View Full Version : What are the best levels for you to me play it :D

Rinoa Heartilly
24th Nov 2002, 10:03
Hello i would like to play some TR Levels (kewl :P) *shrugs* soo can you say me ? :D

Croft Nut
24th Nov 2002, 10:08
I can recommend these,you'll think they were made by Eidos.


Croft Nut

24th Nov 2002, 10:50
Also here (http://www.mprager.de/AuthorListingNZ.htm)

Lara's Soul
26th Nov 2002, 00:36
Here is the Top 50 Custom Levels list:

Here you can download & play custom levels with little or no configuration:

The best custom levels I have played are "The Sanctuary of
Water, Ice and Fire" and "Center of the World".

27th Nov 2002, 12:44
my levels aren't listed there for my will, so the only chance for you to play them is to directly click on my download urls into my signature :)

Enjoy :)