View Full Version : Randomized worlds in free play mode - ESSENTIAL for any DQ:B sequel

2nd Apr 2017, 17:48
The biggest issue with DQ:B for me is the lack of a randomized world in free play mode. Part of the magic of Minecraft is the joy of exploration - not knowing what is around the next corner or what random terrain features will be thrown up next time you start a new game. By giving us a pre-built world that magic is lost and the game will get a bit boring once the story mode is completed. In fact I didn't even continue in free play mode once I realised it wasn't a random world, it just kinda put me off (as weird as that sounds).

Don't get me wrong, I loved this game - but I think there is room for improvement. For me randomized worlds is a crucial feature that should seriously be considered for any potential sequel. I think it will really improve sales too...