at all. So why can I 'member it?

<An embarrassed silence ensues.>

Meddling Grey: Er. Yes. Er. Right.

Captain Frunny: Ye sodding timpy toonibby!

Meddling Grey: Alright alright, so most of what I said is theoretical, but it could have affected nothing at-

Captain Frunny: Ye plaggy nabtasser!

Meddling Grey: Stop that!

Captain Frunny: Ye could've got us killed ye tivvin' ranly bugger!

Meddling Grey: Yes and I said I could kill us all before I turned on the engine, but you, you... skipply banbanning rog, you are the one who told me to turn it on! How was I supposed to know what could-

Captain Frunny: Yes but bein' pulled apart an' thrown into another dimension is nothin' like ceasin' t' exist y' stupid... argh, I can't think of any more names for you!

Meddling Grey: Yes, well I haven't got any names for you, either!

<The commlink closes, and the ships part, flying off to different parts of the sphere. They could be described as fuming, except that neither of them are damaged.>

13th Dec 2002, 20:49
I've been in Hospital the past two days, thats why I havn't posted in a while.

--GM Hypernova, Bridge--

Tac: Sir, the Hole Worm is attacking!

<The Hole Worm throws itself full force towards the Hypernova and slams off the Port Shield>

Tac: We're experiancing a shield overload in Port generators 1 through 5, overload is at 47% and rising...

JSWY: Navigator, move us into the Wormhole...

Navigator: Yes Sir!

<The HyperNova slides past the hole worm and it attacks the port side again>

Tac: Port Side Shield Failure

<The Port Shield shimmers then vanishes, the HyperNova begins to dive into the Wormhole>

JSWY: Activate the W Drives, Execute Wormhole Jump command

Computerized Voice: W Drives are online, awaiting target co-ordinates

JSWY: Co-ordinate code 0836070399

Computerized Voice: Plenione Jump Gate Accessed...Enter Gate password...

<The Hypernova is now hurtiling down the Wormhole>

JSWY: Password is Eridanis

Computerized Voice: Password accepted, Wormhole assisted jump in progress...

<The HyperNova folds out of existance>

--Plenione, The Old Galactic Core Dyson Sphere--

<A small circular object begins to shimmer and a portal of eerie green light suddenly appears in it's center which remains for roughtly two seconds before closing, depositing the HyperNova back into normal space>

13th Dec 2002, 21:18
Oh, I thought the Sphere was dissapearing due to your attempt to leave the "eddy".

---Universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2 (This One)---
---Sector 3---
---Sphere Control Center---

*The mysterious hooded figure (who happens to mysteriously not be Ghyron), is inspecting the various consoles. One of the consoles shows the rapidly decaying Sphere.*

Hooded Figure: So your sure that once the Sphere has dissapeared from the other universes, it will reinstate itself back into the one it was origionally constructed in?

Technician: Yes, when the control tower in universe 0 - 0 - 0 was destroyed, the Spheres in the other universes ceased to exist. However due to the lagg in multiversal communication, their echoes still existed. The reason your seeing the Sphere fade out in this universe is because what your really seeing is the multiversal reflection of the echoes of the Sphere in this universe. Its more complex than that but if, say, what happened to that control tower?

Hooded Figure: I cannot divulge that information at this juncture.

Another Technician: Sir, I've just detected two ships approaching the Sphere.

Hooded Figure: Hail them immediatly...

15th Dec 2002, 22:26
--Plenione, The Galactic Core Graveyard--

Since the Great War 3 Years ago, this area of space has been home to the husks of the ships that fought here, since then however, numerous settlers have founded Scavenger towns on the outer perimeter, using the technology found within to support themselves. The graveyard itself houses several junkyard operators, who have marked their territory using various security devices. Deeper within the graveyard, pirates attept to find a way to reactivating some of the derelict ships. The Core itself has been classified out of bounds, yet the people who fought here know what lies inside. The peace treaties signed that ended the wars between the various races of the galaxy allowed the Amjorans, a breakaway Turakken group to set up a small town on the perimeter of the debris field and they have flourished by scavenging the debris and using their technology to convert it into useful products.

--GM Hypernova, Bridge--

JSWY: Set course for the Amjorian Town, they might know about this sphere...

15th Dec 2002, 23:29
Dreadnaught, Bridge

Me: Computer, stand down Red Alert. Helm, make your heading one-oh-one mark two-six three, one quarter impulse power. Science, run scans of the ship. Look for trilithium and silicon based residue. This is too mysterious for Ghyron not to be invovled in. Computer, activate a quarantine of the dorsal hanger.

Computer: Submit authorization.

Me: Authorization Davidg Alpha 1 Omega 24.

Computer: Security seals in place.

Massive doors slide into place over the hatches leading into the docking bay. All vents are cut off. The Hermes crew is safe onboard

Meddling Grey
17th Dec 2002, 08:35
----- Near the sphere, in the control room of the Name Here -----

Meddling Grey: Is someone trying to hail us?

Meep the comm officer: Yezzir. Lookz like it'z coming... er... zomewhere on the zvere. Maybe around it. Alright, it'z zomewhere in thiz zyztem, I'm zure of it.

Meddling Grey: I assume you have a good reason for your uncertainty?

Meep: Zenzorz are down, and I waz hit on the head with the Fiddly Widget in the cargo-hold.

Meddling Grey: Ah, the Fiddly Widget. I never did figure out what it was supposed to do. Is the, hmm, sphere still hailing us?

Meep: Yezzir.

Meddling Grey: Well then, put them up on the screen. Oh, the viewscreen's malfunctioning, isn't it? Yes, I know it is, you needn't give me that look. Turn on the commlink then.

<The commlink clicks on.>

Technician: Attention uniden-

Meddling Grey: Hello there. Sorry, the viewscreen is down I'm afraid.

<Short pause.>

Technician: Oh. Yes, alright, but-

Meddling Grey: Was there something you wanted to say to us? Only your message was directed right at us, so I'm assuming you had something to say.

