View Full Version : I accidentally cancelled download for bonus episode that came via steelbook-help?(X1)

21st Jun 2017, 05:52
Hey guys,
I recently bought the Xbox One steelbook (disc) version of the game and it came with all the episodes (5 had to be downloaded), and in addition to that, the bonus episodes. I was downloading it, and got up to 90% but I accidentally cancelled it, much to my frustration, and I just cannot seem to restart it. I tried to do it via the store, but I'll just have to buy it.... the microsoft support just seems so hopeless and scatttered, and I can't find any answers there. I remember the xbox 360 had the ability to view the download history and maybe start any previous downloads again, but I'm not sure about the X1. If anybody has anything, i'll be more than welcome to listen :) I just hope I don't need to buy it again.

PS The Requiem pack also didn't download, but perhaps because it's activated via a code, which I maybe did not recieve due to my copy being preowned.

14th Jul 2017, 22:49
Click buy it again, if you don't have any money on, or not enough money, it will tell you that you have already bought it and that it will start the download