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Pike Masters
22nd Nov 2002, 04:42
Any you people heard from Maggie lately

Theres been a lot of pyrates lookin for tha lass on the cyberseas lately

Hope all is well

22nd Nov 2002, 05:27
We're still celebrating her B-day :)

It's been over a month now ;)

But hey, It's a good party! So im not complaining.

22nd Nov 2002, 07:37
She's been around, I think. If I recall correctly, she liked my Monday Face...


22nd Nov 2002, 18:01
:) I can show off my teeth too ya know!

:D :D :D :D :D

Tada! :)

23rd Nov 2002, 08:15
As always, nice dental work, Defender. ;) :p

Here's my pearly whites...

23rd Nov 2002, 16:42
Hey Pikey!!!:D:D Good to see you again my ol' shipmate.:)

I have not been doing much sailing lately, give my love to all the old crew members for me. ;)

where do you hang out while in port these days?

Fair winds. :)

23rd Nov 2002, 20:33
Find any treasures?

takes out his big gun and prepares to mug Pike for his loot


23rd Nov 2002, 21:01
Treasure? :eek:

***Takes out an even bigger gun and prepares to rob Defender of the loot he stole from Pike***

Sorry, buddy. I know we're pals and all, but I'm afraid greed has won me over. :p ;) :D

23rd Nov 2002, 21:03
waves his hands in a jedi mind trick fashion and says

You don't need the gun, you want to go home and rethink your life.

23rd Nov 2002, 21:09
Haha! You're puny powers are useless against--



I...I think I'll go home and rethink my life...http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/aktion/aktion015.gif

Pike Masters
24th Nov 2002, 01:53
It does me heart good to see an old shipmate like yersel

:) :) :)

Rest yer timbers me sweet matey

Both Lord MacAlpin and Henry Morgan been asking me how ye is

I tole em ye was down tha pub :D :) ;)


Pike Masters
24th Nov 2002, 02:03

Mr Defender an Rook

I is gonna have ta swing yer lubber carcasses frem me yardarm

Upside down, mind ye

So all dem pretty pieces of eight come droppin to me deck

Good Lord, look at all dat seagull droppins on me timbers

I hereby enlists you two scallywags as swabs

Wunst yer finished dere ye kin clean tha head

An be quick about it


Me an Mags here gotta drink tha health of a dead monkey we wunst knew

24th Nov 2002, 02:11
I wouldnt be a very good cleaner for a sea ship :)

If ya no what I mean ser. (ok. so im terrible in pirate lingo)

sends Polly after Pike Masters

Go Polly! He has crackers!! Get em!!!


24th Nov 2002, 04:12
Well, I...I..... :o


***Rook grabs a mop, preferring manual labor over trying to compete in piratespeak***

:o :D

24th Nov 2002, 06:24
Defender Hijacks a Romulan Warbird and goes to the pirate ship in an attempt to rescue her.


Disruptors armed, surrender Rook or else!

What? She's busy?? sigh. Fine. Tell her I'll be back tomorow..

cloaks and leaves

24th Nov 2002, 10:56

***drops mop***

Surrender? What for? I thought we were on the same side, Defender! Ooohh, you're not still mad coz I tried to pilfer your treasure, are ya? ;) :D

24th Nov 2002, 15:27

That was horrible.

For this next scene, act it out like you are those deranged monkeys that were in Maggies sig.

24th Nov 2002, 20:30
Rook, you've got it all wrong. How can I make this look like what I meant..

Surrender, Rook, or else! hmm..

Give me rook and surrender, or else! thats a bit clearer right?

I wanted them to "surrender" you (give you to me) or i would poke holes in their boat :)

24th Nov 2002, 22:39
Originally posted by DKSM

That was horrible.

For this next scene, act it out like you are those deranged monkeys that were in Maggies sig.

I think I forgot about the deranged monkeys.:o Why don't you demonstrate, DKSM. :p

Originally posted by mrdefender
Give me rook and surrender, or else! thats a bit clearer right?

I wanted them to "surrender" you (give you to me) or i would poke holes in their boat :)

A bit clearer, yes. I'm just relieved that you're not mad about the whole treasure mishap. And, do me a favor, and go ahead and poke some holes in their boat anyway... I'll pay ya... :D

25th Nov 2002, 04:35
<presses the big red button marked "fire">


<incompatible microsoft version, please spend 3 days of your life downloading software that will make it blow up faster>.

Damn it! I should've got the warranty!

Oh well... Shields up! Give me ramming speed!


25th Nov 2002, 04:40
LOL How about ludicrous speed!;) :D

25th Nov 2002, 20:17
Dont go into next week ;)

26th Nov 2002, 08:04
They've gone plaid! :eek:


26th Nov 2002, 19:29
The combination ;)

1.. 2... 3... 4... 5 :)

Or the part wherer the "emperor" (im going by starwars things) gets beamed to the control deck/bridge :)

How about the virgin alert with C3P0's spoof :D

26th Nov 2002, 20:52
Ah bless you Pikey.:)

Oh thanks for the drink..(_) *cheers* . That darn monkey!!:D

How is fat Billy Gannet these days? :D

Hiya Dak!:D

Rook, here are my crazy monkeys, they have spent many adays sailing around with me.:D


27th Nov 2002, 09:15
Woohoo! The monkeys are back! Thanks a bunch, Maggie!! :D

Need a little music for all that dancing?

LOL Defender. I love that movie! I like the "Chest Burster" scene with the guy from the Alien movie. "Oh no! Not again!" :D

28th Nov 2002, 03:44
The only monkey I know of is the one in The Simspons :) (Krusty's monkey..).

dances to the tunes

28th Nov 2002, 07:08
I don't even remember him. I haven't watched the Simpsons in ages, either. It sucks missing all my tv shows. I'm only gonna mention that about a dozen more times on this forum. :p

Glad you like the music, Defender. Any song requests? :D

28th Nov 2002, 19:13
YMCA!!! YMCA!!!!! :)


Im not much for a music listener. I only listen to music when my sister wants to listen to music on the radio or when he puts her stereo volume too high..

I'm more of a "soundtrack" kinda guy. I listen mostly to movie or game songs.

I Like Hell Above Water. I forget who sings it but it was one of the songs of the Spider-man trailers... Which didnt make it in the sound track :eek:

Can you believe it... None of the songs they used for their trailers made it to their soundtrack :D

wierd... :)

Hell Above Water sounds like this:

Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan.... Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan...

notices how much not helpful this description is :)

You try sounding out a song using typing ;)

You can try to find a site that allows u to listen to "previews" (first 30 seconds) of songs.

