View Full Version : Need help playing PC

1st Sep 2017, 23:39
Hi, I just got ROTTR and got to the water room in the Syrian temple. You jump on a platform that lowers and then you get swept off. I've watched the videos. You get to the back of the room and climb up on a floating platform, then to your right you jump (twice) to climb the pillar. In all the videos the water rises to just below the faded paint on the pillar, so the jump works. In my version (which I've done at least 25 times) the water rises about half the distance it should, so she can never make it up the pillar.

What do I do?

Thank you.

25th Apr 2018, 14:55
If this is the last water room, have you jumped onto then off that platform to reach the other side of the room to use the axe to open a week spot in the far wall to raise the water level before starting the actual sequence you describe?