View Full Version : Can't login to store

22nd Sep 2017, 16:20
I have a Square Enix account which works in other parts of the website, but I can't login to the store.
I assume the Square Enix account is what is called the "Members" account. Going to https://membership.square-enix.com takes me directly to my account details page, so...
Once I'm logged in, I navigate to the store and I'm not recognized. I have a "sign in / create account" option at the top right.
Trying to log in with either my userid or email results in an error "Error : Please make sure you are using Square Enix Members credentials or create an account here. More information here."

win 10, Firefox browser, cookies turned on.

I changed passwords twice to see if that made a difference (it did not).
Is the store/member account merger working? Are there different character limits on password fields for the different store and member account login pages?

4th Oct 2017, 13:07
Have you resolved your issue? I'm having the exact same problem. Trying to buy the expansion but cant log in to store to do it.

9th Nov 2017, 01:06
Having same exact problem, it recognizes me on the membership page and even using the link from that page to store and suddenly Im not logged in and it wont accept my id and password as correct.