View Full Version : Nvidia 3D vision broken (this game only).

30th Mar 2017, 00:03
I've tried multiple nVidia drivers, and all my other games work with 3D vision just fine (Fallout 4, Skyrim Special Edition, GTA V).

When I try to launch this game in 3D vision the screen filckers off and on (like it is searching for a resolution/refresh rate) then I see this between the flickers:

Warning: attempt to run in stereoscopic 3D in non-stereo display mode, please change to an acceptable mode. See documentation for acceptable Stereoscopic 3D modes.

This usually occurs when your display is not 3D capable. Mine is (Acer GN246HL connected Dual Link DVI)

Like I said, 3D vision works will all my other games (that support it).

3D Vision was working with this game back in January (300+ Deus Ex patches ago). Since I can't keep the game from auto-patching, I can't test older builds to see when they broke it.

Square Enix support is an absolute joke, their response is "3D vision is nVidia's problem". Which would be the case if every game stopped working, not just this one.