Technician: Yes. You and another ship are approaching our sphere, and we would-

Meddling Grey: Ah, that would be Captain Frunny. Yes, he's quite a colourful character. You'll have to talk to him on your own, though, as we recently had a slight disagreement.

Technician: We need you to desist in-

Meddling Grey: -in what?-

Technician: -in interrupting me, and please remove yourself from the vicinity of our sphere!

Meddling Grey: Ah, so this is one of your big balls.

<Frantic coughing begins to come over the commlink.>

Meddling Grey: Is something wrong? I would offer you a cough drop, but I'm afraid I don't know where you are or have a pattern buffer to use even if I did know where you are. Will that be all? Oh good. Feel free to call again if you need me.

<Meddling Grey cuts off the commlink.>

Meddling Grey: Too bad. I was hoping the sphere would have been abandoned by now. Oh, well. Meep? Pull us back about six kilometers will you?

Meep: Er, izn't that ztill a little cloze?

Meddling Grey: Not really. I have yet to meet anyone who can accurately define the word "vicinity". So six Ks should do it for now. I can't see a single weapons installation on the entire sphere, so the most we'll probably get is an annoyed response, which I am quite looking forward to. Their sensors should be able to tell that we've pulled back a bit... tell you what, make it twelve kilometers. Then wait for a response, and keep the sensors locked on Frunny. His opinions on their message should be amusing, to say the least.

----- In the Sphere Control Center -----

<The technician, having gone quite red after the commlink was cut, swivels his chair to face to Hooded Figure.>

Technician: Er. Er. I. Er. I did that, er, right? Maybe? Yes? Er, they're, er, pulling away. That's good, er, yes? Er. I'll hail the other ship now.

----- On the bridge of the Mudraker -----

<Up on the viewscreen, which is functioning perfectly, is the face of a very flustered Amjoran technician. The Amjoran, already having a bad day, is finding it getting even worse as he tries to talk to Captain Frunny.>

Captain Frunny: Ye tweeky sockerlin' brannywall! Ye'll ne'er gemme ter c'operate! Ne'er!

Frenzied Technician: But I haven't even said anything yet! Please just talk to my-

Captain Frunny: Oh, ye think that'll work on me, do ye!? That never works! I kin see it all o'er yer face! Ye're jes waitin' fer yer chance, aren't ye?! Aren't Ye?!

Frenzied Technician: But I'm not trying to do anything!

Captain Frunny: Then git back te work ye tarpy rinny blidder! Or I'll cut off yer firkins an' chuck 'em inna r'cycler!

<The technician, having reached his breaking point, screams and smashes a button on the control panel, cutting off the commlink. Frunny watches the screen go blank, then taps his co-pilot on the shoulder.>

Captain Frunny: I bet he din't even know what a firkin is.

----- Back in the Control Center of the Sphere -----

<The technician, having fallen out of his chair after screaming and cutting the commlink, is lying on the floor twitching and moaning quietly. Another technician patiently presses some buttons on a control panel, clears his throat, and shouts into a nearby speaker.>

Other Technician: Medic to the control room! Technician down and... and... sobbing and drooling heavily! Repeat, sobbing and drooling very heavily!

Sickbay: Drooling heavily? We're sending a team right away! Don't let him ruin the carpets!

17th Dec 2002, 18:17
---Universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2 ---
---Sector 3---
---Sphere Control Center---

*As the Grey medics cart the hysterical technician off to the airlocks to be "processed", the hooded figure takes over the empty communication panel and sends something to the Mudraker.*

---Communication Channel---


---Sphere Control Center---

Cloaked Figure: If they don't move away from the Sphere, tell the techies downstairs to fire up the Fill-a-Buster Atom Transmogrification Thing, setting magenta, full pasta, at the center of that rouge vessel.

18th Dec 2002, 00:47
--Amjoran Town, Plenione--

Amjoran Leader: We are completly unaware of this, although the technology seems familiar, none of us from this colony have joined such a project, I do suggest you leave though, we still bear a grudge against you...

--Later, GM Hypernova, Bridge--

JSWY: Surely the best way to find out whats going on is to attept a friendly docking with the sphere, we may have something they want...set a course for Sector 3

<The Hypernova leaps into Hyperspace>

19th Dec 2002, 22:53
Please Note: I have withdrawn from play to opperate as Game Master in my true function to help this along

*Cracks knuckles and wiggles fingers and starts testing all the fiddly knobs and dials and such. Ends up reversing to the point of Davidg's transport.*

Attension GM action: As we all know, if you beam anything with an organic brain you will kill it. As was so nicely described by Binro the Heratic(Or was it Medelling Grey). Therefore Davidg's transport could not have taken place without killing him. Please accept the followingas what realy happened and what davidg said as happening after.

---Bridge on that battle ship of Davidg's---

<A colomn of light decends from the ceiling. and deposit's Davidg's dead body.>

Technition: :eek: Who told our emperor that the tranzporterz were zafe?! Who did will have to executed. Comm, get a medical team up here and get that emperor cloned!

Comm: Zince when did you get a promotion!

Technition: Do it!

Comm: Fine Fine! Attenzion zick-bay, emperor down. We need an Immediat cloning team up here pronto!

*2.324 Minutes later*

<Two Targs dressed in Red And White enter the bridge holding a rather large, bulky piece of suspicious equipment. They drag Davidg's body towards it and open the hatch. In goes Davidg, targ emporer. His body is recycled. This activates the rest of the machine. A targ embryo and targ sperm are altered with Davidg's genetic code. The miracle of birth takes place and the body reader/recycler turns into a maturation chamber. In two hours a fresh, good as new Davidg is produced. It steps out onto the bridge>

Davidg: What the heck happened?

Comm: Your Majesty, permit me to explain. You died when you beamed on board. Something to do with the electrosomething patterns of the brain. Then we ordered a cloning team up here and we cloned a new you.

Davidg: Oh...what's wrong with the ship?

Tech: Nothing, sire.

Davidg: Don't lie! The humm isn't right. It ringing slightly. I can't here the weapons.

