View Full Version : Showstopper Complaint

8th Apr 2017, 02:11
Dear Square Enix,

I recently purchased the video game Hitman. Today I attempted the newest elusive target. After cornering him alone I was able to use the emetic syringe yet as he went to the bathroom a random npc decided to join him. They merged together and decided to barf at the same time. Due to the nature of these challenges, I was only able to get this one chance at killing the Paparazzi. As I saw my chance vanishing due to a glitch in your game, I attempted to kill the target, only for another npc to open the door at the same time. This obviously led to my death. I would like to be able to attempt this mission again, knowing that the first npc will only activate its pattern when in proximity to the player, regardless of if someone else has already entered the bathroom. My PS4 username account is melkortheundying.
I hope that newer levels have more properly thought out npc pathing.