28th Nov 2002, 20:18
Dear God, not the VILLAGE PEOPLE! :eek:


Ok, you win. But I'm not sure YMCA has quite the same effect on acoustic guitar. :p :D

Most of the movie trailers are extras on the DVD version, but I don't recall hearing any different music that stuck out well enough that I would notice. (And I wish they would have had more outtakes on the disc!) Guess I'll have to go back and take a look again.

I thought maybe you were just trying to remember something about someone named Dan... ;) :p

28th Nov 2002, 20:28
LOL, Rook, loves the music and the pic.:D


28th Nov 2002, 20:33
Glad you like it, Maggie! You're monkeys never seem to tire of dancing. I take it they've had their coffee? :D

Any song requests? :)

28th Nov 2002, 20:50
Originally posted by Rook
Any song requests? :)

Shock the Monkey :eek:

28th Nov 2002, 21:17
Peter Gabriel? Are you serious?

;) :p :D

29th Nov 2002, 07:39
Did u see the news? They're working (its already been done but working on it) on "self-destructing" dvds. A chemical that would make the DVD useless in a period of time.

They put the article in the context of "late fees" from renting dvds. and how you could throw them out.

Suffice it to say I was more than curiosed. Apparently, MGM was the first company who made such a DVD for promoting Die Anothre Day (the latest Bond movie). The disposable DVD was full of promotional content; trailers, pictures, music, interviews and such. Stuff ud find as "special features" on DVDs

29th Nov 2002, 09:04
That definitely sounds...different....http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/fragend/fragend003.gif


Pike Masters
30th Nov 2002, 04:20
Arrrrrrrrr Maggie

Billy be larnin tha fiddle

I'd uv let ye hear tha swab

But some stinkin Don moderatin git aint allowin no music around here


Jus tha pretend stuff

Some other swabs kin hear :rolleyes:

I dont hear nuffin :(

30th Nov 2002, 12:42
You hear nuffin Pikey? :eek:

Thats cos you are listening with your ears...you 'ave to use a thing called imagination, Oh well, probably something you have never heard of let alone used..after all ye is jus' a smelly ol' pirate. ;) :D

So fat Billy is playing a fiddle, he has been fiddling for years.


30th Nov 2002, 20:02
takes out his Universal Translator

translator shorts out

Hmm. Never knew pirate talk was so complicated.

(complicated enough to short out a UT) :D

1st Dec 2002, 00:55

Suddenly I don't feel quite so out of place in this thread. :D

1st Dec 2002, 02:09
<read subject>

Chin Wan Gotah Wasam Heeeei Keut.

pushes a few buttons

Sorry about that. Wrong Language Setting :D

Pike Masters
1st Dec 2002, 13:12
music (http://www.rathergood.com/vikings/)

Pike Masters
1st Dec 2002, 15:44

Pike Masters
1st Dec 2002, 15:47

Pike Masters
1st Dec 2002, 16:05

1st Dec 2002, 16:52
do u have dancing monkeys? :)

Pike Masters
1st Dec 2002, 17:21
I can get ye a cargo of Dancing monkeys easy

Let me have a word with me good friend Sir Henry Morgan

How much would ye be willing to pay?

Pike Masters
1st Dec 2002, 17:40

Pike Masters
1st Dec 2002, 20:16
I kin get ye these


They is the best dancers

Pike Masters
1st Dec 2002, 20:29
This one is an old gent


Pike Masters
1st Dec 2002, 20:35
A monkey undergoing dancing theory


1st Dec 2002, 21:21
nice monkey :)

1st Dec 2002, 21:30
OMG! That first monkey (the first real one, that is) is soooo cute! I want one of those for Christmas!!


And, woohoo, I have a smiley just for this forum! http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Miscellaneous/monkey.gif


2nd Dec 2002, 03:52
Whats the song?

10 little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and broke its head... :)

2nd Dec 2002, 07:58
Oooh, I hope he doesn't fall off the bed. He's a careful little fellow with fairly good balance, so he shouldn't be in too much trouble.



2nd Dec 2002, 18:47
I love them all!! I just love monkeys. :D

Hows about this one. :D


And don't forget my MIB (Monkeys in Black.)


2nd Dec 2002, 22:15
roflol. Nice outfits ;)

3rd Dec 2002, 07:13
OK, the first one is a liiiittle bit scarey... :eek:

Love the MIB! :cool:


4th Dec 2002, 01:41
the 2nd one looks like he needs to go to the washroom badly.

(the one on the right)

4th Dec 2002, 08:41
Y'know, now that you mention it.....:eek: :o :D

Or how about...

http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Miscellaneous/monkey.jpg + http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Miscellaneous/food7.gif = http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Miscellaneous/joey_smaller_cropped.gif


4th Dec 2002, 17:41
Digs deep into the meaning of this math...

hmm.. So.. You + coffee = agitated? ;)

We did evolve from them u know :D

But some scientist say we resemble the pig more.

Dunno on what aspects. internal organs? the fact that we eat like.. well... pigs :)

5th Dec 2002, 07:54
I did not evolve from a monkey! :eek:

***scratches ribs***

Anybody else here like BANANAS? http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Miscellaneous/monkey.gif

:p :D

5th Dec 2002, 22:49
gets his pair of sunglasses :cool:

u might want to tone down the banana word slightly :D

6th Dec 2002, 08:10
Yeah, I know, but the next best thing would've been something that looked like rotten banana. :eek: :D

6th Dec 2002, 19:32
And the big yellow banana looks like a big yellow neon light :)

At least the rotten banana can be read :D


7th Dec 2002, 00:10
My friend made this a few years ago when he was bored


The problem is, they "float" a bit. ;)

7th Dec 2002, 00:29
they do more than float. its like there's a cloaked trampoline ontop of the other trampoline. :)

7th Dec 2002, 10:04
Originally posted by mrdefender
And the big yellow banana looks like a big yellow neon light :)

Painful to read, isn't it?;) It's no wonder yellow isn't an actual text color option on these forums. You have to type it in yourself to use it. Heck, I didn't even know it worked until a few days ago. I wonder what other colors work...?:D

The rotten banana just looks icky, though.:o

Cute floating monkeys, DKSM.;) :p :D

7th Dec 2002, 17:31
wow. ur right. u cant use yellow from the drop-down menu. :eek:

i guess u do really learn something new every day :)

7th Dec 2002, 22:59
LOL Now I'm just wondering if putting in colors like turquoise, white, maroon, etc would work... :D

Oh my God, they DO!!

