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22nd Nov 2002, 15:12
you can use the harpoon gun
If you no how to change the state id. when i put the harpoon anim into the crossbow slot with wadmerger.
then i used Trviewer to get the state ids from the tr3 harpoon.
went back to wadmerger open up amimation editor changed the state ids on some of the animation for the harpoon.
when i tried it in game lara pull's out the gun and shoots underwater but// the gun keeps shooting and the gun stays out
so i no it can be done. if anyone is good with useing the animation editor it could be done easy.
I'll keep trying .

22nd Nov 2002, 15:31
So email me the wad and i will check it.
But why does Lara put the gun unterwater?


22nd Nov 2002, 16:20
so can i make the pistols shoot underwater in that way?

22nd Nov 2002, 20:18
Originally posted by Tomo
But why does Lara put the gun unterwater?

From what I heard is that Core added to the Tomb Raider Engine and never took any of the animations/hardcoded information away. That its probibly why the zip line is possible.
Note that what I say is only what I've heard and it might not be true. ;)

22nd Nov 2002, 21:16
When I was testing (ALOT) of state ID's on the running animation just to see what changes happen (some are hilarious)

but one was when you press the roll button she would Go into the swimming animation with the 2 pistols drawn and you could shoot when you wanted BUT (big butt tee hee) She wouldnt put them away, she woundnt move, and her oxygen wasnt going down , so technically she wasnt in water

Not this is much use to anyone, but I had a feeling that there was someway to get her swimming and shooting.......Ill test Idea this out myself :D