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22nd Apr 2017, 11:01
Ok so for fun's sake, I want to look back at all of Lara's iterations and see everyone's input for the right combination to make the ULTIMATE Lara. This is kind of a game, so the idea is to take personality traits from other Lara's and add in something new if you'd like as well. You can combine as many or as little as you'd like. Here's mine:

TR1 Lara's spunk. Her smile at the end of the opening cutscene still gives me shivers. I love how high on adventure she is in the original game.


TR3 Lara's confidence. She carried herself confidently and had this badass swagger to her that I adore.


TRLR Lara's temper. Piss her off and you'll regret it.


TRC Lara's humor. The ballroom cutscene specifically was great. Lara had a light hearted sense of humor even in tense situations. While she still had her strength and attitude, she joked around a lot too. I feel TRC overall had the most developed personality Lara has ever had. The blow-kiss at Pierre and Larson after their car crashed was so cheeky and great. :p


ROTTR Lara's scrappiness. One thing I do like better about reboot and ROTTR Lara than the classics is that Lara is more small and scrappy. Easily underestimated and delivers a surprising amount of strength and prowess in a small package. Also her fascination with uncovering the past and bookworm nerdiness is great.



Fierce firecracker in a sassy yet cute package. Her confidence makes her sexy, but her rough and tumble attitude makes her not afraid to get her hands dirty. With a true spunk and obsession for adventure, she truly feels alive when she's in the most treacherous situations, laughing at the face of danger. While she prefers to be alone and bury herself in her library at home, when in social situations she's confident, witty, and pops off with sarcastic jokes. This Lara is highly intelligent, but many may not know this about her because of her carefree zest for adventure attitude. Like her father, people may think she is crazy, but in a much less serious way than Richard; more so for her carelessness and the joy she feels from the danger she encounters with every adventure. When crossed, Lara's temper is red hot. Make her mad and she won't be afraid to punch some faces in, or in some cases, kill when she feels it's warranted. As a result, while useful in many situations, her temper can often get her in trouble.


Intelligent, witty, fun, independent, confident, resourceful, self sufficient.


Lacks self control once her temper is triggered, puts her life at risk by not taking dangerous situations seriously, too stubborn to seek help when it could benefit her, overconfident, and a bit selfish.

So there's my ultimate Lara, I'd love to hear yours too!

22nd Apr 2017, 14:54
Something like this

22nd Apr 2017, 21:43
That's great. I love how in the beginning when they're being shot at in the truck Lara says "I have a tranquilizer gun". :P

3rd May 2017, 23:28
Mel knows my answer already, but for the fine folk here, I'll give my comboLara here too :D.

For me, Rise Lara is almost there in terms of my 'ideal' Lara characterisation. She's smart and resourceful, has the love and knowledge of the history and myths she's searching answers to, she has compassion to enable her to empathise with others which allows her to work with possible allies. She retains some vulnerability, so she isn't immune to the dangers she faces in the world. IMO, she is very close to TR4 Lara. I feel Rise-Lara could learn a thing or two from her TR4 iteration. She is already serious, which TR4-Lara is, but the maturity TR4-Lara had meant she was deadly serious when needed, but in a calm collected way. TR4-Lara was definitely more poised, more refined, perhaps due to living the life as an aristocrat for longer than Rise-Lara probably did, along with confidence (and experience/expertise). TR-4 Lara showed a slightly more reckless and vulnerable side than before, that showed she could make mistakes, but had the determination to set things right. Rise-Lara was a little too trusting and eager to please, a little too soft at times. She could do with a touch more wit. That doesn't mean I want every line she utters to be dripping in sarcasm and we saw touches of it in Rise, but (maybe it was Camilla's delivery), it sounded a bit too scathing rather than bold, if that makes sense. SotTR-Lara's competence should begin to shine through even more too. So less scrambling around and relying on luck and a little more finesse in handling those dangerous environments. Though still retaining a little vulnerability as I said. I'm not asking for much, am I? :p