View Full Version : So When Are You Going To Actually Fix the Mouse Sensitivity?

12th Apr 2017, 00:34
I mean, you keep saying you've fixed it in patches and what not, but in reality you simply haven't fixed it at all.
Perhaps it just hasn't been explained in detail what the problem is, so here goes:

The default mouse sensitivity is set far too high, and the available dpi is far too low, this results in mouse movements lacking precision. Basically you can't move the mouse less than ~30 pixels at a time, resulting in stuttery movements, and missed headshots.

The mouse sensitivity you folks have added in the menus don't actually control mouse sensitivity, they control mouse acceleration. You can set mouse "sensitivity" as low as you like in the menus, but it won't effect how far you turn when slowly moving the mouse, only how far you turn when quickly moving the mouse (acceleration).

So if you folks over at SE could give us some actual control over mouse sensitivity, so we can actually nail some headshots without the mouse movements jumping past the enemies head due to rediculously high sensitivity and low dpi, that'd be really great. If your not going to fix it though, it'd be great if you could stop pretending as though you have in the patch notes of every patch you've released since the game came out. The least you could do is to stop getting my hopes up.

Other than that I have to give praise where it's due, this is a fantastic game. I'd never have paid full price if I'd have known about this issue though, so no more pre orders from me (well, there was also the mess that was "Thief").

2nd Jun 2017, 11:10
Can I also have a update on the mouse sensitivity please. Have the game sitting there but unplayable.

Thanks in advance.