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Edit: Ooh, I do believe I've found a slightly less annoying replacement to the yellow color. How about THIS??

Still hard to read, but not quite as bad... :D

8th Dec 2002, 01:31
would look better on the grey background :)

like this background all over here..

8th Dec 2002, 02:04
Well, if you didn't use all the dark grey backgrounds for your replies, maybe I could try it.;) :p

8th Dec 2002, 03:26
hunh? Why not simply reply to yourself?

It would be less complicated. :)

8th Dec 2002, 04:26
I think they'd call that spam, and I'd never do that...;)

8th Dec 2002, 04:29
Changed my mind.:p


8th Dec 2002, 21:12
no, spam is more like the same msg more than 3 times.

in forum talk anyways.

Email spam is like junk mail.

I keep getting a spam about a septic tank. whatever that is. (well. its not like every day but i get it once every 2 months or so)

8th Dec 2002, 23:35
And forum spam is like junk posts--like the ones I've just used to play around with the unavailable color assortment.:o :D

My emails seem to get nothing but spam. And it's the kind the email provider won't let you cancel. Kinda sucks. I don't know why I bother having so many email addresses just for that... :o


9th Dec 2002, 06:27
i only got 2 email addresses. well. 3...

1 is my "main account" email/account for my ISP. which sorta is the one i have to keep "active"

another one is my own email address from my ISP.

And I got another free-web mail for no reason. I just used it so I could check my POP3 email from school at the time.

Oh. POP3 is the type of mail Outlook Express uses (excluding "hotmail")

9th Dec 2002, 06:55
I've got 5 email addresses--all web-based. I don't need near that many, so I don't have a good explanation for having them all. My ISP email has never worked, and I don't feel like bothering to fix it. I use one of them exclusively for junk mail (ordering catalogs, etc), and the rest of them are either for regular mail, or for putting in my profiles on various message boards.

I'm weird.... :D

9th Dec 2002, 16:46
do u check all of em?

Cause If u put ur non-main email on here.. and u want to be notified of a reply to ur post... ;)

10th Dec 2002, 10:44
I only end up checking them about once a week, and sometimes not even that often. And they are always, and I mean always full of junk mail (the kind a web-based email account won't filter out:mad: ) and nothing else. I'd check them more often if there were something worth seeing, but two years of nothing but spam makes a person lazy about keeping up with their mail... :o :D

10th Dec 2002, 20:15
that makes sense. Doesnt the webmail have one of those "inactive for too long = account cancelation" like hotmail...

(but hotmail doesnt consider your MSN account as "using" ur hotmail...)

11th Dec 2002, 07:23
Yeah, but I don't usually let them go for quite that long. Just often enough to keep them active and clean out all the useless news updates and *special offers*. :)

11th Dec 2002, 22:01
ah. :)

Sir Henry Morgan
11th Dec 2002, 23:09
5 email addresses :eek:

I have 2 and that gets me confused enough :o

12th Dec 2002, 00:59
i got 2 but i use outlook express. (its POP3 accounts) and it checks both at the same time and they show up in the same place. So i dont gotta go to 5 sites to see which email im looking for :)

Sir Henry Morgan
12th Dec 2002, 02:39
Yeah I had that but my new server only allows one email address! :rolleyes:

12th Dec 2002, 02:49
oooooooooh. 1. wow. :) High Tech stuff :D

My ISP provides (:eek:) 7 email addresses!!!!!!!!

You can get 1 email for each ip (we got 3 but my sis uses hotmail) + the freebie you get for signing up with the ISP (and its ur main account, so u need that one to log into services).

Ok. How many computers does someone need??? U'd need an ip for an extra computer, to have 7 emails would require 7 ips which means 7 computers on a home network (lan).

Not even bill gates has that many computers at home!

Well.. unless u count his tech art (his art collection are flat comp screens. :D

12th Dec 2002, 06:12
Originally posted by Sir Henry Morgan
5 email addresses :eek:

I have 2 and that gets me confused enough :o

And I don't really even need any of them, since my box is always full of nothing but junk mail. That's the funny (or pathetic) part.:o :D

My ISP provides 1 email address that doesn't work.:D

Sir Henry Morgan
12th Dec 2002, 06:46
I've been on holiday :D

My hotmail gets full of junk and then if I put the junk filter on high it blocks out legitimate emails too, you can't win :rolleyes:

12th Dec 2002, 08:24
Yep, that's pretty much the same problem I have with all my emails, too. :o

I've been on holiday :D
Oooh, where'd ya go? :eek: :D

12th Dec 2002, 21:01
Outlook express allows severe filtering parameters.

Em. I dunno if severe is the right word, but it allows "strong" filters.

U can have it say that if it has even 1 of these words, delete it.

So.. Where did ya go for ur vacation? :)

Hope you had a good time. Was the weather good? (nothing ruins a carefully planed vacation only to run into bad weather :) )

13th Dec 2002, 09:14
I haven't really bothered with any filtering. What am I gonna filter? Separating the junk mail into "worthy" and "unworthy" categories? :rolleyes: ;) :D

13th Dec 2002, 17:21
U might not be able to filter it 100% but adding some words (adult words) would filter those out. Its a start :)

U can aslo add domains to be filtered (@someone.com). And i think theres a "only accept people from my address book" filter.

14th Dec 2002, 07:00
I don't have anybody in my address book. I just don't know many people.:o :)

And if I filtered out the junk mail, I wouldn't have any mail. :o :o :o


14th Dec 2002, 17:07
isnt that the point?

it's called junk mail for a reason u know :D ;)

15th Dec 2002, 00:27
True, but like I said, if I didn't have junk mail, I wouldn't have any mail.:o I might as well keep it coming until real mail starts coming with it.;)

J/K :D

15th Dec 2002, 03:06
so.. u just like to get junk mail? wierd..

I usually dont get junk mail but i got 5 (all adult) today only


15th Dec 2002, 03:57
No, I don't like getting junk mail. I just don't get any other kind. So if I blocked the junk mail, then I wouldn't get anything... :o ;)

15th Dec 2002, 06:30
speaking of which. I contacted my ISP for spam help they refered me to spamcop.com (free if u can wait the 6-8 seconds) and the download.com website (to find a spam killer).

I use spamcop. Its easy and good.