Tech: That might be because we took most of them out.

Davidg: WHAT!

Tech: You ordered all ships to be refitted to targ standards. We have huge arrays of Communactions and Cloaking technology. Probably rivaling the SCSV Valient.

Davidg: Could we destroy the SCSV Valient?

Tech: Of course not, sire. We targs are communications and stealth experts, not war mongerers, until you came along sire.

Davidg: :mad: Was that an insult. Guards kill him!

<One of the bridge guards, hiding in the shadows, steps forward and fires his rifle at the technition. It's body slowly, and rather painfully, disolves. The Second technition rushes to take it's place and a scuzzer cleans up the reamining ashes.>

20th Dec 2002, 04:24
Unless you have a death wish for this RPG, I wouldn't advise stepping away, there are already so few people actually participating.

---Universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2 ---
---Sector 3---
---Sphere Control Center---

Sensors: Sir, I'm detecting another ship approaching the sphere...

Hooded Figure: By the Great Rift of Arcturus! Everyone and their six mothers seems to want to just drop by and have tea time around here. Make them identify themselves and then go away. All these interuptions are destroying the plan.

20th Dec 2002, 15:31
---Unkown(Probably sub-space),Heavy Fighter,registratation plate 21344---

Sunrise: Ther're mean to rescueing us. What are they doing out there?! Having a tea part... Uh oh. That doesn't look good.

<One of the medical relief ships engines explodes>

Sunrise: Oh dear.

<A large peice of the engine hits the front of the fighter>

20th Dec 2002, 15:50
Dreadnaught, Bridge

Me: I have an Idea! If we cant destroy them outright, we can use our enhanced computers, and communications arrays to sieze control of thier ships.

Science: It could be done, but we'll need to activate our secondary power cores, and computer processing cores.

Me: Make it so.

All over the ship, technicians are bringing supplementary power, and computer, cores online.

Meddling Grey
20th Dec 2002, 23:09
----- On the bridge of the Mudraker -----


Captain Frunny: Don' shoot don' shoot we're movin' away! We dun't 'ave any weapons! Just say 'ow far we should go an I'll argue 'til we get it, oh, mebbe 'bout a quarter-way to there. I'm not gonna cause any trouble.

Captain Frunny's Assistant, Bugles: Break out the champagne! This is a once-in-a-universe occurence! Our captain doesn't intend to cause trouble!

Captain Frunny: I could 'ave you locked up, y'know.

Bugles: Yep. But then you'd have to have someone else as as your assistant. 'Sides, that transmission was one-way. And it didn't say anything about shooting, just being prosecuted for trespassing.

Captain Frunny: One-way? Mighty rude, not listenin' to what other people 'ave te say. Ah well, then he's a flanny sockwhammin' toppler, an' no mistake about that. Always say what's on yer mind, s'what I always say. 'Cause I always say what's on my mind, that's why.

<A salt-hog sitting near the communications panel coughs politely, evidently embarrassed by what he's about to say.>

Comm hog: Good advice captain, but there's something on my mind right now, too. Er, when you were responding to that announcement, did you, er, want me to open up a commlink? Only I did, so it'd help if that's what you wanted in the first place... but it's audio-only, so the viewscreen didn't come on...

<Long, embarrassed silence.>

Captain Frunny: So 'e's listenin' to what we're sayin'?

Comm hog: I can't guarantee that, but the commlink is wide open. And has been, from when Bugles mentioned chapagne and onwards.

Captain Frunny: Time ter pull away! Right? An' I mean fast! Go to, oh, jes' follow that saucer o' Muggy's.

Bugles: Muggy?

Captain Frunny: Meddlin' Grey. Em. Gee. Muggy. See? Jes' ne'er, ever say it 'is face. Now get this soddin' heap movin'! An' turn off that comm!

<The Mudraker fires all its thrusters, spins in a full circle before turning some of the thrusters off, and flies off towards the distant saucer-ship.>

----- On the Name Here -----

Meep the comm officer: The Mudraker is on a direct course, heading straight for us!

Meddling Grey: He must still be angry about me nearly killing him! Quick, get the engines going as fast as you can! Meep, find that hyperspace conduit, it's our only way out of here!

Grog the tactical officer: What about der hyperspace drive?

Meddling Grey: It's been... malfunctioning since we were caught in the eddy. Don't look at me like that! I have absolutely no intention of turning it on this time! From what I remember, the conduit was over, um, over there somewhere, yes, on the other side of the sphere...

<The Name Here speeds off, with the Mudraker in hot pursuit. Despite their speed, both ships are very careful to stay a good, safe distance from the sphere.>

20th Dec 2002, 23:32
---Universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2 ---
---Sector 3---
---Sphere Control Center---

Sensors: Sir, both ships are moving towards a hyperspace conduit on the othe side of the sphere. It appears as if they are leaving. By the way, I didn't know we were equipped with a Fill-a-Buster Atom Transmogrification Thing...

Hooded Figure: That's because we arn't. But you can never be to careful in this region, the Authority* has had all manner of shapeshifter sightings around here. A Fill-a-Buster Atom Transmogrification Thing is one of the few things that can permanently destroy a shapeshifter. Its important to be very wary in this region of space...

*As the hooded figure examines another console on the large computer at the center of the control room, a smudge of silverish shapeshifter slides silenty across the ceiling and into a ventilation shaft.*

23rd Dec 2002, 01:04
Originally posted by Davidg
Dreadnaught, Bridge

Me: I have an Idea! If we cant destroy them outright, we can use our enhanced computers, and communications arrays to sieze control of thier ships.

Science: It could be done, but we'll need to activate our secondary power cores, and computer processing cores.

Me: Make it so.

All over the ship, technicians are bringing supplementary power, and computer, cores online.

Science: There'z only one problem.

Davidg: Oh, and what would that be?

Science: We can't find them. Zhould I try and tap into nearby zensor postz?

Davidg: Make that so aswell.

*2 Hours later*

Davidg: Anything yet.

