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Level Planet
24th Nov 2002, 15:05
Each time a place the shiny effect on a lara_skin_joints mesh and want to test it out in the game, the game will crash when i select it, I can make my meaning easier, if ya dont understand, can someone help?

24th Nov 2002, 15:13
I'm not sure about this, but I don't think we are allowed to add the shining effect to joints. I tried doing it to one of my outfits and the same thing happened.

24th Nov 2002, 16:57
That has been told since STRPix could add the shiny effect on objects. You must import a .dxf over it. I am not sure on how to do this, but Blind Intentions knows how to do it.

24th Nov 2002, 17:19
The Shine Effect

The Shine effect can be applied to a Face since version 3.8 rev 1+, this is a value from 0-31 in increasing shiny intensity, you first select the desired value and then each texture that you apply to a face will have this shiny intensity effect.

Before apply the shiny effect over mesh used for ornaments, you need to export the ornament to DXF and then import back from DXF (not any changes is needed), in this procces Strpix3 convert the ornament lights method to normals light method neccesary for the shiny effect or the game will crahs.

If the shiny effect is used over some skin_join meshes then the game will crash, most skinjoints not need to be shining really, but some really need to, so for be able to put the shining in these meshes then you can try this smart trick:

* Export the skinjoin mesh to DXF file and open it in a CAD program.
* Seems that all skinjoint faces are hard coded to be linked with others mesh and they can't be shining, so the solution is to put a NEW FACE in the place where you want to apply the effect later, so all originals skin_joint meshes remain untoched, and the newone will have the shiny effect.
* Before importing back the skinjoint mesh you will have to take note about the originals vertex value because you will need to REMAP the vertices after importing back the mesh.

Note: The above solution was not tested personaly for me.

Thank you very much to TOMO and TIJAY for testing and providing the info necessary for find how interpret correctly the shiny values and for providing the above skinjoint solution.

Blind Intentions
25th Nov 2002, 01:30
Tomo has made a TRC catsuit that will let you apply the shine effect to Lara's joints. I'm not sure where I downloaded it at, but if you ask him I'm sure he'll let you re-texture it :) Just make sure you give him credit ;)