The thing is they send u a email address (that u can forward the spam to) and a website (both are "links" so u can copy and paste) and i booked marked it and added it in my "links" folder. The other little menu under the address bar in IE).

I got 6 spams today. 5 adult and 1 about something called RODOS. whatever that is. I get alot from this RODOS thing.

I tried to unsubscribe (but most spam mail's unsubscribe is the opposite, it verifys the email is valid and then u never see the end of it) and used my fake email (mrdefender@somewhere.com) and it said thankyou for unsubscribing. ... :)

Nice to know someone who's not subscribed can unsubscribe himself :D

Sir Henry Morgan
15th Dec 2002, 22:47
Oooh, where'd ya go?

I went down the south coast, was great fun :D

16th Dec 2002, 00:00
Lucky u. u got a chance to get away from the snow :)

Sir Henry Morgan
16th Dec 2002, 10:11
umm we don't have any snow

It's summer here, we have drought and bushfires :eek:

16th Dec 2002, 17:27
doh! i completley forgot about the location thingy.

So... I guess u went to get some water then :) (???)

Pike Masters
16th Dec 2002, 18:13
Mr Defender an Rook

You two swabs is gitten promoted

yE is no longer deck swabbers


nearly hiccuped there

Ye is gitten promoted ta pyrates

but ye gotta earn it

Ye gotta larn tha monkey sellin business

If yer interested in bein promoted from swab ta official monkey selling pyrate, or monkey selling official pyrates, or selling official pyrate monkeys, aint tha business

Ye is promoted anyhow

16th Dec 2002, 21:35
Thenk yeh Sir

Pike Masters
16th Dec 2002, 21:44


Where is Rook?

Is Rook present and correct?

Sir Henry Morgan
16th Dec 2002, 22:18
ooh the time honoured tradition of pirate monkey selling! :D

17th Dec 2002, 00:40
hands a mop to henry. Guess what ur position is now ;) :D

I dunno where rook is. I guess she's working or somethin'

We've been asked to slow down abit for having too much fun, so I drank a bottle of nyquil :)

17th Dec 2002, 07:45
Present! ...though not entirely correct...:o


I could probably do with gaining a bit of weight--and some arms, now that I think of it...

But that's beside the point. I'm an official monkey selling pyrate, and I'm darned proud of it! Thanks Pike Masters! Methinks I'll have to fix me up another sig that adequately reflects my shiny new prestige. :D

Originally posted by Sir Henry Morgan:
I went down the south coast, was great fun :D
http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/dday/shocked.gif ENVY!! http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/dday/shocked.gif

I need a vacation...

Kindly pass the Nyquil, please, Defender. I have a sniffle... :o


17th Dec 2002, 20:33
I think arms are the least of your worries :)

You might want to work on skin :D

passes the bottle of nyquil to Rook Drink up :)

17th Dec 2002, 20:45
Yeah, I was gonna mention the lack of skin thing, too. Oops! I could probably use a bit of that. Then again, if I've done OK without it up till now, it can't be that big a concern. I'm just a little tired of having to pick things up with my teeth, though.:eek: :o :D

Aaaahh, Nyquil at last! http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/ernaehrung/ernaehrung012.gif

Bless you, Defender. I really needed that. :D

I'm actually home from work with a nasty cold today... :o

Sir Henry Morgan
17th Dec 2002, 23:21
Look at the bright side, at least you'll never need to worry about wrinkles! :D

Ooh a cold! I guess you have a runny nose, oh wait, you don't have a nose either! :D

17th Dec 2002, 23:26

I guess the skin thing wouldnt be much of an issue, u need skin to be alive (protect from sun's radiation and protect organs too). Not to mention the Buffy's last Season Finale :) (willow goes crazy).

But if u only have bones, its not like u have organs that need to be protected from radation :)

PS: Get well soon :)

18th Dec 2002, 00:14
Thanks, Defender. I've been drinking heavy amounts of grape cold medicine, and I think it's actually starting to help. Either that, or it's just making me woozier... :o


Originally posted by Sir Henry Morgan:
Look at the bright side, at least you'll never need to worry about wrinkles! :D
Or wearing makeup, for that matter. I don't wear makeup anyway, but now it's reeeally not a problem. :D

18th Dec 2002, 04:24
Not to mention the fact the skeleton is male :)

18th Dec 2002, 04:33
Nah, it's just me in drag.

:eek: :D

18th Dec 2002, 18:24

em. henh. eh. hmm.. oh.. ah.. wha?

runs out of the room


So how you feelin' today? (December 18th)

EDIT: Ok. I'm currently doing synchronized lyrics for "One Week" (by Barenaked Ladies) and, em... Its insane!!!

I'm only 40 seconds in the song and there's 24 lines done!!
There's like 6 words said in less than a second!

Thats like not humanly possible!!!! This is rediculous! I cant wait to see the synchronized lyrics. It will be so fast my 2GHZ will crash :D

19th Dec 2002, 07:54
So how you feelin' today? (December 18th)


It's getting better though. Hopefully I won't feel this crappy on Christmas. I already had that ordeal at Thanksgiving.:mad: Anyway, at least I did manage to get to work today. Whether or not that's really a good thing is debatable. I'd rather have stayed in bed... http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/schlafen/schlafen015.gif

Now what are you doing with this music thingy again? :confused:


19th Dec 2002, 20:40
In Windows Media Player 9 (its a beta, but can be downloaded by anyone at the wmp site), you can synchronize lyrics.

So you can have it say at 00:01:20:250 to "say" (show) a line.

(thats HH:MM:SS:MS. ... Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Mili-seconds (or the thing right after/before seconds).

So at 00:01:20:250 you can show a lyric, and at 00:01:29:000 you can show another one.

But in Barenaked Ladies' One Week. Its insane. There's like 10 lines in 5 seconds. :)

So its like 00:01:250, line 1l 00:02:000, line 2....

by 30 seconds, 40% of the song is done :D

Its awesome.

Leave you far behind is probobly the shortest song. Its only got 5 lines of lyrics (but it gets repeated around 5 times). Its one of the songs that was featured on one of the Spider-man trailers. Its included in the Matrix Soundtrack (but I cant recall where in that movie it plays).

Satelite (Tomb Raider movie soundtrack) is just 1 word, but it repeats for like 4 mins. It's easy to do. U just add one line at the time the first word is said (satelite) then u can leave it there. cause it will stay on the screen until u play another song :)

20th Dec 2002, 08:09
Heehee. I might just have to look into that.:D

20th Dec 2002, 19:40
It's awesome. U can even change the colors of WMP.

