View Full Version : FFXIV- Tangled accounts, e-mails, lost product?

4th Apr 2017, 19:36
I bought FFXIV on steam, I have the CD key, which I have already used to activate the game.

Been a while since I logged on an could not recall what information I used to log-in.

I tried "forgot password/ID" I got an email that had no useful information (did not have an 8 Digit code, but instead asked me to log-in.)

It seems like my steam + main email has been tangled with other accounts that I made in attempts to get back into the game.

I can provide the CD key, and I can log into 3 different accounts (Mushixu, Mushix, and Melzark51.) but I have not beable to access the account that has this game activated.

Any help would be awesome.