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9th May 2017, 15:41
So the three major platforms have now had Rise for some months if not well over a year. We've all had plenty of time to play it, enjoy it, and discover its faults.

As a PS4 user, my experience with the game was automatically tainted with the negative stigma of having my face spit in by Square and CD. Even after that initial feeling subsides the game still feels like it's lacking where the 2013 reboot delivered. I played the game once and haven't picked it up again for the main story since it released on PS4. This time in the 2013 game's life, I had played it twice and was wanting to play it again. I loved it so much, I bought it on PS4 as well.

So what's the difference?

I think the main thing that Rise was missing over the reboot was mystery. In reboot we had the mystery of the island, why vehicles kept crashing, the weird cult on the island, etc. In Rise there is almost no mystery. Even the plot twists could be seen coming a mile away. The writing was sub-par and the enemies were forgettable. The only interesting part of Rise was the DLC of being in the mansion exploring.

If a third game is in development, I hope to God they hire decent writers and put some mystery back in.

12th May 2017, 17:05
I can't agree with that. I was glad that Crystal didn't try to make an overly intriguing story this time around since TR2013's story had a lot of flaws in my opinion. I always focus more on gameplay and level design than plot while playing a game and in this regard RotTR delivered a far better experience. Less enemy encounters, less forced fights, more exploration, more puzzles on the main path, a story more akin to the classics, less characters and a more confident Lara who doesn't trust everyone.

27th May 2017, 18:02
I did like the first tomb raider game better as well. I like the storyline more and to me it seemed there was mystery and suspense. One thing I did like from Rise was the snow environments. I also did like the environment for Jacob's village. I did like the whole Prophet stuff and learning about him and finding out Jacob was the prophet, I gained more respect for him than I already had. I did try a second playthrough and I didn't get into it as much and was very disappointed. I did somewhat enjoy Blood Ties though.