It also has "auto-playlists". You can choose from many catagories.

* Favorites - ### stars (you can rate the songs)
* Favorites - Have not heard recently
* Favorites - Listen on Weekdays (and another 1 for Weekends)
* High or Low bitrate (I know where u can see the bitrate but as far as I know, it determines quality ?? )

And may more auto-playlists.

Ofcourse, New skins. And a really neat new feature, its called "Mini-player".

When u minimize the media player, it appears on your taskbar (where ur windows appear at the bottom of the screen, along with the clock, system tray (little icons to the right), quick launch (icons to the left) and start menu.)

What's New: (official new features list)

Obvious one; www.windowsmedia.com (look at bottom of page for downloads link)

Link brings you to: www.microsoft.com/windowsmedia/

21st Dec 2002, 07:51
Ok, some of that stuff is admittedly just a bit over my head. Heck, I can't even get new skins to install properly on the WMP I've got right now.:o

I'll still try to look into it, though. :)

22nd Dec 2002, 00:04
It's worth looking into (ofcourse, imho... :) )

Oh no! I've become what I hate most!! A SALESMAN!!!!!!!

dies of horror

It gets worse :) I'm promoting Microsoft :)

You'd think their popups would be enough.

U have a program that keeps telling u to register (which brings u to a ms page with their advertisments) or windows update...

What bothers me is the fact that they have "no information is being sent to microsoft" on windows update :)

I never considered about it before i saw that message :)

You just know they're getting ur info when it says they're not ;)

22nd Dec 2002, 04:32
Originally posted by mrdefender
You just know they're getting ur info when it says they're not ;)

You're starting to sound like me. :p


22nd Dec 2002, 05:36
Life's little ironies I guess. :)

Here's something odd.

22nd Dec 2002, 09:13
Uhh...what's odd? http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/hum.gif

22nd Dec 2002, 21:23

(You don't find it odd that I said 'Here's something odd' and didnt post it... ;) )


24th Dec 2002, 06:38
Yes, and I'm still baffled... http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/hum.gif

:o ;) :D

24th Dec 2002, 07:23
throws paper in the air

Bah. I give up.


24th Dec 2002, 07:55
Then I don't guess it'll help me much to say it again. I'll just leave the old, familiar, (and still baffled!) smiley here once more...

http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/hum.gif :D

24th Dec 2002, 20:46
picks up the paper and throws it in the air again


Basicly, I just wanted to say "Here's something odd" then I knew you would reply "what's odd?" (or something to that effect). Cause saying "Here's ...." then you don't say it, its odd :)

Pike Masters
18th Jan 2003, 15:25
Official Pyrate Monkey sellers

You is to report for duty at the Flamin Badger

Dont be afeared


18th Jan 2003, 20:45
afeared? What kind of word is that? em.. Sir! :)

afraid? .. thats the closest I can think of.. has alot of the same letters and it even looks the same. watch;


you have the a, f, r, a, d. :)

so if it is afraid.. i guess I should act the part :)

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Pike Masters
18th Jan 2003, 21:17
If yer aint afeared then why aint ye appeared at tha Flamin Badger, an took up yer duties as official pyrate monkey sellers

The first thing a pyrate needs to do is find a tavern

Part of yer duties involve drinkin rum

The Flamin Badger be the name of a tavern

Where pyrates drink rum

Now ole Pikey here aint in the business of shewin, wet by the ears, Johnny come lately, newly found pyrates how to find a tavern, if every swab I had on me ship needed ta be shewed where to find a drink, Pikey would be foreffer shewin swabs where ta find a drink

Now tis yer duties mateys

Duty number one, Find the Flamin Badger Tavern

Duty number two, Sell monkeys


In the course of your employ ye will be trained in pyrate arts such as snail racin, gamblin an robbin, but yer furst and expected of any seaman worth his salt, god given duty is ta find a place to quench yer thirst

Now I realise you'se two pyrates has only jus bin promoted, an might neffer heard the like of tha Flamin Badger tavern, so I am prepared ta make a concession fer ye bein remiss in yer duties thus far, but ta find tha tavern ye jus needs to follow the direction of me good friend Henry Morgan, who is currently in hiding as he is afeared of losing the biggest pyrate racing snail extravaganza ever ta hit tha carib

And fer tha snail race to go ahead, as every good pyrate knows, monkey sellers are a absolute necessity

Now I would simply link the tavern to here, It is located in the Seadogs 2 forum, and frequently spammed as low as page 16, so yer not gonna git any problem bout spammin

If yer aint afeared get out there mateys

Live a little

Git sellin dem monkeys

19th Jan 2003, 00:05
arr sorrehy mate. I was lookin for tha treasurr! Tis I was. I swindleh the barr keep for the map, I swindleh him good.. arr. yah E did.

The treasurr seems to be hidden in pyrates cove sir. should we be informin' the capin' sir? Arr.. matey.

sees a mirror and looks at it

Arr! Me patch is on wrong side of me head.!


19th Jan 2003, 04:46
I don't seem to find any taverns. http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/survali/icon11.gif

Perhaps we ought to have one here. I'll even open up my humble abode, but the place does need a good clean first...


As always, monkeys are welcome--especially dancing ones. They keep things lively. http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/andomi/Monkey_Dance.gif


19th Jan 2003, 06:50
:eek: :confused: that looks like a picture from Myst. (major adventure game.).

em. I mean. Yah look like eh picturre from tha Mystem game.. arrr. (maJorr sea gowingg quest it tis)

Arrrrrr matey :)

19th Jan 2003, 06:56
It does look a bit like that, doesn't it. I haven't played Myst (the original one) for aaages! :eek:

19th Jan 2003, 21:39
I got it for my bday the same year it came out. I couldnt get enough of it.

Did you follow the sequels? (Riven, Myst3: Exile)

I wasn't very fond of Riven (until I read the walkthrough). It was wierd... You started off with nothing to do (kinda). Myst had stuff close by that lead to another thing, and to another, and another, etc...

Riven just placed you there and u had to figgure out what to do.. :/ It was still a fun game when you got the hang of it.

Myst 3 was awesome. 'Natural' (remember, the worlds are actually a story book...) landmarks were keys to getting to the final level/boss level. The Boss is Ensign Sueter (??) from Voyager (died when the Kazon relocated the crew on a unstable planet, Seuter and the EMH got control of the ship).

