View Full Version : Are you guys ever going to fix online multi-player/co-op for this game?

29th Apr 2017, 14:20
A lot of people, including myself, are having trouble even connecting with others to play with them at all. We don't even get the menu to start lobbies or have people help us with story mode. My connection is not the problem, because other games on PS4 work fine for me in multi-player or co-op. (Dark Souls III, Nioh and Diablo III are the most recent ones I've played and works fine for me)

I would like to see a patch/update soon that fixes this so I can actually play with my best friend.

Before anyone asks, yes we know you have to beat the stage before you play together. He is way ahead of me, so he should be able to join me easily. But on my end, I can't get into a game with anyone either via hosting or offering help for story stages.

You can see a summary of the online multi-player/co-op issues here (Too much to copy and paste):




More summaries here:






But basically multi-player/co-op works for some people and doesn't for other. It seems to be half and half for the entire community. The only known 'user fix' is to create an entirely new PSN ID.

Please patch this up soon and fix it. If videos are necessary to show what the problem is, let me know so that I can record one on PS4 and upload it here.

22nd May 2017, 10:12
A fix for the multi-player issue has finally been found! I have personally tried this method and it 100% works for me:

"A Friend and I Fixed our Multi Player Lobby Creation Problem. We UNblocked everyone on our Blocked Friends list, exited the game and went back in. We can now create lobbies. This worked for both of us."

I take NO credit for finding this. Credit belongs to MrSnufelupagus of GameFAQs.

Source: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/141840-dragon-quest-heroes-ii/75370495

So basically you just need to check to see if you have anyone blocked on PSN and simply unblock them all and it should work just fine and will remain fixed so long as you don't block anyone from then on.