View Full Version : request for an overview of personal rankings for all missions and contracts

19th Apr 2017, 12:51

For those whom have fun in Hitman's replayablilty, it would be nice to see a compendium of the rate of success and scores for missions, escalation contracts and feature contracts on one page, and our global rankings, so that we can go back and replay the ones that we didn't do as well on to improve our overall score.

At the present time, we have to go into each mission or contract to find out how well we have previously scored on every mission. There is almost no incentive to get high scores in the first four of five of the escalation modes for each contracts, unless our performance was illustrated to us.

There can be an overall global ranking based on the score on completion of all missions, feature contracts and escalation contracts. It gives incentive to go back and repeat experiences, and see how we globally fair compared to others on the whole game.

If it is about a World of Assassination, then it makes sense that there is a overall scoring of our success as an assassin, whether we are the sloppy cheatin' hitman type or the skilled asssassin.

Io Interactive has analytics on all the individual and global statistics. It would be interesting to see these statistics for those whom put a lot of hours into the game. I would be curious as to how often I was the street performer / vampire magician versus other costumes, or how often I killed someone with a Napoleon Blownaparte vs drowning, recorded by cameras etc.