Acording to the IMDB site... (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Dourif,%20Brad)

His Real Name is Brad Dourif
His character in Myst3 is named Saavedro
His character in ST:Voyager is "Lon Suder" (he's a betazedian.. or whatever you call someone from Betazed.)

19th Jan 2003, 21:50
I only got to play a short segment of the original Myst years ago when it first came out. I was over at a friends house at the time. I don't remember if I liked it or not. I just remember that her speakers were up waaay too loud, and neither her nor I knew how to turn them down. Yeah, I was a stupid kid...:o

By the way, that screenshot of my tavern is from a very cool game called Vagrant Story. I highly recommend it, even if I haven't yet played it to the end. It's got a great medieval-type atmosphere (which I love in games), some fantastic monsters to beat up, bosses galore, and a pretty interesting storyline. It also has about the best battle system for an RPG that I've ever seen! Lot's of spells and fighting techniques in there! And, of course, the graphics are cool, even if it's only a PS1 title. I'm sure they have it out for PC somewhere...;) :D

19th Jan 2003, 23:55
the Myst series requires the volume to be somewhat louder than normal. The sounds can be clues for some puzzle.

I know there was an 'age' (another level/story book) where the puzzle was a keyboard (musical keyboard). where you had to enter notes in the proper sequence to open the vault with the book inside (book=portal to another level/'age').

20th Jan 2003, 00:51
Maybe it's supposed to have a pretty good volume to it, but hers was up so ungodly loud that it actually made the sound muffled, so you really couldn't tell what anyone was saying anyway.

Either that, or it was just me covering my ears in pain...LOL:D

20th Jan 2003, 01:44
The Myst series are amazing. I cant get enough of it.. well.. I did get enough of it after finishing it 20 times.. At one point, you just cant get amazed with the game like u used to in the first 1-5 times. :)

I got envelopped in the story-line and found myself stuck in it. Good game(s) :)

20th Jan 2003, 02:00
Unfortunately, I haven't had much of a chance to play them any further. I should try and look them up again. At the time, though, the first one was so loud, I couldn't even understand what the game was supposed to be about. :eek: :o :D

20th Jan 2003, 03:56
I dont think they make the 'original' anymore. But there is this 'Myst: Masterpiece' edition. It's, basicly, the same as the original Myst (same 'story' and stuff). Only difference between the original and Masterpiece, is that Masterpiece features Direct3D/OpenGL compatibility (i.e looks more 3d compared to today.. than it did compared to 10 years ago..).

Old 3d has more of cubes than hills.. Masterpiece brings it closer to todays 3d technology.

20th Jan 2003, 11:40
Sounds pretty cool. Guess I might just have to add that one to the long list of games I plan to buy when I get some extra cash together...or if I win the lottery... :D

20th Jan 2003, 20:42
It's fun. If you like puzzles. There's no action in the game. so if your an action maniack, you'll be disapointed.

Same goes for the Riven and Myst3 games. The most action you would get would be in the in-game movies. Or you being confined.

21st Jan 2003, 07:46
Hey, I don't mind puzzle games. They're not what I usually play, but if it's interesting enough, I'll try just about anything.

Ok, anything but sports stuff....

:o :D

21st Jan 2003, 08:22
Never found sports games very interesting.. (tv, movie, game..)

Not much of a sports fan..

Give me sci-fi any day ;)

21st Jan 2003, 09:41
I don't mind a few sports movies (Remember the Titans, Hoosiers, Rudy, etc), even the more fantasy-based ones (Field of Dreams, The Natural...), but I never have cared for watching real sports or playing sports games. I'll probably be on the computer during the Superbowl.:D

I much prefer sci-fi, too. I'm also a big fantasy game freak (vampires, dragons, monsters, knights, that sort of thing). :cool:

21st Jan 2003, 20:43
?? I thought the 'fantasy' you mentioned was sci-fi.. ?? Oh well, i guess I'd better play it safe and say im into fantasy too :)

The only sports-like movies I saw was 'The Rookie' (recent movie.. about the baseball player guy.. forgot his name.. was a teacher, played in the mlb at 35...) and Roller Ball (not really a sport.. but its closer to a sport than anything..

RollerBall was a somewhat odd movie. The game is a ball around a 8 designed (looks like and 8 from above). and a ball drops down and you have to run drive/skate around the track twice and drop/throw the ball in the other team's goal.

Somewhat a reverse capture the flag (you take your flag to their base, not their flag to your base..)

Oh! I do play sports!! (to a very extreme degree). I play alot of CTF in my PC games ;) :D

22nd Jan 2003, 09:52
OK, let me think...

Sci-fi: aliens, spaceships, time travel, technology, science, etc.
Fantasy: monsters, magic, mythical lands, and a complete disregard for science ;)

Anyway, that's how I'd classify them, and I really do like both types of movies--or books, cartoons, whatever. I'd probably prefer the fantasy genre, but there are very few well-made examples of fantasy film/television. Because of that, I usually end up watching more sci-fi stuff.

22nd Jan 2003, 23:06
aliens can be considered monsters...

those vulcan look-alikes (TNG, not romulans..) considered picard to be a god (and magic.. blah. blah...)...

Mythical lands, Holodeck :)

Complete disregard for Science; I can think of a number of episodes where science goes right out the airlock.. :)

23rd Jan 2003, 07:09
All very true. Still, as I would classify them, sci-fi involves more techno-stuff, fantasy is mythical-stuff (gods and monsters). Then again, I've seen some weird movies like White Dwarf that basically qualify as both.:)

23rd Jan 2003, 21:06
Yah. The problem is alot of those sci-fi channels have alot of fiction in it (not just science fiction).

But everything is science.. (well. you know what I mean...)...


But im not gonna turn this into a war thread :) Both types are awesome.

24th Jan 2003, 09:33
Which is why quite a lot of the forums I'm on just call it scifi-fantasy, and heap everything related to either genre into the same category. I think it's a bit better that way. Makes it easier to keep up with the cool movies, books and games all in one place.:D

24th Jan 2003, 21:24
Yah. Some forums/sites/tv stations/etc.. name just one of the genres but show both. wierd..

It really makes a person think now, doesn't it? :confused: :confused:


25th Jan 2003, 08:41
I like it that way!:D The only thing I don't care much for is the fact that the moderators on the other forums I frequent don't seem to do much moderating. :o

26th Jan 2003, 00:10
i know.. its eerie. I know that 'official' forums are moderated alot. Like this one, Infogrames.com's and alot more.

