View Full Version : Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 Pro no 3D?

28th Jul 2017, 23:08
First of all I would like to say HI! to everyone, I'm new to the forum but not to the Square Enix games.
I'm with you since Square Soft! :) and the best game ever FFVII.

About TR, why there is no 3D support on PS4? I just bought this game on PSN store and after download I find out that there is no 3D, why?
It's on PC version and it works really well, I loved it when I played it few years back. It adds so much depth to the game, it's totally different experience. This game, with all this amazing landscape it's meant to be played in 3D!!
But the developers had to go and ruined it! SOOO DISAPPOINTED!
On PC you could turn it on or leave it off but it was for player to decide, now I hoped that I would be able to enjoy this game in 3D but I can't!
If I knew that 3D support was removed I would never buy it!! I could get The Witcher 3 game of the year edition for the same price!! :(:(:(