Science: We have two pozzible leadz. One is a faint A.S.C carrier zignal coming from zector 6. That could be the Valient trying to find were it iz, or a disconected probe trying to reconnect with Arctania. The other is a large zhip, difficult to tell weather it'z zize matches with the valientz at thiz range, in the galactic core and heading towardz zector 3.

Davidg: Which is most likey?

Science: Hmm, the one heading to zector 3. It is almozt impossible that the Valient could be at the other zide of the galaxy already.

Comm: Zhould I zet a courze zire?

Davidg: Hmmm...

Science: Zir! The zecondary corez are down to 10%. I recomend we zwitch them off and rezume normal operationz and let them recharge. If we are going to face the Valient we'll need all the power we've got.

Davidg: But they're power cores!

Science: Yez zir, but they are battery corez. Like auxiluary power, if they were true power corez we'd have them on all the time.

Davidg: Oh, I see...

24th Dec 2002, 14:55
--Sector 3--

<The Hypernova leaps out of Hyperspace close to the sphere and begins to approach it slowly>

JSWY: We mean no harm to you, we wish to dock with your sphere and negotiate with you...

24th Dec 2002, 18:26
---Universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2 ---
---Sector 3---
---Sphere Control Center---

Technician: Sir, a ship just left hyperspace. They want to dock and negotiate with us.

Hooded Figure: What? Not another ship. Tell them were working with very, erm, sensitive equipment and that we cant have them erm, decalibrating the equipment. If they don't leave, we'll let them dock and then release the gas through the docking chute.

25th Dec 2002, 22:56
--Sector 3--

Comm: They've turned down our docking officer.....recieving transmission from Primary Computer Core

RS1: This is RS1, Nav Computer repairs completed, you can initiate computer restart...

JSWY: Initiating Computer Restart...

Nav: Computer restart initiated...Loading...Primary operation loaded...Accessing primary computer core...Computer Loaded...Nav Computer Version loaded...Using stored personality...
Nav computer fully online, its good to be back Sir.

JSWY: Same, undeploy the bridge, send secondary bridge crew into standby...

<The Bridge undeploys and unessential bridge staff leave for their quarters>

JSWY: If we can't talk with then directly, we could try their superiors, the GTA on Dragonia Prime.

Nav: The GTA is known for its long appointment lists, it would be impossible to see them for at least another 60 solar rotations, can you think of any excuse that could get us seen?

JSWY: I have one in mind...Set course for Dragonia Prime...

<The Ship arches away and leaps into hyperspace, much to the relief of the inhabitants of the sphere>

25th Dec 2002, 23:07
---Sector 3---

<A small box in snowman wrapping paper floats through the depths of space, gliding gently through into Sector 3 it collides with the HyperNova. But due to its tiny size compared to the capital ship does no damage at all.>

---Sector 3, The Hypernova, Bridge---

Nav: Hey, something realy small just hit us.

JSWY: Is it a bomb?

Nav: I'd have to send out a probe to see properly because it's so small and close to the hull, so far all I can gather is that it's electronic.

JSWY: Okay then send out the probe.

Nav: Probe lunched...getting visual now bringing up on main screen.

<The main screens flashes twice and then activates. The image is extreamly dim at first but gradualy brightens. Finaly it's perfectly clear. A box, wrapped in red and white paper with a big green bow on the top, attached to which is a tag. The probe extends a small arm which opens the tag. It says;

"To JSWY. Have fun with this.
From B. Gates">

JSWY: Open it! Open it!

<The probe's arm carefully undoes the bow and the tears off the wrapping paper. Revealed is a sparkly new "XBOX">

JSWY: ohhh.

Nav: ...sir...there's something...hacking...into me...it's too strong

JSWY: What!

Nav: ...it's the...XBox...sir...it's gaining control...over me

<The screen goes blank, the lights dim. The screen turns on again, this time there is powder blue background and a middle aged human displayed in it.>

Bill Gates: Hi there JSWY, I'm Bill Gates. Using my XBox I have hacked into your ship's computer. Mircosoft are taking over the galaxy and nothing can stop us...BWA HA HA HA *cough* *cough* *choke*

26th Dec 2002, 17:43

26th Dec 2002, 18:46
Dreadnaught, Bridge

Coomputer: ALERT! ALERT! Bill Waves detected! X-Box signal registered in quadrant 102, possibly attempting online "play"!

Me: Sheilds up! Deactivate all receivers, we dont want him getting the power of our transmitters. Comm, send signals to the other ships to do the same!

26th Dec 2002, 22:49
---Universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2 ---
---Sector 3---
---Sphere Control Center---

*Klaxons and alarms are blaring. Red lights have come on and technicians are scrambling about securing important systems.*

Hooded Figure: What is the meaning of this?

Technician: Sir, our sensors just detected... B'ill Waves!

Hooded Figure: What? What are B'ill waves?

Technician: I see you've never heard of the legend of the Great Terrible B'ill?

Hooded Figure: Are you all out of your minds?

Technician: No! A long time ago in a solar system far from here, there was a catastrophic time travel incident. Needless to say, the Great and Terrible B'ill Ghates was transported to our time where he forged a Great and Terrible horde of-

Hooded Figure: Now this has gone too far. If your telling me that your afraid of some mythical beast that was in some silly children's book then-

Technician: Oh, but the Great and Terrible B'ill is real. The last time he was sighted in this galaxy was during his Great and Terrible battle with the Doom Star Penguin from L'eenucks.

Hooded Figure: What?

Technician: But the legend says that the Great and Terrible B'ill will return to terrorize the computer systems of all ships that run on an open sore's code. In order to safeguard our safety, I've put the station under lockdown mode.

Hooded Figure: What? Our computers don't run on the code of an open sore. Have you all had to much mucus wine? Bring us out of lockdown.

Technician: I'm sorry I cannot do that, sir, you might jeopardize the mission, you know.

26th Dec 2002, 23:15
Originaly posted by Davidg
quadrant 102

Davidg, you should know that quadrent a quater of a shape, therefore the galaxy can have only 4 Quadrents. :)

---Sector 3, The Sphere, Sphere Control Centre---

Hooded Figure: Do you want to die a teribble, slow and painfull death. No? WELL UNDO THIS LO...

