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23rd Nov 2002, 20:32
Coconut kid, you got any tips for this level. I try to help the people crying, but just as I solve one prob another one pops up and people leave. Any help is appreciated. This level is starting to drive me nuts.

Coconut Kid
24th Nov 2002, 16:38
It's not easy; I've haven't made it yet either.

I got diverted, so I haven't been playing for a few days.

I think you have to go in with a plan instead of trying to react to complaints.

They have it setup to lead you a merry chase if you are just reactive. After you have been through it a few times, you know what's going to popup - like the beer running out. You know you need to build some of the quick stuff early - like the Fast Food Stand and a Beach Bar. You know none of the service buildings are properly staffed, especially for a place that is supposed to have been running for a long time. No Mechanics Building is just silly. There are no beach attractions or night life.

I'll report when I beat it; if you do first, let me know what you did, O.K.? :D

Coconut Kid
25th Nov 2002, 14:39
I know the scenarios are supposed to get harder, but ...

I have tried to be very positive about this game, but the lock-down pause is the pits. It turns the game into just another shooter. I can understand being unable to set construction, and maybe even being unable to adjust staff. But being unable to read the customer's complaints ...

You just have to drop buildings where you can first fit them when maybe taking out only a bush or two would fit them in really well. You can't care how the place looks, you just have to hurry to get something done. Using the specialities provided for the help is a laugh - you don't have time. Rush and beat the 12 scenarios and then you are done with the game - go sell it. You'll never know about the subtile stuff.

BTW, the plants grow just fine on the sand - at least for five days. The program just counts numbers of plants, not how they look - so just dump a bunch in.

I'll agree that losing a scenario about ten times gets boreing. That's especially so when the suggestions that come up when you lose are the same generic ones that come up every time. In this case, the place starts with very nice landscaping, the "hints" start with building landscaping. Wow!

There's a cheat to unlock the scenarios so you don't have to be bored to death with one. You should know the cheat for money - ALT+SHIFT+4 - well think of something associated with Unlock to go with ALT+SHIFT.

Again - I just love building a really good looking resort and having crowds of happy guests, but doing it like a shooter is no fun at all. So I really dislike having to beat scenarios to unlock islands. I also think it would be great to be able to play the scenario islands as built-up without having to beat the thing every time. For example, #9 is quite beautiful and would be fun to fix-up -- but not with a drop-dead 5 day deadline. O.K., beat it once but not always.

Best regards ;)

27th Nov 2002, 14:31
I keep getting to Day 3 then I'll get like 2 people who leave, so I end up with 10 unhappy people. I think it's stupid that some people leave because of the weather. You can't control that so why is it included in the 8 people? They should have raised the limit to like 10 or something. It's freakin impossible to beat this level. I agree the pausing problem needs to be fixed. So you beat this level eh? Any suggestions? haha :D

Coconut Kid
27th Nov 2002, 16:16
- and again - and again

3rd Dec 2002, 13:47
Anyone had any luck with this level yet?:D

4th Dec 2002, 20:54
I am having big trouble with this level as well, as soon as I am thrown into the level the next ship is coming and like 5 people leave unhappy, so by day to 2, I already have 5 people unhappy, this level seems a bit impossible, if anyone has any tips please share.

5th Dec 2002, 13:47
after I posted my message, I beat the level. Here is what I did, hope it helps.
*hire 2 more builders to the staff.
*build mechanics hut
*adjust staff schedules, at one point I had to build another cleaner's shack, becuase litter gets really bad, but at first just hire as many as you can. as well as the representatives, security, and mechanics.
*make everything cheap, serve smiley's at max strength for $4, when it runs out, it will serve smashers, but make sure you go back to your bars and make smashers with almost no strength and make them cheap.
*build a general store, snack shop, water ride, beach bar, beach barbecue, and club first. Don't forget to make everything cheap.
As soon as you can build a souvinier shop, people are happier when they leave with a souvinier, and make it about $20
*Build lots of soda shops, bathrooms, and snack shops, and beach barbecues, the more they don't have to queve for things the better. Also the jacuzzi seems to be really popular so I built two of those, and build as many accomodation blocks as you can, make the price for rooms $100.
*Put fountains everywhere you can, fountains, fountains, fountains, and lights(the fire ones, and multi color ones), don't forget garbage bins, put them everywhere too, not pretty, but it reduces the litter.
Here's a trick.
The builders are slow, when there are working under 50%, so when scheduling, make them work the 9-19 shift when that shift ends, fire three of them then hire back three and put them on the 19-5 shift, and have one on the 5-13 that way it's builders around the clock, so that's 4 builders on the 9-19, 3 builders on the 19-5, and 1 builder on the 5-13. And pay them about $20 bucks. as well as the other staff, pay them well.
Don't look at how many days go by, I didn't and I didn't even notice when I beat it, it came quick, don't speed through this level.
Hope this Helps.

6th Dec 2002, 13:02
:D well done Jazz ill try this one when i get the chance good luck with the next one.:D