View Full Version : 1st time user forum confusion

20th Apr 2017, 00:17
Hi everyone. So I guess this is a 2 part question but i only really need an answer for the one part. I created a final fantasy 14 account a little over a year ago and tried it out for the trail period and enjoyed it, but wasn't looking to get into a mmo at the time so I never did anything with it. I am now looking to get into it though, but it is not recognizing my login info even if i go in and change the password and update all my information. I would go onto the final fantasy 14 forum to ask around but it is not recognizing my info over there either, even though I can log in fine on Square's normal homepage. If anyone has an answer to either question, why does 14 not let me log in or why will the forum not let me log in, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.