Bill Gates: BWA HA HA HA HA *cough*...ahem...I have already infiltrated every ship in a rather large radius! your puny lockdowns can't stop me now BWA HA HA *cough* *splutter*

Technition: Now do you believe me?

---Sector 3, The Dreadnaught, Bridge---

<Techntions fuzz around typing furiously at their consoles. The Main Screen, currently displaying a tactical display type thing of the surround area, blinks a few times then a new image is formed. two Green slits wider in the middle than the edge intersect each other at a centre point at a 45degree angle. Rather like a big green X on black background.>

Bill Gates: HA! It's to late I've already infected your ship through the actual..."Bill Waves" and I'm pleased that you have dispatched my virus to all the other ship through your comm! BWA HA HA HA HA *cough* *cough* *choke* *splutter* *cough* I should realy stoop laughing like that.

2nd Jan 2003, 23:55
Dreadnaught, Bridge

Me: This is madness!

I run to a turbolift at the front of the bridge, the emergancy turbolift

Turbolift: Dedicated processor online, state destination.

Me: Computer core control room.

The turbolift zooms off at insane speeds to the computer core. I step out slighly shaken, and walk to a console with a large red button in the center, labled manual overide.

Computer: Warning, use of the manual overide is not recomended. Use of the manual overide will shutdown all computer systems, except for the life support controler.

Me: I know that, I designed the system my self.

I press the button. The lights flicker off, and red emergency lights illuminte the room.

4th Jan 2003, 13:44
<Davidg takes a seat at the console on which he had just pressed a button. All is quiet, and just as Davidg breathes a sigh of relief something happened.>

Bill Gates: Hardy Har har! You can't shut me off, I've re-routed power from the main power core into the computer.

Davidg: What the! How did...but the main core is off-line...


<Bill Gates winked out of existance(At least on the Dreadnaught), and all the infected systems went with him. Leaving Life Support, T.Vs and Automatic Doors.>

Davig: Computer, Re-activate main computer.

Computer: Squashed Dexterity Bell?

Davig: Not good.

4th Jan 2003, 16:15
---Universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2 ---
---Sector 3---
---Sphere Control Center---

Hooded Figure: What a pitiful villian. Can't even do an evil laugh without nearly killing himself.

Technician: Sir, we have no control over any of the ships systems.

Hooded Figure: Not to worry. Get a team down to the maintenence room and start unplugging the hard drives out from the main control board. The virus should start singing about earthling flowers, then when they have all been disconnected, will completely shut off.

4th Jan 2003, 17:09
Not quite sure what you mean by "and all the infected systems went with him. Leaving Life Support, T.Vs and Automatic Doors."
Do you mean the systems have physically left, or they are just malfunctioning?

4th Jan 2003, 22:07
Probably an occurance similar to waving a powerful magnet over a magnetic information storage device.

5th Jan 2003, 00:41
<Throughout the galaxy, the X-Box virus continues to penetrate computer systems, turning them to the will of Bill Gates, eventually, the primary galactic communication grid falls to the virus and there is chaos throughout>

--GM Hypernova--

Tac: Sir, our lighting system has turned from white to green and ummm....

<Tac's computer BSoD's apruptly>

Tac: It's hideous, its installed Windows 5000 XP SE on all computer systems, the karaoke bars are playing Microsoft music and the vending machines are dispensing MSN disks. The primary computer core also appears to have turned into an X-Box, damn Sir, this is not good.

Nav/Bill Gates: At least I have what I want, the location of the Galactic Core! I can use my Microsoft technology to reawaken the GC Intelligence Core and there is nothing you can do to stop me! Enjoy the green! *hack hack*.

<The main viewer BSoD's>

5th Jan 2003, 03:21
Mr. Bill is in for a surprise. If you remember, in one of the previous RPGs, the computer core of the galactic core was towed away by the Amjorans, leaving the empty shell of the Galactic Palace and Governmental Facilities. During the towing, the computer core was lost. Exactly what happened is unknown, but all reports surmise that somehow the core achieved sentience and awakened some sort of device meant to blare outdated Cosmik Party Music (©) over all open subspace communication channels. In the ensuing chaos the computer core took over the rather unfortunate Amjoran ship and towed itself to who knows where. What became of the poor Amjorans on that ship is unknown, but we do know that the Galactic Core is out there, somewhere, plotting.

5th Jan 2003, 06:39
Dreadnaughtl, Computer Core, Deck 58.

Me: Davidg, to bridge, what's your status.

2nd in Command: Sir, most of our systems are malfuntioning. Someone needs to get down to decck 234, and activate the emergancy computer.

Me: I'll do it. I have the authorization.

I step back into the emergancy turbolift, and press a command into the wall console. The lift zooms of at unsafe speeds to a deck at the heart of the ship. I step out and walk through the cooridors to the secondary computer control room.

Me: Lights.

The lights shimmer on, revealing a smallsh room, filled with consoles. They are all off, except for one, directly connected to the core. I walk over, and push the activtion lever to the on position.

Computer: Submit identification to access the secondary computer core.

Me: Computer, this is Grand Admiral Davidg. Authrorization code Davidg Gamma Pi Omega 23, code 1, 1A.

Computer: Authorization verfied. Secure access granted.

Me: Computer, bring all firewalls online, and set the anti virius to full alert, disconect the computer network from the communications grid.

Computer: Aknowledged.

Me: Switch secondary core to handle ship sytems. Run a full purge and restart of the primary core. We can recover the data from Central (main computer on Clik) later.

Computer: Core re-routed. Limited ship functions restored. Navigation at 50%, Targeting at 20%, and overall processing power down by 75%. Initating purge of primary computer core.

Me: Computer, go to Grey Alert.

Computer: Aknowledged. Attention all hands, this is Proccesing Core Beta 121. This ship is now operating at reduced power mode. All non-critical ship functions have been suspended.

