View Full Version : Patch and Fix the Steam version of Nier:Automata

31st Mar 2017, 18:22
I am heavy disappointed by Square Enix PC port of Nier:Automata. Since release are 2 weeks now gone and still we got nothing no patch, fix or update of the game. The port is technical a mess, fullscreen dont work correctly and other technical limitations. By far the worst thing for many is the WhiteScreen/Freeze Bug/Crash which make the game complete broken and unplayable and the best thing is that Square Enix was full aware of this from the beginning. As long as this is still the status of the game i will not buy a single thing or game from Square Enix and will tell averybody to avoid this company.

14th May 2017, 15:09
agreed still not fixed to this day and now they wont even get my money back. worst company ever im going to get a chargeback at my bank today and a game from another company. i was actually excited i decided to try my first true square enix game and this is what happens i spend $40 for something i cant even play.