View Full Version : control setting gone nuts

6th Sep 2017, 15:30
I've had Hitman installed and been running it fine for several weeks, today however that all changed, I booted it up through steam and it's flickering rapidly between keyboard setting and a controller! I've no control over the screens with the mouse as it's just resetting back to the middle of the screen! is there any way I can revert the settings back to just using the keyboard and mouse?? oddly enough I had the same thing happen to me a while back on sleeping dogs, but I found a setting in there that lets you change it from controller to keyboard and it worked there, but I can't find a similar setting on hitman.

I don't fancy uninstalling and reinstalling as I've a slow connection anyone any ideas?

15th Sep 2017, 13:28
I'd suggest verifying the files with steam first. Did you modify the settings files by any chance?

Other option would be disconnecting the controller.