26th Jan 2003, 08:18
I much prefer it that way, too. I mean, I've been to less well-kept forums, and even the mods start flame wars! Makes me appreciate official forums all the more. :cool:

27th Jan 2003, 05:46
Long live The Officials!!! starts chanting


27th Jan 2003, 06:59
No kidding!

***joins chant***

Kinda funny when we're the only ones chanting?

{{{echoes against the walls of the tavern}}}


27th Jan 2003, 20:29
?? We're in a tavern?? :eek:

Oh wait.. If the cops come, we'll just say we're drunk.. We'll be the only drunk people with no alchool in our systems but we're still drunk :D

Gasp! How long have I been a senior member?

28th Jan 2003, 08:07
Yep! This tavern...


Ok, so it's a dusty little workshop right now. But we could always fix it up a bit, ay? :D

And I hesitate to post anything regarding member status or post counts, as wacky things tend to happen when I do. But, yeah, that is kinda weird... ;)

***keeps on chanting***


29th Jan 2003, 00:01
it's this thread? wow.. im so lost. :)

I thought we were still on our voyage...

looks around

ARRR! I'm on de rong ship! Me drunk me am.


29th Jan 2003, 02:22
Whoa! You're right! We are still on the ship! You'd think I would've remembered that, considering that I'm seasick right now... http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/survali/sick.gif

Guess we need a different spot for the tavern..... http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/survali/icon10.gif

29th Jan 2003, 05:52
or make the capin' walk da plank so we can finaly get a cleanerrr.


trying to type (talk) like a pirate is harder than it is to talk (talk talk.. i.e voice..).

29th Jan 2003, 09:42
Where the heck is the Cap'n, anyway? Or the rest of the crew, for that matter?! Have they all walked the plank, and I missed the show? :eek: :D

29th Jan 2003, 18:45
cap'n is in his quarters deperessed. We havent found aneh treasur for a longo time.

Doh! Mesa talking like Jar Jar Binks. Machanecks!

30th Jan 2003, 07:11
Oh God! Not Jar Jar!!:eek: ;)

Bleh...maybe we're lookin' for treasure in the wrong place. Heck, I'll confess that I haven't been lookin' at all.:o

Got any ideas where we might find some? :D

30th Jan 2003, 18:13
takes out his metal detector

Rook originally posted:
Got any ideas where we might find some? :D

Yup :)

30th Jan 2003, 19:25
Ooh, that's not one of those cheap ones that goes off every time you swing it over a pop can tab on the beach, is it? ;) :p :D

31st Jan 2003, 00:38
It has sensitivity settings.. I can detect metal in china if I want :)

(like in cartoons. They just assume that directly down from us (thru the earth) we'll be upside down in china.. (or we enter this side upside down to be upside/upside up in china).


I never got those.. (as in, I dont get it..)

Chances are, whatever goes thru the ground and ends up in china, would melt not even halfway there (we have something called a 'core' ... its not exactly the coolest place on earth.)

I wonder how hot the Earth's core is. Compared to the sun. (i.e 2% of the sun's heat)

31st Jan 2003, 10:49
Ooh, I want one of those flashy metal detectors that can tell the difference between silver and aluminum. Is that what you're using?;)

How about cartoons where you can walk twenty feet off the edge of a cliff, realize it, and possibly get back to the cliff before you fall. Doesn't work every time, though. Just ask Wiley Coyote.:D

31st Jan 2003, 19:18
OMG ! I loved that show. He's getting the road runner for food right...

After all these years.. you'd think he would've died of starvation.. or atleast, one of his elaberate 'traps' that always seem to backfire.

And yes, they would be safe if they just didnt look down :D

I liked how they never spoke. it made it interesting.

Well.. nothing more than the 'Meep Meep' (or is it written 'Beep Beep' ?).

1st Feb 2003, 11:38
I always liked Marvin the Martian the best. :D

I really miss watching those cartoons on Saturday mornings. Either they're not on anymore, or I just get out of bed too darned late... :o


1st Feb 2003, 20:00
Do you recall.. its a... well... it was a.. B&W show. It had a team of scientists in a telephone booth (the ones old superman used to transform..). The booth looked small on the outside but it turned into a somewhat large room on the inside.

I think it was called Dr. No? or Dr. Who?

Oh.. wait.. Dr. No is a bond movie.. isnt it? (i havent followed bond before Goldeneye. So my bond is Brosnan... so.. the other movies .. to me.. are just to wierd cause its not the 'original' (my original...))

1st Feb 2003, 21:10
I believe it's Dr Who. He had the phone booth (call box, police box, whatever you wanna call it) that was huge inside. I used to watch that show every once in awhile.:)

2nd Feb 2003, 03:12
I remember watching that show too. ofcourse, they were all reruns.

Lets see... what other old shows did I see...

Well.. ST:TOS .. ofcourse :)

Thunderbirds (International Rescue thing...)
OOOH! The 60's Batman & Robin. The one where he has everything from a BatHankey to a laser in his utility belt...

Em.. Well.. Dr. Who..
Transformers :) (the original).

What I hate is that they removed the old episodes/series to make way for the new series... :(

I'm not ashamed that I still watch cartoons. Well.. Are animes considered cartoons? ?? Cartoons = animated drawings.. Animes = Japanese Animated Drawings... :/

2nd Feb 2003, 06:14
Hey! I still watch cartoons, too. Not many anime ones, though. Last time I watched those, it was Voltron.:D I still like my X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons (though I don't really care for the newer, movie-inspired versions), a few Disneys, and, of course, Loony Tunes. I miss all my old 80's cartoons, though. Kidd Video, Smurfs, Ghostbusters, etc...

3rd Feb 2003, 03:19
Lets see.. what cartoons do I watch... :/

The Simpsons and King Of The Hill..

I used to watch Pokemon (i dont know anyone who never got pulled into this adictive craze...). Oh. Transformers (all series). ... :/ I used to watch power rangers. I liked those zords things :) they were cool. didnt care much for the .. people in it. Though some bad guys looked really well made.

I watch (from time to time) DBZ. .. I dont watch alot of tv.

My TV Schedule
3PM - 4PM - Touched By An Angel
4PM - 5PM - ST: Voyager or ST:DS9 (depending on which one i like most)
5PM - 6PM - ST: Voyager
6PM - 630PM - Simpsons
630 - 8PM (i just leave tv on and play computer games).
8PM buffy the vamp slayer :)

Mondays, 10PM - CSI Miami
Mondays, 11PM - CSI (first season.. )
Thursdays, 9PM - CSI (new episodes). Sometimes starts @ 8 for B2B episodes.

