View Full Version : HITMAN causing huge fps drops on lowest setting even with recommended specs

30th Mar 2017, 00:56
Title pretty much says it all.

Got the game after I got the code from the winter bundle.
game could not keep a constant 60 fps or even 30 fps as it would keep jumping up and down while playing.
Even with all the settings set to the lowest it still caused the same problems.

Here are my specs
R9 390 - higher than the r9 290 on the recommended requirements
FX 8350 - same as on the recommended requirements
8 gigs - same as the recommended requirements

I tried posting this on the steam discussion but everybody there was an ass and attacking anybody who said they are having problems running it. I really can not figure out what is causing this problem. If my CPU is bottlenecking then why is it on the recommended list to run the game?

Hope this is the right area and did not miss a troubleshooting forum somewhere.