View Full Version : I cannot download add-ons into Final Fantasy XV

22nd Sep 2017, 09:38
When I start up the game and try to connect to the Playstation Store, it says content is not available at this time. Then, when i try to install the add-ons from the store, it installs it but when I try to download it there is a message saying "Application not found. Do you want to look in the Playstation store?". I click ok it brings me to the Final Fantasy digital game even though i have the game disc. Help.

22nd Dec 2017, 21:37
I'm facing this very same issue with add-on purchases. I also created a thread in PlayStation Forum regarding the same some suggested to check it in "services" because some purchases end up being there instead on add-ons. However no luck there. While some suggest to just forget the purchase (and money) it's gone. No official comment from PlayStation team on it :(