View Full Version : GAME BREAKING BUG

30th Jul 2017, 09:38
I am trying to to the Arthin Occultation escalation on ps4

I've reached level 5 and now every time I try to pick up the hatchet I get a mission failure for dropping the hatchet.

It is absolutely frustrating that I am not able to complete this mission due to a bug

This is game breaking and needs fixing ASAP

I've seen others on reddit with this bug and I found this video on youtube

30th Jul 2017, 11:08
I have figured out what triggers this bug.

DO NOT have anything equipped when picking up the hatchet. If you have anything equipped like a coin then picking up the axe will trigger the bug and fail the mission.

Press UP on the D-pad to unequip anything you have equipped before picking up the hatchet