I step out of the computer room, and into the turbolift, it a carries me back to the bridge.

6th Jan 2003, 00:48
---Universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2 ---
---Unidentified Debris Field---

*This ancient battleground is home to the ghosts of mighty warriors who fought in the battles of the apocalypse. In the silent vacuum they ache and groan to the dimly heard music of the spheres. The ancient hulks have been left much as they were found. There is little activity in the outer rim, and this forgotten graveyard is left as a forgotten reminder of the past. Yet, amid this resting ground of the dead, there is yet life.*

---Ghyron's Secret Headquarters of Doom---

*One of the strange relics of a past battle has been resuscitated. Its rotted power core replaced, the dusty computer banks wiped clean, its hallways made light again. But it is still a dead place. Within the dimly lit corridors are the skeletons of the valiant fighters of old, still in their battle uniforms, preserved by the sterile air.*

Henchman: Sir, we have found it. It was hiding in a nearby asteroid field, we had a hard time locating it but-

Ghyron: You found it? By the Great Rift of Arcturus this is better than i thought.

Henchman: But sir, when we found it, it had been damaged beyond repair. The local guide only found it by the traces of anti-proton decay nearby.

Ghyron: The mere fact that it once existed gives meaning to the entire search. Add it to the collection. What other news do you bring?

Henchman: There is rumor that the Great and Terrible B'ill has returned from the great beyond. The primary Galactic Communication Grid fell recently, and panic has spread throughout the galaxy as the small and insignificant fear the coming of the Great and Terrible B'ill who shall sweep away all in his path, causing massive destruction and searing fear into the hearts of the meek, and then claim the galaxy as his own, completing the ancient prophesy of doom.

Ghyron: Will you be quiet. No-one upstages Ghyron, no-one. We shall see who the greater villain is, but mark my words this B'ill will regret the day he stepped in universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2!

6th Jan 2003, 01:18
Dreadnaught, Bridge

Science: Sir, I may have found a way to retake our ships.

Me: Elaborate.

Science: We can use our main deflector to create a directed mag pulse. We can then use it to purge the ships' computer cores of the virus.

Me: Get to work on the modifications.

8th Jan 2003, 20:52
---Galactic Communication Grid, Main Hub---

<Here Bill sits upon his virtual throne and from here his virus can spread throught the galaxy. Empire fall under his rule, Terrans, Humans, Gors, Greys and Sirens are all currently in the palm of his hand. The Salt-Hogs are yet to come, for now, they are safe. The Arctanians and Turrukens so far present a problem. The Arctanians having never been connected to the GCG(Galactic Communications Grid). The Turrukens due to their revolutionary hard-drive and fire-wall technologies.>

Bill Gates: Hmmm, now what shall I do? The Targ's seem a nice juicy target.

Bill Gates: Sire, the targ ship "Drednaught" has managed to overcome us!

Bill Gates: WHAT!

Bill Gates: Thier Commendaunt is more resourcefull then the Hypernova's record showed.

Bill Gates: Then we must accelerate our plans toward the Targ, leave the pethetic Arctanians and Turrukens to themselves. Davidg presents a threat, using his own empire against him will serve our purposes well enough.

Bill Gates: What about the Galactic Core?

Bill Gates: Send the Hypernova and Valient once you find it.

9th Jan 2003, 03:29
Dreadnaught, Bridge

Computer: Tactical Alert. Vessels detected emerging from hyperspace, bering one-oh-one, mark two-two-three!

Science: It is a pair of our battleships, sir. They are still under the command of B'ill!

Me: Red Alert! Computer, charge main defelector dish.

Science: Sir, we are reading transmissions, but since we disconnected the comm array we can't respond.

Me: Their crews must still be alive.

Computer: The main deflector is on-line.

Tactical: Sir! The ships are arming weapons.

Me: Target the lead ship, and activate mag pulse.

A silver bam of energy blasts out of the front of Dreadnaught, and into the lead battle crusier. Lightning flashes over the smaller ship's hull. The windows go dark, and the engines stop. The ship is dead in the water.

Me: Target the second vessel. Fire!

The second battle crusier is disabled.

Me: Bring the Tertiary computer online, and disconnect it from ship functions, then connect it to the comm array, and the bridge comm panel.

Comm: Aye, sir. That will prevent the virius of B'ill from infecting our ship.

Several days later, after receiving parts and assitance from Dreadnaught, the ships' computer cores have been repaired, at reduced capacity. Many sections of the cores' memory have been completly erased.

Comm: Sir, we are being hailed.

Me: On screen.

Captain of Lead Ship: Hail, Grand Admiral, we bring news from the Collective. Our empire is under the controll of B'ill, the great cities of Clik are conquered by his maniacal software, the halls of our people filled with his dispicable laughter. We have heard transmissions from our fleet in sector 1232. They were testing a new comm/computer system. The system protected them from the Virius.

Me: Comm, open channel to all loyal ships.

Me: Soliders of the Collective. We stand together once more with the free peoples of the galaxy! We will destroy the Tyrant B'ill! All ships proceed to the Oparay-Ting maximum speed!

Three ships jump to hyperspace. Accross the galaxy, the Targ reserve fleet with their new comm systems jump to hyperspace.

9th Jan 2003, 18:08
---Unkown(Probably sub-space),Heavy Fighter,registratation plate 21344---

Sunrise: Uh oh. I'm detecting faint bill waves coming through the anomaly. Oh dear.

<the fighter suddenly powers down and only the light from 1 emergency light lights up the darkened ship>

Bill Gates: Hello Sunrise, MR? and Gerreuro, I'm Bill Gates. I have hacked into your ship's computer. Mircosoft are taking over the galaxy and nothing can stop us...BWA HA HA HA *cough* *cough* *choke*

Sunrise:Oh lord. It's him. I thought he was just a myth.

9th Jan 2003, 23:01
Dreadnaught, Bridge

Computer: Approaching designated coordanites.

Me: Helm, pull out of hyperspace.

The massive ship pulls out of hyper space, its hull gleaming in the light of Opray-Ting Prime.

