View Full Version : Custom Wad, Outfit, Objects, textures Wanted

24th Nov 2002, 07:29
G'day mates,

I have a couple of 100MB of free space on my new web site, and would Love nothing more than to UpLoad your Custom stuff, Tutorials, Sounds,stories, art, and tools to it.

Also I would like your permission, to use them.

So if you got somthing I can show, or you think we could benifit from, just let me Know, either by posting, email or a PM.

Heres a sneek at the beginings of the New page, This HTML editin aint as hard as I thought :rolleyes:

The Underworld (http://underworld.aokwebhost4free.com/index.html)


24th Nov 2002, 14:22
You can take anything from my site.
I will be adding some more stuff to my site when I update it later today. (hopfully I'm not to lazy to update it)

24th Nov 2002, 14:30
Hey MDN,

Would it be OK if I could add some of the outfits on your site for a new page on my site? I've been looking around for outfits to host but I haven't been able to get permission from anybody yet.

24th Nov 2002, 14:35
Sure, go ahead.

25th Nov 2002, 07:55
Thx MDN, you an ace bloke mate :)