View Full Version : Life Is Strange Before The Storm episode 2 teaser

12th Sep 2017, 15:24
Okay so I just finished the episode, and even though we already know what to expect, I was still amazed and touched by how the series is going. Now the episode 2 teaser is a bit of a mystery. Who is that person screaming "no one steals from me"? was it the guy we stole the shirt on episode 1? Or other characters we already know from the core game like Nathan? Which can explain the bathroom scene on episode 1 of LiS?

I wanna know your thoughts, so please share them..

15th Sep 2017, 14:52
I believe it's more likely the t-shirt selling guy from the Firewalk show. As far as I'm aware of, he's the only guy that Chloe can take money from (even though you can choose not to).