View Full Version : Game Breaking Linux Display Bug

3rd Jun 2017, 12:06
Using default ultra settings in Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS with an AMD Radeon 480RX GPU and AMD PRO graphics, in some instances the game starts to produce so many artifacts that the game becomes unplayable. This is the standard gaming for linux setup with all the proper drivers. It isn't a GPU issue because I get no artifacts in comparably stressful games and it only happens in certain screens of the game every single time I play the game. The card is fully able to handle 4k gaming and I was running it in 4k, but I tried turning down settings to 1080p and all it did was marginally reduce the artifacts.

Impacted areas include include hacking:


As well as the history page of the tab-menu:


Can someone please fix these so I can play the game?

30th Nov 2017, 21:20
I`v got this issue too, I allready complete main story and one of the DLC, but suddenly get such bug.
There some users on steam board get the same
How to get rid of this???
Please help.