View Full Version : I have to go....

21st Nov 2002, 16:52
Bye bye, my computer has to go get fix from the virus I axidently made :o .... I should be back in a fue days.... So that means no more working on levels, outfits or my web site's :( . I've put all that's left from the last time the comp die'ed (two days ago) on to disk but I'll have to put it all back on... So, Bye for a fue days... :(

And yes this means my level will probibly not be out for Ten chen's level compaition... But that's not for sure...
Alias 56

21st Nov 2002, 18:50
It's only a few days, but I'll miss you ;)

Kurtis Trent
21st Nov 2002, 22:51
When i saw the thread I thought another person was leaving for good, many people have been going away lately.......

anyway, see ya in a few days;)