View Full Version : Please allow users to delete Autosave files, or increase save slots with DLC

10th May 2017, 08:22
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on Xbox One. Completed main game and kept 3 manual saves (end of first playthru, end of NG+, and end of Permadeath mode) + 2 autosaves. Desperate Measures DLC with 1 manual save + 2 autosaves. System Rift DLC with 1 manual save + 2 autosaves. When I try to play A Criminal Past DLC by selecting New Game, and I get an error telling me there isn't enough space, and I need to delete 4 game saves?

Surprisingly, there does not seem to be a way to delete the 6 autosave files (!?!?!?). I don't care about the 2 manual saves from the DLC, but I would prefer not to delete my main game save points. I tried uninstalling the DLC, deleting the local game and reinstalling, and I still cannot start A Criminal Past DLC after it syncs my save from the cloud. According the the console, the current saves take up 28.5 Mb, and there is 1.5 Tb of available drive space.

The simplest solution would be to allow the user to delete the autosave files. Or, to not include the autosave files in the "max allowed saves' counter? Or to increase the max number of saves to accommodate saves made in the DLCs. Or to limit the number of saves separately for the game, and each of the DLCs. Obviously, all of those will require a patch, so I won't hold my breath.

Anyone that played the game and all 4 DLCs will end up having 8 of the 11 slots taken up by autosave files (with no way to remove them), which leaves the player with 3 manual save slots? Not much wiggle room there?

So, any suggestions as to what I can do to be able to play A Criminal Past without deleting my main playthru saves? :(