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22nd Nov 2002, 21:24
If you have a custom level that is almost complete, please take the opportunity to post it here.

If you include a screenshot, try to keep the file size low so as to allow the thread to load quickly. :)


22nd Nov 2002, 21:53
Does almost finished also includes levels that are almost finished but that I am no longer working on? In that case, I have some.

22nd Nov 2002, 23:20
Originally posted by TRWad
Does almost finished also includes levels that are almost finished but that I am no longer working on? In that case, I have some.

If you believe it to be of interest to anyone, feel free.

I merely wish to catalogue all current projects, however those that are almost finished would be of more interest. :)

Dan the Jazzman
22nd Nov 2002, 23:28
My level is nearly finished! I've been working on it for months!

My level is set in the other colony of atlantis where Lara has located a mysterious second scion (okay, I'll think of a storyline for it). She goes in search for it but lands herself in more trouble than she can handle... <stunned silence as everyone gasps>

I tried to recreate TR1, since that's my favourite game of the series (My friend testified this before I told him that was what I was aiming for!). There are more atlanteans, and I hope it's a sort of "traditional" TR level to enjoy. You won't have to use any moves added since TR2, like climbing walls or crawling (though you can if you want ;) ). I also wrote some music for it, based on TR themes. Between you and me, there are some effects which you won't have seen in custom levels before- I've had to exploit the TR4 engine, after all it's a TR1 level...

I've been working on it on and off for months, but I've done most of the work in the past few weeks. It should be finished by the end of this week, maybe even by the end of the weekend! I'll let you know when it's ready! I hope you like it (you will, because I said so :p ). I promise it'll be worth downloading!

I'll shut up now and just give you the screenshots, which are better than listening to me go on...




Ps. @ data, are the images okay? If not let me know and I'll take them off or make them smaller. Also, let me know if they don't work, thanks!

23rd Nov 2002, 00:05
Looks excellent Dan ;)

For reference:
The image size is ok, however a good rule of thumb with screenshots is to save them as 50% compressed jpeg @ 640x480 to 800x600 as these load quicker without loss of clarity. Each of your images at the moment are about 130k, however using the above technique, the file size would only be approximately 20-30k and would not look any different. ;)
(see my screenshot in first post of 'Humorous screenshot thread)

Dan the Jazzman
23rd Nov 2002, 12:00
All done, thanks! :)

Storm Chaser
23rd Nov 2002, 12:41

Temple Of The Mayans - 1st screenshots - no where near finished yet though

23rd Nov 2002, 14:51

Go to the levels section and see every level I've released and that is in progress :D (only the one that is highlighted in orange is released now, the res is in progress)

edit- oh and btw, Dan your screens look awesome, can't wait to play your levels!

The Raider
24th Nov 2002, 20:52
Some time ago i posted some screenshots of my level. I decided to post some more here.

The name of my level is "Temple of India" and here is the story:

It's the year 2002 and Lara Croft had read an article about three explorers that has been on a expedition to India some years ago to find the mysterious Lizard Artifact that is hidden somewhere in the temple of Lord Shiva. But they never returned to there families. People went looking for them but they had no luck in finding them.Lara decided to go look for them and to carry on with the search that the three explorers started and find the Artifact.

My level will be finished next year January if there is no problems.

Here is the screenshots.Hope you like them!!!(you shall have to copy and paste each on of the following shortcuts in the address bar,sorry)






24th Nov 2002, 21:47
My new VCI level is on hold. I had some inspiration to create a egypt level tr1 style. Here are some screens. I am just getting started on the project.

Chris-Craig Michaels
25th Nov 2002, 18:44
I am working on two levels right now, Indus Valley and Temple of Chiholtopec! The first level is set in India, and you are searching for the Serpent Stone in the temple of wisdom, ruled by the god Ganesha.
Temple of Chiholtopec is set in Ecuador, and starts out in a winding series of caves, then up into a temple complex, and a final battle within a forgotten pyramid!

26th Nov 2002, 02:47
Inspired by the watching freestyle motoX on the Gravity Games I am currently building a huge course for the quad bike. It seems to be very interesting in design at the moment as I'm testing out different sizes of ramps and trying out different slopes. I don't have any screenshots yet. Once I get a quad bike actually working the right way, I'll be able to test the flow and rythm of the jumps all together instead of just a single jump at on time. I have planned this out very much already, but I can still say that it is nowhere near finished. I'll keep you updated;)

27th Nov 2002, 16:41
Peru has come to an abrupt screeching halt...

a. For lack of ideas...
b. I've been working on my site so much...

Also, the second level "Sunset Courtyards" is going to be completely remade to make it better, since Midnight Lakes looks 1000x better than it in comparison :D

For a "get-the-ideas-flowing" mini-project, I'm going to start a mausoleum level, similar to the inside of the church in TRC flyby...

It'll be creepy and all, but not quite as scary as Doomsday Dungeons :D I hope to have some faint organ music playing in the background, freaky noises to scare people :D

I'll be using textures from TRC and some I come up with on my own, plus mostly objects from TRC and maybe some others.

Sounds good? Let me know if you like my ideas :D

(And BTW- My new site will be up soon I hope)

And here are the pix...