View Full Version : "We've fixed other minor issues across the board to keep the game in fantastic shape"

13th Jul 2017, 18:41
HILARIOUS! What do you think we are, stupid? patches to fix patches to fix patches to fix patches..... that's all we've had to put up with from day one! "Fantastic shape" ? Gimme a damn break, IOI.

With an earlier update on June 23rd, the first iteration of our internal combat changes was unintentionally released. That first iteration simply reduced the damage output of NPC weapons and resulted in what some of our community have lovingly described as 'Tank 47'. The changes that we mention above (and will introduce with 1.12.1) are based on the combat values before the June 23rd update. This is important to mention because we want to be clear that we haven't made 47 more of a tank. Instead, we've looked at the combat experience that we've had in the game since launch and made the above changes to the long-standing values.

Bull****! The above nonsense is clearly damage control. The tank 47 patch was intended, and now, as usual you guys are backpedaling.