View Full Version : Ff14 the scars of war art book delivery issue

2nd Apr 2017, 19:14
Hi there :)

I do hope this is an appropriate area for this issue. Please forgive me if it's not :s
As indicated in the title I jumped at the email advertising the ff14 scars of war art book.
I ordered it the same day (Friday - 17/03/17).
I received an email the following Monday (20/03/17) telling me the book was on the way.
This mail included a customer number and link to dpd allowing me to track the order.
Now I'd paid extra for the speediest delivery time -approx one day I believe.
By the following Friday (25/03/17) I was getting worried that something had gone awry.
So I checked the website page and followed the instructions to fill out a form letting them know I had a query.
I also Googled dpd for their number and gave them a call quoting the dpd customer reference number.
Dpd told me they hadn't received any parcel yet but that my reference number was valid and information correct.
Another week later it's Sunday April 2nd and I've heard nothing more from dpd and nothing from square enix customer support.
Now if it's normal for things to go like this or if it's true that they haven't dispatched the book yet then ok I'll keep waiting.
I just want to know what's happening with my order.
Can anyone lend any info or help please?