View Full Version : I'm thinking of getting a Radeon 9000 pro

Thorin Oakenshield
21st Nov 2002, 09:35
Has anyone here got one of these cards? A friend told me they are better than a Geforce 3Ti ?? And they're a lot cheaper ;)

Can it display fog in T2? my old radeon couldn't (64DDR) Now ATI have sorted out their drivers at least that will be easier:D

21st Nov 2002, 15:03
Sorry, don't have the Radeon 9000. Looks like I have the same video card as you (Radeon 64MB VIVO) and I could never get fog to display. Underwater scenes were also bad in that as the light level went lower then the more moire patterns were seen until eventually all you saw were psychodelic moire patterns (and then eventually black when really dark).

I hope someone answers you here. With the last 2 ATI video cards having problems with fog and underwater views, I had decided not to continue with ATI on my next video card. Before the ATI Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO video card, I had a Creative 3DBlaster Riva 128 TNT2 Ultra 32MB and never had these problems (the Riva GPU is by nVidia). There have been several times where I pondered putting back the older Creative video card. I wonder how ATI can complete when it doesn't support the basic functionality set needed to play even old games.

Thorin Oakenshield
21st Nov 2002, 21:04
Thanks Vanguard, I've asked over at TTLG too in Gen Disc. forum.

Mr. Perfect
22nd Nov 2002, 06:48
If the benchmarking at Tom's is anythign to go on, the 9000 will probably only perform around a GF4 MX( MXs are the cheapo ones. ;) In other words, I wouldn't recremend it if you plan on keeping it for a while. ). If you've got the money, you'd be better off with either a GF4 TI 4200(about $140 for 128MB version, about $110 for a 64MB) or 4400(about $185) or maybe a ATI 9500 (they don't seem to be out yet, but should be about the same price as the GF4 TIs).

For pricing try www.pricewatch.com (http://www.pricewatch.com) or www.newegg.com (http://newegg.com)

22nd Nov 2002, 06:52
Radeon and ATI info www.rage3d.com

As far as NVIDIA’s bandwidth claims of GeForce FX’s 48GB/sec memory bandwidth, ATI states that the color compression in their HYPERZ III technology performs the same thing today, and with all of the techniques they use in RADEON 9700, they could claim bandwidth of nearly100GB/sec, but if they did so no one would believe them, hence they’ve stood with offering just shy of 20GB/sec of bandwidth.
One other clarification is in regards to DDR2 memory support. Late last week rumors were floating around that ATI’s DDR2 demonstration wasn’t actually running as DDR2 memory. ATI reiterated that the RADEON 9700 memory controller does indeed support DDR2 and that was the memory type used in the demonstration board.


Thorin Oakenshield
22nd Nov 2002, 09:55
Thanks guys, I've decided to go for a GF4Ti 4200 or 4400
They'll cost me around £130 - £180. Whichever I get I'd like it to be able to cope with Thief 3 IF it comes out ;)

Grey Mouser
22nd Nov 2002, 20:07
Based on my having played around with both...you'll be much happier with a non-MX GF4 than the 9000 Pro...the 9000 series and GF4 MX series are basically similar in that they lack certain _hardware_ coded vertex and pixel shaders that other more expensive vid cards have nowadays.
This is a fancy way of saying they have less circuits, fewer supported DirectX features and are less expensive to produce and purchase....not bad necessarily, but unless you feel like buying another new vid card in a year to play the hottest new game ("We're sorry, but 'Final Fantastic Forever Frustration 12' requires Hardware T and L to function") you'll be happier with a "real" GF4.

Thorin Oakenshield
24th Nov 2002, 00:00
I've just bought a GF3 Ti200 from my sisters boyfriend for £45 and it's only 4 months old. That should do me for a while until T3 anyway;) Because I saved a packet I bought a new KT400 motherboard (Gigabyte) and DDR ram.

BTW what's a GF3 like for fog in T2? I haven't installed it yet, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow having to reinstall everything:eek: :D