View Full Version : New Player -> Question about DLC Weapons and more

16th Jul 2017, 20:02
I just bought Rise of the Tomb Raider with every DLC and the Season pass and it is the first Lara Croft game I ever played so I dont know how/ whether it is possible to use the weapons, skill cards and the maps in the main game. Or isn`t it possible to use the dlc weapons during the main game ?
Hope you guys can Help me, thx ^^

22nd Jul 2017, 13:32
I believe the cards can only be used in non main game areas such as doing the area on the main screen you unlock where Lara's mansion is riddled with zombies. Some cards can give you special weapons for that and some can increase or decrease the zombies in her mansion.

12th Sep 2017, 00:46
All DLC weapons will unlock when their 'regular' game versions do so. Ie, when you first retrieve the revolver, go to a campfire and you should spot all DLC handguns readily available.

The cards are restricted for use in the Expeditions mode.