View Full Version : Extracting TR3 goons.

23rd Nov 2002, 20:24
A question that's been asked a billion times no doubt, but I'm a moron. Bleh.

I would like, if possible, a step by step guide to extracting the TR3 soldiers from Southpacific-Crashsite level, including a lsit of whatever tools I need to d/l.

Using my horribly outdated versions of TR2Wad and TRWest (yeah, yeah....) I managed to get a working soldier in the "troops" slot. All is fine, excpet: no sound.

Help me to resolve this problem.


23rd Nov 2002, 20:42
All you have to do is copy the soldier to your wad as TROOPS with wadmerger 1.9 rev 4 (link a few posts below). Then the sounds should work.

You can also try downloading it: