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4th Jul 2017, 16:25
Idk if it was just me, but I really wasn't the biggest fan of the costumes in RoTTR. Most of them were good but once Lara got all the armored outfits I felt like they weren't really necessary. I loved the Siberian Ranger and Blue Henley however because it made me feel like we saw "a future badass going on expedition Lara" and a "modern day civilian Lara". I hope for the next game they do more outfits like these, and play around with her outfits. I also would like to see different hair options for her. She still is a young woman so I would think she might want to change her look a little bit. I'm a big fan of how Aloy's HAIR DESIGN (not hair physics lol) and think it would be interesting to see Lara's version of a similar hairstyle, or one of the movies from the TR movies. As Lara gets a little bit older I would like to see that her style changes along with her skills I'm on my phone and idk how to upload pictures in here, but I have some pictures of what I wish Lara would look like. What's everyone's opinions and show some artwork of you have some

4th Jul 2017, 23:58
I liked Lara's main campaign outfits, but especially the Syria and Henley outfits. Out of the extra optional ones, I did like the adventurer one with the red scarf. Not at all keen on the military or armour styles. As they're optional, it doesn't bother me too much and I understand they're only there for fun and some are meant to fit in with the remnants.

If they do extra outfits in SotTR, then I'd prefer ones more fitting to Lara's personal style. If they must have "native" outfits for wherever she is, then maybe not so many :p.

I'm not overly bothered with hairstyles, but I wouldn't object to a plait in one area.

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5th Jul 2017, 09:33


Nuff said :cool:

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22nd Jul 2017, 13:34
I found the outfits to be helpful, especially the one that protected you against Greek Fire and the outfits which help regenerate your health faster. The extra ones that showed old school Lara as a playable character was kind of pointless in my opinion. They should have just made an outfit that looked like the old school Lara outfits but with the new Lara.