View Full Version : Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade wars the movie

3rd Feb 2013, 19:56
The flop of Final Fantasy movie left a bitter taste in my theatre going experience, Then Advent Children actually was alittle better becuase it had some chacters we reconized doing things expected to be done, but the storyline kinda was nonsense.
Nomura should do 1 more movie, one more try.... with Kingdom Hearts. He doesnt need to reintroduce anything, PLEASE dont pull a M.Night on us with twists or a complete RETELLING of the story from a diffrent view......get a group of Kingdom Hearts fans together let them judge the script... brain storm it... this thing can make Millions of dollars and if Nomura doesnt do it i will wait for copyright to wear off in 10 years and do it myself! People will flock to see sora & kairi and namine and riku on the big screen and it has 3-d all over it