Computer: Tactical Alert. Vessels approaching. Identified, species 012, Turraken.

Me: Hail them.

11th Jan 2003, 00:32
Davidg: You cannot control the out-come of your actions, thats what I'm here for. In my impartial view a "Directed Magnetic Pulse" would not disable a computer, it would wipe it clean. Like waving a powerfull magnet over a Hard-Drive

Sunrise: If you're in the Anomaly, Bill Gates can't get to you. You are important for later plot purposes, so call it a "Sensory Echo". Thanks.

11th Jan 2003, 00:49
The mag pulse wipes the primary cores on the ships. On Targ ships, the secondary cres are deep within theship, and protected from EMP pulses, so they can control the ship in an emergancy. They are safe from B'ill because of firewalls bought from the Turrekan.

11th Jan 2003, 15:37
---Unkown(Probably sub-space),Heavy Fighter,registratation plate 21344---

<all the lights turn back on inside the spaceship and bill gates face disappers off the veiwscreen>

Sunrise: Thank god that's over. I wonder if there's any asteroids out here to shoot.

11th Jan 2003, 16:55
Location - PCRV Grey Area, Orbiting Nearest inhabitited world from sphere

Tech Officer - Sir! Good news. Repairs are finally complete.

Deltavortex - What. At of them? Even to the ripped hyperdrive?!

Tech Officer - Yes Sir!

Deltavortex - Gah. That'll be very expensive. Okay. Continue to last waypoint, we still have equipment to collect, keep hyperdrive under 60% for the momen -

*Klaxon sounds, on the main view screen appears a large box reading. "TurrakenGuard 9000 has detected incoming communications infected with the virus W128/BillW.gen. Your system is currently safe. All following transmissions containing the virus will be blocked without notifications*

Comm Officer - You have to kidding me. *Oh his console he turns on the highest security mode.* Sir. This could be a serious problem for people. Scans show the planet is already getting infected.

Deltavortex - It just isn't a good day. Okay, I reckon this has to be linked to previous events, set course for previous location.

*The Grey Area hyperjumps, arriving at maximum sensor range from the spheres location*

Deltavortex - Scan everything, I want to know everything!

*Klaxon sounds, very slight brightening of lighting systems*

Tech Officer - Sir. Massive magnetic discharge detected! Not close proximity, but near by. *Another Klaxon, with another very slight light flare* It looks like some one is firing EMPulses.

Deltavortex - Damn. Get the whole computer systems backed up to current time on the hard-copy, just in case we get hit. Charge the hull plating to attempt to reduce the damage of incoming shots.

Tech Officer - Sir? That'll weaken shields, are you sure?

Deltavortex - Yes. I am. Do it now. Oh, and tech - get the research guys to power up the secondary reciever control, isolated computer and power systems in lab Omega-3. Tell them to try and catch a sample of this virus and work out how to eliminate it. Give them permission to full wipe the isolated systems in the case it is required. Max security seal on the lab, I don't want anything leaving that lab once it's been in there with exception of the researchers.

11th Jan 2003, 18:46
Originally posted by Davidg
The mag pulse wipes the primary cores on the ships. On Targ ships, the secondary cres are deep within theship, and protected from EMP pulses, so they can control the ship in an emergancy. They are safe from B'ill because of firewalls bought from the Turrekan.

Firstly, that doesn't even make sense, why leave the Primary Core unprotected? Secondly you didn't emmit an Electro-Magnetic Pulse, you fired a "Directed Magnetic Pulse".

Whenever I throw a scenario at you, you immediatly have an escape route. Stop it. :(

11th Jan 2003, 20:50
---Universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2 ---
---Bluagh Nebula---

*The Bluagh Nebula is a turbulent region of space. The dense particle fields and intense radiation will scramble any message, or corrupt any data passing through the nebula. The nebula is uninhabited. The only thing currently within the nebula, is a rather odd looking freighter. This particular freighter was once in the service of the Flowers-By-Buffer flower delivery service. When the company collapsed under mysterious circumstances (namely a large scale pirate raid), the ship was repossessed by shady dealer by the name of Ghyron. The strange thing about this freighter is that it's original Flowers-By-Buffer logo has been replaced by a picture of one of the most vicious creatures ever to inhabit the galaxy, the being known as the "Ping'Win of Linucks Operating System."*

---Ghyron's Evil Ship of Doom---

Technician: Activating backup power routing system.

Technician: Backup power activating at 97.4% efficiency.

Henchman: The ship will heat up at a 2.6% of energy input into the cloaking system?

Technician: Yes. We're funneling the heat into the two dual heatsinks on either side of the main exhaust ports. We can maintain a perfect cloak for just over seven standard galactic rotations.

Ghyron: Excellent. Are the holographic projectors operating at optimal-

*The onboard ship lights cut out. Red emergency lights turn on and a wailing klaxon blares.*

Henchman: A ship has just entered the nebula.

Technician: Sensors confirmation, it is a B'ill ship.

Henchman: The emergency system automatically turned on the cloak. Operating at 96.5% efficiency.

Technician: I think they saw us...

*When the ship is cloaked, energy use must be cut to a minimum. Any energy leaving the ship could be detected, therefore heat created by ship systems cannot be vented via heatsinks, but must be contained within the ships. A periscope lowers down from the bridge ceiling. Suspenseful music begins to play in the background.*

Technician: It's a large 'Gor cruiser. Fully armed.

Henchman: If it finds us... we won't be able to escape.

12th Jan 2003, 01:45
How about this?

Originally posted by Davidg
Several days later, after receiving parts and assitance from Dreadnaught, the ships' computer cores have been repaired, at reduced capacity. Many sections of the cores' memory have been completly erased.

Comm: Sir, we are being hailed.

Me: On screen.

Captain of Lead Ship: Hail, Grand Admiral, we bring news from the Collective. Our empire is under the controll of B'ill, the great cities of Clik are conquered by his maniacal software, the halls of our people filled with his dispicable laughter. We have heard transmissions from our fleet in sector 1232. They were testing a new comm/computer system. The system protected them from the Virius.

