View Full Version : Hitman Complaint

8th Apr 2017, 03:33
Dear Square Enix

I have recently purchased the video game Hitman. After completing all levels I have started the exclusive contract against the Paparazzi. Due to a glitch, I failed the mission. Said glitch occurs if you use the emetic syringe on the target close to the entrance. As the target enters the stall, a female npc follows right after him. She does not leave the stall and instead merges with the target and both begin throwing up. Since my chance to assassinate the target was slipping away I assassinated him, yet another armed npc also entered the stall and opened fire even though I had killed both the target and other npc too quickly to be noticed. This is unacceptable. The game has had several months to have these glitches corrected. I would like to attempt to complete this challenge a second time. My PS4 account is melkortheundying.