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23rd Nov 2002, 01:00
Which tool or program I can use to open a was or tr4 file, and view(all) the objects inside, and possibly take a pic? I tried using wadmerger, but everytime I load a tr4 file it crashes. I want to make myself a object archive of all the tr objects(every level on cd)

23rd Nov 2002, 02:09

This is mi first post on this forum. Long time ago i was thinking if i should register or not, but you can see me now.

About your question:
-You can use TRviewer (an excellent program) OR
-PixStr v.1.00 this tool opens from tr1 to trc levels, and lets you to edit them.

Raider Croft.

23rd Nov 2002, 02:58
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23rd Nov 2002, 03:13
You can use TR_Wad to look at the wad files.;) :D

And Welcome to the forum Raider_Croft!;)