Me: Comm, open channel to all loyal ships.

Me: Soliders of the Collective. We stand together once more with the free peoples of the galaxy! We will destroy the Tyrant B'ill! All ships proceed to the Oparay-Ting maximum speed!

Three ships jump to hyperspace. Accross the galaxy, the Targ reserve fleet with their new comm systems jump to hyperspace.

I have changed it so it actually took several days, and asstance from Dreadnaught to restore the two battle-ships computer cores.

12th Jan 2003, 20:40
Forget my last post.

Stuff hit the fan earlier today; I now won't have time to play properly.

Sorry. :(

14th Jan 2003, 19:34
Much better Davidg :)http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

14th Jan 2003, 21:37
---Universe 12 - 4 - 6 - 2 ---
---Bluagh Nebula---

*The overtly armed 'Gor cruiser begins to drop explosive charges into the dense nebula in order to sound out the hidden Evil Ship of Doom.*

Henchman: The 'Gor ship is entering the deeper segments of the nebula.

Ghyron: Mwuhahahahaha

Henchman: Uh, sir, thats where we are.

Ghyron: Yes, yes, I know. They are falling into a trap even I did not prognosticate. When the ship enters the central core near the epicenter of the supernova, it will be completely isolated from the galactic communications grid. Unable to communicate with its dark master B'ill.

Henchman: But the corrupted software still exists on the computer core of that ship.

Ghyron: Ah, but the corrupt software is only a remote access control device allowing B'ill's evil computer system to control the ships remotely. THAT is why he seeks the lost Galactic Computer Core, so he can control all ships at once.

15th Jan 2003, 02:16
Dreadnaught, Bridge, Oprray-Ting System

Me: Turrekan Vessels, this is High Chancellor Davidg, ruler of the Targ Collective. We come to you under the gavest of circumstances, and request an audince with you Commissioner.

Turrekan Captian: We will patch you through to the capitial at once sir.

The image changes from the ship to an office on the planet. Th Comissioner stands in the middle.

Me: Commissioner, we come to you to discuss a military alliance between opur peoples. My planets are under the command of the Evil Dark Lord B'ill. We have developed a way to retake our vessels. We use a directed magnetic beam from our deflectors to purge the computer cores, then we board them, and repair the computers. We only hae a small fleet, and need your help to re-take the rest of it.

5th Feb 2003, 23:43
We need to find a way to end this, and do a new RPG.

6th Feb 2003, 23:16
Preferably with Arctic and Ghyron and all our other regulars and the newbies of course, some of them have got great creative talent.

6th Feb 2003, 23:34
How long is an rpg generally around here?

7th Feb 2003, 00:57
This is a rather poor 180 posts.

If I remember correctly, Station Life hit 500 before finishing.

I think.

It might of been 200.

I can't remember.

Someone who can remember tell me so I can tell if I'm really this forgetful or not.

Uh, what were we talking about?

7th Feb 2003, 10:47
It was 514 I think before it slowly stopped...

7th Feb 2003, 14:17
Ok, any new rpgs cookin'?
(I just hate to barge in uninvited if something has been gong on for a while)

Or are you gonna stop with these rpgs altogether?

7th Feb 2003, 18:39
<sunrise fires the planet destroyer attached to his ship at the anomally. The universe suddenly gets sucked into the anomaly. The universe gets inverted as it passes through and everyone end up on the out side of the universe and dissappears>


7th Feb 2003, 19:21
Inafiscisis gets pissed and fires an anti-matter-based projectile at Sunrise for making the universe disappear. Then he heads off to another dimension, where the universe has yet to disappear, and Sunrise yet to be antimaterialized, and repeats the procedure

Don't you EVER do that again...

8th Feb 2003, 07:29
I've just been doing some deep thinking (What! I have nothing better to do.) and if time is the 4th dimension then this demension is 4 dimensional. No, wait a minute if this universe s 4 dimensional every time you move the time would change. Like on this grid if you moved from (6,6,6(x,y,z)) to (0,0,0) time would rush fowards sudenly. because in square (6,6,6) it is 1 o'clock but in (0,0,0) it is 7 o'clock or something like that... i think or maybe... no that wouldn't be right...

8th Feb 2003, 13:09
I don't think there's any dimensional time-zones...what's it supposed to be called...000MT? So you have to set your watches after each time you change dimensions? That's ridiculous. Time is relative. To muslims, this'd be...year 1600 i think. And to the christians its 2000something. And there are other religions that have other ways of measuring year as well. In space, there is no time to measure. It's a void. Voids don't rotate around stars, and thus don't have years. Voids don't have day or night, thus they don't have any need for time in the same way we need on a planet. If there was such a need, then an aussie on the ISS would be awake while the americans sleep, and the Americans would be awake when the aussie is sleeping. And somewhere in between would be the japanese. And when the japs are sleeping, the europeans would be awake. Such a complex system based on time-zones are only needed locally on the surface of planets. In space, time is irrelevant for the reason of having to have 5 differently set watches if the crew is from 5 diferen countries is just...well...dumb! Thus you need some sort of universal standard time, right? And there is one, right? So why should it change if I switch dimensions? The time is still the same on all planets, so why in space, be it normal space or be it interdimensionsional? After all, time-measurement in space is merely a way for 'intelligent' beings to plan their already neatly planned existence even further. And it is after all jumping between dimensions, not travelling back in time.

I should stop now...that's enough rambling for one day, me thinks.

9th Feb 2003, 04:08
5 months Later

The Targ Collective and the Turrkekan Committee have joined forces, and retaken Targ space, and the Targ Navy. The alliance was joined by the Grey, the Salthogs, the Gem Slugs, and even the Sirens, Karmarama, and Zedem. The combined force of the Galaxy's strongest powers have repulsed the Evil B'ill back into the annomaly, whilst rescuing the trapped beings. Order, peace, and prosperity hae once again been restored to the Galaxy.

9th Feb 2003, 08:03
ok. thats better than my ending:)