View Full Version : White Death

21st Nov 2002, 09:56
hi folks, I hope sumeone can help here...I started the Training Camp mission (white death) but after the previews (where the diver says..."well done Sapper...." he then goes down below deck...then the game goes to this room in the sub with a guard patrolling... - the problem I am having here is : I have no men to start with...when I look at the map, the diver is on the sub but I can't click on him or find him to open the doors to take out the guard. I have gone thru the hints/walkthroughs but no good.

Can anyone help here? Please.


21st Nov 2002, 15:27
Press '3' twice or rotate the view --> alt + arrows

22nd Nov 2002, 02:45
I wonder why pyro did this, just lack of thought ?

22nd Nov 2002, 07:44
They show you where he is in the intro movie...