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Tomb Raider Fan
20th Nov 2002, 20:38
My background music is much too low on sound. i have to put the speakers to full blast to hear the music properly, although when i do that laras footsteps and shooting are defining. Is there a such program, that enables you to turn the volume up on the music?

20th Nov 2002, 21:58
Have you tried fixing it in the options in the TR4.exe?

20th Nov 2002, 22:02
Ive never used it But i think sound manager in Wadmerger is able to alter volume on everything

I noticed it ages ago when the Title screen music was way too low and the ingame music was high

Hope it works

21st Nov 2002, 17:34
hi tomb raider fan !!!

i can fix your sound with no problem just send me your file to : dnf@dr.cgocable.ca

i will equal your sound like the others

Tomb Raider Fan
21st Nov 2002, 18:23
Yes thank you for that, but the file is 9MB!!!!!!

Could you plese tell me how to do it then please?

Thank you DNF

21st Nov 2002, 18:35
Hello TRF, do you ever check threads you made previously? The floating island background file was too silent for me at the start too, but the one in Ynis Witrin 3 is just fine, check that level...

Tomb Raider Fan
21st Nov 2002, 18:43

22nd Nov 2002, 05:18
i'm using sound forge to correct the sounds