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11th May 2017, 17:39
Hey guys! So lately I've been really thinking about getting into the DQ series, as I have never played one before. naturally, I would love to play them all...So my question then is what are the best versions of each game that I should pick up?

One caveat though. I don't want to play any emulated versions. I fully understand that the best/most authentic way to play many of these games would be to play fan-translation patched ROMs...However, I am not a fan of emulators, so I would ask to please limit any suggestions to official Western releases.

Also, if anyone has a best or favorite order to play this series in, I'd also love to hear it. I naturally gravitate towards playing them in release order, but if anyone has a better suggestion for plot or gameplay reasons, let me know!

Thanks so much!

13th Jun 2017, 18:04
Why even consider fantranslations while you're in the official forums? Anyway:

DQ1 - Smartphone (iOS/Android). Alt: GBC.
DQ2 - Smartphone. Alt: GBC.
DQ3 - GBC. Alt: Smartphone.
DQ4 - Smartphone. Alt: DS.
DQ5 - Both DS and Smartphone are pretty similar.
DQ6 - Same as DQ5.
DQ7 - 3DS.
DQ8 - 3DS. Alt: PS2. (Avoid the Smartphone version)
DQ9 - DS.

From here, i'd recommend either A) starting in order (1 -> 2 -> 3 ->...) or B) start with VIII, then IV, then V, then the rest in the order you want.

Imo, the best in the series are III, V and VIII. VIII is the best balanced (good story, good music, etc), but V has the best narrative. My favorites are VI and VII, but all from III to VIII are very good.