View Full Version : Deus Ex MD game freeze

5th May 2017, 22:33
hello, i have started playing Deus Ex mankind devided and im at the beginning of the game, in my appartment when i open the armory the game froze and i couldnt do anything i could go into my inventory but i couldnt do anything else.

so i was stucked in front of the 3 wallchest aka armory in my appartment unable to move at all my only solution was to reload, i tried to repeat the issue again but everything was fine once i reloaded. i was able to remove the bullets from the armory and continue my game but just wanted to let u know about this bug ... nothing major.

this is where the freeze happens when i picked up one pack of bullet in the middle case. i was seeing in the bottom left corner 0/8 i dont know why i assume the quantity of item i could put in i assume.