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18th Aug 2017, 14:56
Hi guys, i need an information.
I found rise of the tomb raider season pass for xbox one on kinguin site. CD key version.
My problem is that their season pass does not contains all dlc and outfits that are included in rise of the tomb raider season pass on microsoft store. (i think that its product is not updated). Kinguin description says that are included endurance mode,Ancient Vanguard,Prophet's Legacy and Siberian Ranger. there isn't baba yaga, 20 years anniversary content, other outfits and i think other dlc (like zombie mode). now.. if i buy the season pass from kinguin can i download all dlc and outifits/weapons not written in kinguin's description ? or i need to buy the season pass from microsoft store for all contens?
Thanking you in advance, and hope to receive help.

12th Sep 2017, 00:44
As far as I know, the "old" season pass was upgraded -- ie, if you had bought it before the new content was added, you were still eligible for all said new content. As the old season passes are no longer sold on the digital Microsoft/Steam stores, I am not sure whether the same would still apply here.