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20th Apr 2017, 18:27
I am Loving the Classic Vibe in ROTTR and what really brought that Classic Feeling was the Supernatural Baba Yaga DLC like the Classics, sure i was Angry when Lara went Delusional with Pollens, but this is Tomb Raider and not some Realism Hollywood with some form of Chemicals whatever to explain the Scooby Doo effect. Should SOTTR try to make some excuse where Lara has some Pollen Free Injection serum, or should Square Enix bring on the Classic Supernatural Creatures like we know and love.

Yea im getting tired of undead warriors and dead soldier corpses as an excuse.

Its basically the Baba Yaga DLC that Square introduced to us to see how we want Supernaturals to be, Fake with Illusions or would Fans rather have Actual Supernaturals. Like how Lara saw the Cottage move on chicken legs, we found out it was simply moved by cogs and pulleys. Thus the Robot Arm on the T-Rex and the Drill as a Tail is to indicate its being remote controlled by Trinity to scare Lara, hence Lara finds out its an Illusion and whips out her trusty Pollen Free Injection serum.

What do you want to see in SOTTR, a Real Dinosaur with Spooky Wolves or a Robot Dinosaur with Regular Wolves that makes it look like Lara is going Mental from the Poison Flowers in the surrounding area.

Its like the Cold Darkness Awakened DLC where People have been infected with a Serum so they act like Zombies, is that how SOTTR should be where Trinity finds People and Animals that transform them into vicious creatures that makes us believe they are Supernaturals.

I miss the Supernaturals in the Classic TR Games, I mean really i want these that were the first art of TR Ascension before it became TR2013


The TR1 Torso Boss
The TR2 Dragon
The TR3 Mutant Spider Willard
The TR Legend Basilisk
etc etc
They had no explanations really, they just... existed. That's all and we had to kill them end of story.

This whole "this exists due to this scientific explanation" is boring, TR isn't scifi it needs to be buried under a landslide.


21st Apr 2017, 07:26
Supernatural, of course.

21st Apr 2017, 19:12
Nearly all the supernatural stuff was just the same recycled enemies with different skins. Zombies, guardians, Baba Yaga hordes. I want to see real monsters not just different appearance humans. I would prefer real supernatural than illusion.

30th Apr 2017, 06:21
Where is umbrella corporation when you need it?��

1st May 2017, 17:07
Not sure what this has to do with my thread

4th May 2017, 00:24
I like supernatural beings and otherworldly places. I don't mind if there is a 'real' reason for it being there, but I do prefer that sense of unease when something is just there and you may not know why or how. For instance, I was slightly miffed that Baba Yaga turned out to be due to hallucinogenic pollen, but really as it wasn't part of the main story, it wasn't a huge deal. I still felt unease as Lara made her way through the forest and experienced those hallucinations of her dad; quite unnerving. And it was handled well for the dlc and in the end the story behind the reality with Nadia's grandparents was quite touching.

I wouldn't say no to the odd statue coming alive or a floating island-like place again where your mind is messed with. Is it real? A dream? Magical defences to keep you away from the artefact/tomb? And undead soldiers are so done by now :p.

I'm not sure how to answer the poll as the first two answers still involve supernatural, just one is mixed and the other is straight out otherworldly. There's no 'bit of both' and I do care. Um...