Wensdays 10PM - ST Enterprise :)
Sundays 8PM - ST Enterprise (plays on another chanel but is a repeat of wensday's episode.)

Hmm.. I watch 3 1/2 hours a day of tv. 5 1/2 on mondays, 4 1/2 on wensdays and thursdays..

So.. my tv avg per week is?? 13hrs and 30 minutes of tv.. give or take ..

Thats not that bad.. half of a day of tv in a period of 7 days? Considering my sleeping hours would tally up to 3 days :rolleyes: :D

3rd Feb 2003, 04:21
I don't really have anything I watch regularly, or even semi-regularly, anymore. I just caught an episode of Smallville tonight for the first time in over a month. I don't even bother trying to tape them anymore. All my favorite shows are either already on tape, or I just end up watching movies. Oh well..... :rolleyes: :D

3rd Feb 2003, 04:51
wow. i got 1300 posts...

Yah. I dont tape them either. Well.. Cause I watch em when it plays (so I dont need to tape them to watch em later...).

The only thing my vcr is doing is acting as a sort of table for my cd holders :)

3rd Feb 2003, 05:47
Yeah, I noticed that. ;)

Aw, well just about every flat surface in my house is a "table" for something else. And nothing ever stays neat for very long... :o

3rd Feb 2003, 06:06
Really? Wow. Your like my sister. She's got somewhat more stuff than I do (but I have more, I just have it organized...).

U walk in her room, u trip and fall down..

U walk in my room, you get amazed on how much space I have :rolleyes:

I've got like 10 boxes of stuff at the back of my room. in my closet. She's got like 10 boxes of stuffed animals alone... :/

5th Feb 2003, 09:47
Nah, my room's a horrifying mess. The bad part is, if I try to clean it up, I can't find anything I'm looking for afterward. Wacky....

I need a file cabinet or two, some extra shelves, another dresser, and a bigger room to fit all that stuff in. LOL :D

5th Feb 2003, 18:36
Ah. I see.. So your one of those reversed-organised people :)

Not me. Id go nuts trying to find my stuff in a mess...

Whats the expression? Finding a needle in a haystack? :)

If I cant find it, there are 4 posibilites.

1) My sister borrowed it.
2) My dad borrowed it.
3) 1 of my 3 cats must've taken it and played with it (like if its a small piece of paper, or a binder clip, or something cats can play with..)

4) It's right under my nose and im too busy blaming other people to see it :rolleyes:

Has this ever happend to you? You're looking for something, you checked a spot out like there was a slight chance of gold there, you look else where and it pops up where you first looked (the 'gold' thing). ?? You could swear that it wasnt there before, but you cant cause it will make you look crazy (if you swear it, it means that u suggest it just walked to that place...)

Looking for stuff is freaky sometimes...

PS: Borrowed is ittalicized cause its not quite borrowed but its not quite stealing.. Stealing = taking something that isnt yours and not asking for it... But I eventually find it and I get it back... so its kinda in the middle of both (borrowed and stole)

7th Feb 2003, 08:42
4) It's right under my nose and im too busy blaming other people to see it

That one definitely applies to me when I'm at work. Of course, a lot of the time, things will go missing because people have actually taken them. But then, the rest of the time, I'll throw a fit coz I can't find something, only to find out later that it was exactly where it should be.

I blame it on the stress of the job... :rolleyes: ;) :D

7th Feb 2003, 19:49
Do you watch fraiser? You know 'Bulldog' ? He does the same thing :)

8th Feb 2003, 11:27
Yep, I remember him.:D

I used to watch it back in its first couple of seasons or so, then I just drifted away from it for whatever reason... :o

8th Feb 2003, 19:06
Me too. The only new episodes are at the same time another one of my episodes plays... :(

Apparently, this season is the last one for Fraiser.

9th Feb 2003, 01:12
I don't know why I stopped watching it. I don't really have any other shows I watch. Just lost track of it, I guess.

By the time I miss a certain number of episodes of any show, I usually stop watching rather than trying to make sense of what happened during the time I wasn't there--particularly if it's a program with an ongoing plot where each episode is pretty much crucial to understanding the whole series.

9th Feb 2003, 07:53
I do the same, unless its a good show. (like startrek)

10th Feb 2003, 01:17
Yeah, that's probably the biggest reason why I could never get into Babylon 5. I missed at least the first couple of seasons, and, since it appeared to be an ongoing plot, I would just be in the middle of something. Oh well... :rolleyes:


10th Feb 2003, 02:58
Oooh I loved B5. It was awesome. The movies were awesome too (well, its one of those tv only movies...). I miss B5 :(

10th Feb 2003, 04:01
Don't they have that show on tape, too?

If not, they should!:)

10th Feb 2003, 05:28
I dont know... :(

I haven't seen any B5 tapes..

But someone out there must've recorded an episode and still has it on tape.. but who... :rolleyes:


Havent heard much b5 news in a loooooong time.

10th Feb 2003, 06:09
They have them available on DVD at Amazon.com. I would imagine they're also available on video there. Now, where to find the money for them.....? :o :D

10th Feb 2003, 21:20
bah! :mad:

I hate those online sites. Most of em are credit-card only :( EBGames, Amazon, game websites that have subscription to all content (like IGN's "Subscriber" that has access to everything on their site and dont have a download limit).

11th Feb 2003, 08:24
Yeah, that is kinda bad. I don't really have a credit card either.:(

But, at least they do have them on video, which means you might be able to locate them in a video store or a catalog that isn't credit card only. :)

11th Feb 2003, 18:12
Heh. I would honestly do it.. If I had any way of getting there. We have no mode of transportation...

We had a car, it kept going crazy. we put like 1k in it to 'fix' it. ... then the motor went poof... which needs another 2K to fix that...

We borrow the van my uncle (father's brother) has. we have it for wensday and thursday this week (incase u dont reply today... tuesday).

We're gonna go look for ecks vs sever too :) it apparently came out on xmas eve :/ (on dvd)

12th Feb 2003, 10:21
We've got 4 cars and, as of a few days ago, none of them were running. We've now managed to fix just 1. Rather embarrassing... :o


12th Feb 2003, 19:00
Not as embarassing as have just 1 one and it doesnt work.. we didnt even fix it yet :( (its too expensive, I doubt we'll be fixing it unless we win the lottery, we've only had it for about 4 months now and we've already put 1K in.. we're not eager to put another 2k in it..)